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Also nice! How and why clitoris piercings are done
Also nice! How and why clitoris piercings are done

Genital piercing may seem strange and even extreme to many, but it is more common than you think. And they do it not only for beauty, but also to enhance sexual sensations! Here's everything you need to know about clitoral piercings.

Also nice! How and why clitoris piercings are done

Pros for sex

Clitoral piercings can affect the sensation of sex because they are near the sensitive area. The vertical piercing of the "hood" is especially strongly affected: the pressure on the clitoris increases in an intimate setting.

Women with these piercings have more intense orgasms in more positions. Some even get multi-orgasm.

Self piercing

Piercing of the clitoris itself is rarely performed because it is dangerous and painful. Most often, the visible part is pierced - the "hood", vertically or horizontally. True, the master may refuse if it seems to him that your clitoris should not be pierced.

A ring or jewelry in the form of a straight or curved rod made of titanium, gold of different colors, platinum or palladium can be inserted into the puncture site.

This is not dangerous?

There is always a small risk of infection, but if you follow the hygiene and the recommendations of the master, everything will be fine. So, at first it is better not to take a bath, not to let the puncture site come into contact with sperm or saliva, use sex toys, and you can have sex only in a condom.

The procedure itself is not very painful (it depends on your pain threshold), the puncture site heals for about two months.

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