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10 heartbreaking movies that will make you cry
10 heartbreaking movies that will make you cry

Good films often make the viewer feel a whole palette of emotions: love, compassion, fun … And sometimes they even make the viewer cry. We have collected 10 wonderful tapes, while watching which you can cry!

Die young

Dying Young, 1991

After a painful separation from her beloved man, Hilary decides to change her life once and for all. The girl gets a job for a wonderful man who is dying of leukemia. A good friendship develops into a feeling over time, but one can hardly hope for a happy ending.

Life is Beautiful

La Vita e bella, 1997

The film is based on Salmoni's novel I Defeated Hitler. The plot of the film is based on the biography of Rubino Romeo Salmoni, an Italian Jew, a prisoner of the Auschwitz death camp. The main character finds himself in a camp with his son, whom his father really wants to save from terrible torment. He told his son that everything that happens around is a game for a prize - a real tank, which will go to the boy if he can not catch the eyes of the guards.

Cruel games

Cruel Intentions, 1999
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Brad Pitt and other stars who had a passionate affair

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had a passionate romance on the set of the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith". Pitt found himself in a delicate situation - his wife Jennifer Aniston was waiting for him at home. Cheating on set led to the collapse of their five-year marriage.

Sebastian's life has everything: money, other people's secrets, seductive girls. He shares this simple philosophy of life with his sister Katrin. True, exactly until the moment when Sebastian falls in love with the modest, honest and loyal Annette.

Marley and me

Marley & Me, 2008

A young couple is moving to a new home. Of course, the lovers have a lot of plans: renovation, travel and … children. But first, the couple gets themselves a dog, which they have dreamed of for so long. Who knew that a loyal friend would be the main test in their life?

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness, 2006

It seems that life has reached such a bottom that it is impossible to get out? No matter how it is! There is always at least one, even the smallest, chance to win this battle for happiness. What is required of us? Oh, just a little - to believe in yourself and move forward, no matter what. Do not believe? Watch the life-affirming film starring Will Smith, The Pursuit of Happyness. We guarantee a surge of strength and inspiration!

If you have a dream, you have to protect it. If people cannot do something in their life, they will say that you cannot do it in your life either! If you want something - go and get it!

And in my soul I dance

Inside I'm Dancing, 2004

Despite his age, Michael spent his entire life in a home for the disabled with a terrible diagnosis - cerebral palsy. One day he meets a new patient at the clinic, who also practically cannot move. But all this does not prevent young guys from enjoying life, learning from each other and learning all the delights of love. The courage and desire for a better life, which the main characters of the film are full of, cannot leave indifferent any spectator.

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo And Juliet, 1968

We all know this story: at a ball in the Capulet's palace, the feelings of two young lovers, doomed to hatred by fate, arise. Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet fell in love with each other for their misfortune, because their families have been waging mortal enmity for many, many years. We advise you to watch the 1968 film - an incredibly beautiful tape.

Rain Man

Rain Man, 1988

The story of two brothers who did not know about each other until the death of their father. They had to meet in the hospital where one of them lived - Raymond, a patient with autism. Charlie's hatred, greed and pride are replaced by love and tender affection. But for this you need to walk a path full of disappointments.

Love story

Love Story, 1970

An ordinary story, as eternal as the world.The future lawyer and student of the music college fell in love with each other, decided to be always together, if not for one "but". "The Story of Love" - ​​the story of the main characters, unfortunately, is not a lifetime. The film, full of wise life advice, tells about the value of life and the importance of filling your every day with real love that does not tolerate vulgarity and baseness.

Meet Joe Black

Meet Joe Black, 1998

Death can be very pretty sometimes. Especially if she came in the body of a handsome young Brad Pitt named Joe Black. The uninvited guest offers the main character of the film, millionaire William Parrish, an unusual agreement: the rich man will become Joe's guide to the world of living people, where he plans to spend his vacation.

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