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Nadya Dorofeeva hit Apple Music charts
Nadya Dorofeeva hit Apple Music charts

Former member of the "Time and Glass" duet Nadya Dorofeeva conquers the music charts with her solo project DOROFEEVA. Her new single "Bride", recorded together with Scryptonite, became one of the most listened to in Apple Music and took 5th place in the rating.

Nadya Dorofeeva hit Apple Music charts

Official Apple Music charts in Russia for the 42nd week of 2021


  • After the incredible success of the track "I'm in the Moment", recorded together with blogger Dzharakhov, Markul again conquers the top of Apple Music, but this time with the studio album "Sense Of Human". This is a conceptual recording, a reflection on human nature and the seven deadly sins.
  • Yegor Creed's new single "LAMBO URUS" has become the most popular in Apple Music. At the end of the past week, the track received the largest number of listens and took 1st place.

New artists / songs that hit the charts for the first time

  • The 4th place is taken by the singer Adele with the song "Easy On Me", which was included in the tracklist of the upcoming album "30". The album is expected to be released on November 19.
  • A young performer and participant of the show “Voice. Children "Akmal" with the track "Because of you".


  1. Markul - "Sense Of Human"
  2. Zivert - "Vinyl # 2"
  3. Artik & Asti - "Millennium X"
  5. Miyagi & Andy Panda - "YAMAKASI"
  6. Scryptonitis - "Party on the street 36"
  7. Egor Creed - "PUSSY BOY"
  8. Ramil '- "Katana"
  9. Scryptonitis - "House with normal phenomena"
  10. Miyagi - "Buster Keaton"


  1. Egor Creed - "LAMBO URUS"
  2. JONY & The Limba - "Boss"
  3. Markul - "Rick James" (feat. ANIKV)
  4. Adele- "Easy On Me"
  5. DOROFEEVA - "Bride" (feat. Scryptonite)
  6. Naughty Molly & Aljay - "Dom Perignon"
  7. 4MOT - "August is you"
  8. Akmal '- "Because of you"
  10. Scryptonite & Ryda - "Baby mama"

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