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Read it without stopping! Thrillers that give goosebumps
Read it without stopping! Thrillers that give goosebumps

We have collected 12 scary books for autumn reading for you. It's time to get ready for Halloween, look out for pumpkins, and "read, be afraid" too.

Read it without stopping! Thrillers that give goosebumps

Prepare your nerves for tickling. Contents of the article 1. David Wong "What the hell have I just read?" 2. Nick Cutter "Squad" 3. Paul J. Tremblay "Cantata of those who conquered death" 4. Ed Kurtz "And I created a new world from the rib" (new) 5. Nathan Ballingrood Wounds. Land of Monsters "6. Luanne Rice" Pandora's Box "7. Melinda Lee" The Last Oath "8. Max Seck" Witch Hunter "9. Catherine Faulkner" Greenwich Park "10. Riley Seiger" House at the Edge of Darkness "(new) 11. Emma Houghton "Dark" (new, coming out October 31) Hide

Adam Neville "Vigilant surveillance"


Sebastian Logan is a successful horror writer leading a quiet life on the English seaside. But his comfortable existence is interrupted by the appearance of an alien from a past that he hoped to leave behind forever. Together with an old acquaintance, something terrible invades Logan's daily life, and it relentlessly follows Sebastian. He sees strange dark figures during the day, someone else's gaze does not let go of him even in a dream. Suddenly he seems to be in his own novel, and the reality around him changes before our eyes. Soon, Logan learns that there are doors that lead to unknown worlds, that nightmares that appear to us in oblivion are much more real than they usually think, and there is life after death, but this is not a reason for joy. And Sebastian's attempts to get rid of the constant persecution, to understand what is happening to him, turn into mortal danger, because he is far from the first who disappeared, trying to get out of the vigilant surveillance.

David Wong "What the hell am I reading right now?"


"They" don't want you to read this book. Perhaps "They" are even right. After all, finding out the truth is like loosening your tie and only then realizing that your head was on it. While investigating a rather simple case of a shape-shifting interdimensional predator that preys on children, Dave and John notice that something very strange and creepy is happening. Together with Dave's friend Amy, they soon find themselves in an incredibly complex labyrinth of illusions, lies and their own incompetence, trying to get to the bottom of the truth, which they - and you, the readers - would be better off not knowing. You might think that such an incredible, bloody and in some places frankly unpleasant story is extremely far from the truth. It is this reaction that "They" are counting on.

Nick Cutter "The Squad"


Each year, a squad of scouts travels to the uninhabited Falstaff Island off the coast of Canada, where they spend weekends in the wilderness, learning how to make fires, fish and navigate the countryside. This is a tradition, there are no surprises in it, and every generation remembers these trips with joy and nostalgia. Only this time it will be different. A strange stranger comes out to the scout parking lot - incredibly skinny, eerily pale and monstrously hungry. They will encounter something far more terrifying than any ghost from a campfire bike. They will face the bearer of a true nightmare created in biogenetic laboratories. And now scout-master Tim Riggs and his charges will have to fight the elements, the infected and even their comrades, and the cost of survival is incredibly high.

Paul J. Tremblay, Cantata of Death Conquerors


The United States is gripped by a dangerous rabies epidemic. Coyotes, cats, foxes, small rodents attack residents of small towns and cities, a bite leads to immediate infection, fever and impaired brain activity develop in a matter of hours. Victims of the "new rabies", in turn, show aggression and also attack people.Sluggishness of officials, general panic, traffic congestion, looting …

Ramola Sherman, a young pediatrician, drifted with the flow of her life with little thought for the future. Lonely, diligent, reliable colleague, gray mouse. But when danger lurks everywhere and the earth burns underfoot, she will inevitably have to become a different person.

Ed Kurtz "And I created a new world from the rib" (new)


1940s. In small and forgotten by all Litchfield, life goes on as usual, and the former policeman, and now the security guard and private detective George Walker suffers from boredom, unsuccessfully trying to forget his own past. But everything changes when a mobile cinema comes to town. According to the official version, he will demonstrate to everyone the most ordinary propaganda film, but there are persistent rumors in the city that in fact viewers will see something incredibly frank, if not just scandalous. Only with the cinema does real horror come to Litchfield. At first, right in the hotel room, something tears one of the guests to pieces, and after that the number of strange deaths and disappearances in the city only grows. Walker takes up the investigation, but does not know one thing: when the curtain rises, the streets will be overwhelmed with madness, cruelty and fury, a real carnival of black magic and revived nightmares will begin, the main roles in which are prepared for the detective himself and all the inhabitants of Litchfield.

Nathan Ballingrood Wounds. Land of Monsters "


These are stories about monsters, about the search for other dimensions, shocking and unusual, strange and frankly creepy. This is a complete collection of stories by Nathan Ballingrood, whose work has been compared to both Clive Barker and Raymond Carver. Here polar explorers discover a crevice leading to a world worthy of Lovecraft's imagination, the bartender finds a phone forgotten by a client at his work and thus turns his life into a real nightmare, unpleasant consequences for mere mortals. Here the builders face a werewolf, the boy wants to conclude an agreement with the vampire, and any contact with the unknown and terrible leads to the most unexpected consequences. Paradoxical and unpredictable, sinister and amazing in their psychologicalism - all these are the stories of Nathan Ballingrood, one of the most talented and unusual writers working in the horror genre now.

