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The story of one divorce: will Timati and Anastasia Reshetova be together again?
The story of one divorce: will Timati and Anastasia Reshetova be together again?

Today Anastasia Reshetova announced that she and Timati decided to break up after six years of relationship. We remember the beautiful love story of a couple and understand the reasons for the breakup.

Romance rumors


When in 2015 the main Black Star of Russia broke up with the mother of his daughter, model Alena Shishkova, the Network immediately started talking about the possible reasons for this unexpected breakup. Young people were alternately suspected of having an affair “on the side”. But celebrities denied everything. A new wave of rumors covered the Internet space after a spectacular brunette was noticed next to Timati. She turned out to be 19-year-old vice-miss "Russia-2014" Anastasia Reshetova.

Then many fans of the musician decided that the young Muscovite was just another temporary hobby. Perfect facial features, seductive figure - the girl fascinated with her beauty and was in no way inferior to Timati's past passions. Only this time it turned out to be much more serious.


For the first time, Anastasia met her prince, as expected, at the ball. More precisely, at a social event, where a common acquaintance acted in the role of a good fairy. Later in an interview, Anastasia will share her impressions of that fateful moment: “We were introduced by a friend. In principle, nothing special happened. From the first day it became clear that we would be together."


Anastasia Reshetova and other stars who have pets

A young mother, model and TV presenter Anastasia Reshetova is very fond of animals and often publishes pictures with her cat Bagira. The representative of the Savvana F1 breed costs about 1,000,000 rubles and is a mixture of a domestic cat with an African Sevan. The unusual animal is very beautiful, however, the same can be said about its owner. The joint photographs show some similarity between them: large light eyes, grace and a slightly elongated face shape. All this suggests that Bagheera is a copy of his mistress. Many people associate Reshetova with a cat: graceful, but at the same time stately and very self-confident.


It looks like love at first sight. "Or is it a selfish calculation of a charming model?" - haters did not stop. Reshetova refuted these speculations. Neither the 12-year age difference, nor the money, nor the rapper's popularity mattered to her. “For me, he is in any case the best man and a 100% winner,” said Nastya.

While everyone around was wondering how long this relationship would last, Timati himself did not comment on his personal life. His young beloved was also silent, although it was not without hints. Attentive fans actively followed the couple on social media.

So, in 2016, it became known about an expensive ring that the black star presented to Anastasia for her birthday. A year later, the man surpassed himself by buying his beloved car worth more than 10 million rubles. The model did not dissemble and admitted to the subscribers that she herself could not yet afford such an expensive purchase.


Yet together

The emoji heart, addressed to Timati, put everything in its place. Often, thanks to posts on Instagram, even without joint photos, it became clear that celebrities were spending time together. Anastasia managed to appear not only in a selfie at the rapper's house, but also in his video for the song "Keys from Paradise". It seemed that here they are - the answers to all the questions. But again there were no official statements from the couple.

Doubts came to an end when, in June 2017, Timati and Reshetova appeared together at the MUZ-TV award. For the first time, young people posed for the camera in an embrace, not hiding their sympathy.

Of course, as in any relationship, at times the feelings of young people were tested for strength.You can lose track of how many times journalists "married" and "divorced" a couple. As soon as the rapper appeared in public with his former common-law wife Alena Shishkova or came to the event alone, the media immediately began to discuss his parting with Reshetova.


Nastya vs Alena

Fans generally liked to compare the two models and did not always give preference to the musician's last passion. Timati's mother also added fuel to the fire, who reacted coldly to his new darling. If she clearly supported friendly communication with the former daughter-in-law of Simon Yunusova, then Anastasia did not receive such an honor.

Often, the brunette became the target of attacks from a potential mother-in-law. But despite this, the woman always respected and made the decisions of her son: "… I love my children too much to disregard their choice … I hope that this will end the conversations, comparisons and speculation."

First difficulties

The last two years have been especially significant for lovers. In the summer of 2018, Anastasia again gave rise to rumors of parting. She went to rest in Nice in the company of actress Natalia Rudova and the son of the owner of RESO-Garantia Sergei Sarkisov. But soon the spectacular brunette was again noticed next to Timati, and in September the coveted ring appeared on the girl's ring finger.


Celebrities even more teased curious fans by posting a joint photo on Instagram with the caption "08/25/18". While the media tried to find out the details and date of the future wedding, Reshetova published a new, no less intriguing post. It was then that the first guesses about the possible pregnancy of Instadiva appeared.


The couple spent New Year's holidays in Paris. Many people still believe that their secret wedding took place there. The fact that Anastasia increasingly began to expose old photos and began to show interest in the accounts of young mothers did not escape the attention of subscribers. Friends of the future happy parents revealed the cards. First, the singer Hannah shared with reporters that she and her husband are already ready to give the stroller to friends. Then Alena Shishkova accidentally let slip. The model declassified not only Reshetova's pregnancy, but also the sex of the child.


Only last summer, after a long silence, Anastasia stopped hiding her situation. The girl happily shared the details of her pregnancy.


On October 16, 2019, the newlyweds had a son. The boy was named Ratmir. It seems that this event was awaited not only by the entire Yunusov family, but also by numerous fans of the rapper. The stars rushed to share the good news and touching footage with the public.


Timati and Anastasia Reshetova

Timati and Anastasia Reshetova

2020 has become a serious test for many couples. The relationship of some of the stars did not pass the test of self-isolation. The fact that not everything is going smoothly in the family of Timati and Anastasia Reshetova was first discussed in July, when the rapper flew away on vacation without his wife, but with his daughter from Alice. The model at this time, together with her son Ratmir, went to her husband's father in Saint-Tropez.

Fans began to attack Nastya with questions about why she and her husband were not resting together, and she tried to smooth over the situation. “We have a separate vacation this time. Daddy take a short rest, and we - the other way around. It’s useful to do this sometimes,”said Reshetova. Haters immediately became more active, who began to write comments like "he also rested like that from Shishkova." Especially attentive fans of the couple figured out that in addition to mother Simona and daughter Alice, Timur took some blonde on the trip. They saw the silhouette of the girl in the picture on the phone of the rapper's mother. One might think that Alena Shishkova was captured in the photo, but at that time she was uploading pictures from a different geolocation.

Then Anastasia herself fueled rumors about parting with her husband. In one of the posts, she admitted that she was not going through the best period. “Over the past months, a number of very unpleasant events have occurred in my life, which provoked not the most favorable emotional state.Soon I lost my harmony, normal sleep and began to live with thoughts of how to escape from the dusty capital as soon as possible,”Reshetova said.

Timati and Anastasia Reshetova

Timati and Anastasia Reshetova

True, later the model touchingly congratulated Timati on his birthday, noting that she and her son would always be there. After that, talk about a crisis in the couple's relationship subsided. Nevertheless, the couple continued to live separately and did not publish joint pictures on social networks.

On September 11, 2020, Anastasia finally decided to write a post in which she dotted the i's. The model said that she and the rapper decided to part ways.

“No matter how sad it is for you and our loved ones … This year was a difficult test of strength for many, but our union could not stand it. We are no longer one whole, not husband and wife, we do not live together. It was a wonderful 6 years from the moment we met until this summer. We were best friends, lovers, partners. There was a lot between us and it was great! " - said Reshetova.

Anastasia Reshetova

Anastasia Reshetova

She also talked a little about the reasons for this decision. The model assured that third parties were not to blame for their breakup. “In order to avoid dirty gossip, I say right away that strangers are not involved here and you can also forget about the“boomerang”. Since it was then and now only we know and I don't see the point in explaining in more detail. I don't know what will happen next, but at the moment I want to direct all my energy in a different direction. I believe that it will be possible to turn our relationship into an ideal parental tandem for the sake of Ratmirchik. Thank you for what you did for me, for your Love and endless support. For raising me from a bad 18-year-old baby the way I am now. Forgive me for all the past. I promise you to raise our son in love for his father,”Nastya concluded her speech.

However, the rapper and the model spent the January holidays together. But Reshetova disappointed the subscribers, explaining that there was no question of reunification: “The most popular question at the moment is:“Are you together again?” No, not together. But nevertheless, we maintain a very close and warm relationship, including for the sake of the child. This is very important, because we are responsible for his mental health in the future."

In May 2021, Anastasia posted the video "My Monologue" on her YouTube channel. In it, she said that she and Timati caused each other a lot of pain, and the relationship between them was unhealthy. “When we parted, I realized that it was for the best. I felt relieved from my heart, a second wind opened, I stopped being afraid, turned the page,”says the girl. So, probably, there is really no talk of a reunion, no matter how much the fans of the couple would like.

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