Luanne Rice "Pandora's Box"


The bestselling Amazon Charts is a frightening and intense thriller about how far a woman is willing to go to reveal the truth … and how far someone is willing to go to stop her.

After the artist Claire Baudry Chase was attacked and left for dead in her own home on the Connecticut coast, she no longer knows who to trust. Her main suspect is her own husband Griffin, a well-connected candidate for the state governor's chair.

Before the attack, Claire was preparing an exhibition, one of the exhibits of which openly accuses Griffin of a brutal crime committed twenty-five years ago. If the public became aware of him, her husband's political career would come to an end. Claire has no doubts that her husband and his powerful supporters will easily kill her to hide the truth. When one of Claire's acquaintances is killed, the police try to link the crime to an attack on the artist herself. As the investigation proceeds, Claire must decide how much she is willing to lose in order to stop her husband and a corrupt group of supporters who will go to any lengths to protect Griffin and their interests.

Melinda Lee "The Last Oath"


Bree Taggart, a member of the Philadelphia Police Department, has spent over twenty-five years trying to forget that terrible night when her father killed her mother and then committed suicide, leaving Bree, her sister Erin and brother Adam orphans.But years later, terrible events are repeated, and Bree's sister is found murdered in her own home, and her husband Justin, now the main suspect, disappears.

Justin's best friend, former investigator Matt Flynn, doesn't believe he's capable of murder. Bree and Matt work together to find evidence and gradually grow closer. Trying to find clues and track down the killer, they turn to everyone who knew the spouses. But the closer Bree and Matt get to the solution, the clearer it becomes that the culprit will stop at nothing to keep his secret.

Max Seck "Witch Hunter"


The wife of the famous writer Roger Koponen was killed. At first, everyone is sure that the woman became the victim of an insane admirer of her husband's work. But the ensuing series of ritual murders that shook Helsinki prompts detective Jessica Niemi to believe that a serial killer is at work in the city. A mad fanatic who pretends to be an inquisitor plays out the grisly murders from Roger's bestselling Witch Hunter.

Is it possible to predict the next step of a criminal who knows every detail of the book better than the author himself?

But the further the investigation progresses, the more obvious: the killer does not act alone, adherents of a strange cult, who are always one step ahead of the police, are involved in the crimes.

Jessica is confident that the fanatics won't stop until they get what they want.

Katherine Faulkner Greenwich Park


The debut novel by the English writer Katherine Faulkner is a tense psychological thriller about motherhood, friendship and family secrets that are best not shared with anyone. In it, the idyllic image of waiting for a child is presented from a new angle.

Helen's life is perfect: an architect husband, a magnificent Victorian home, a close-knit family and a long-awaited pregnancy after many failed attempts. In happy anticipation, she enrolls in a maternity course in her area, where she meets Rachel - her complete opposite: loud, extravagant and lonely. Rachel somehow terribly attracts Helen to her, but soon the barely-born friendship begins to scare. A new friend, as if by chance, always happens to be nearby, unexpectedly comes to visit, she seems to know every little thing about Helen and her family.

Events are developing rapidly, taking the most dangerous turns, and now it is not clear who is the criminal and who is the victim in a strange and confusing game.

Riley Seiger "House at the Edge of Darkness" (new)


Maggie Holt hates questions about her childhood and the book written by her father.

The book has haunted her for twenty-five years, since the Maggie family moved to the Victorian mansion Bainberry Hall and had to flee from there three weeks later, in the middle of the night, never to return. In his novel, Maggie's father described all the dark and mystical events that took place at the mansion, and the book made the Holt family famous. But Maggie does not remember anything from her childhood and does not believe a single word in the novel.

After the death of her father, Maggie inherits the same mansion and wants to prepare it for sale. Now the ghosts of the past are ready to step out of the shadows and tell Maggie the secret of Bainberry Hall. But is she ready to find out the secrets that hide the walls of the old house? And what if human actions turn out to be worse than any ghosts?

Emma Houghton "Dark" (new, coming out October 31)


Personal tragedy has completely unsettled Kate North, so when she gets the chance to replace a doctor at a research station in Antarctica, she happily agrees, hoping it will help her recover. The change of scenery seems to Kate the perfect solution, even though her predecessor, Dr. Jean-Luc, died in an accident … And even if the polar station is not a paradise oasis, but here, at the end of the earth, she will at least be able to hide from those tormenting her memories and completely surrender to work. For the next eight months, her company is endless snow-white expanses and thirteen people with whom she will have to spend the longest winter of her life.But when complete darkness falls, Kate begins to suspect that the death of her predecessor is not accidental. And the more questions she asks, the more heated the situation …

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