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Won in Dota and got rich: what millionaire gamers and their girls look like
Won in Dota and got rich: what millionaire gamers and their girls look like

If you still scold your boyfriend, husband or son for playing computer games, then now we will surprise you. The other day the guys from the Russian team won a tournament on the popular game Dota and earned $ 18.2 million. Now look at how those who let their guys disappear for hours in the virtual world look like.

Won in Dota and got rich: what millionaire gamers and their girls look like

From October 7 to October 17, Romania hosted The International 10 Dota 2 tournament. If you are suddenly far from the topic, we tell you: in this game there is a battle on a map with a fantasy terrain. Each match involves two teams of five players each, controlling "heroes" - characters with different sets of abilities. To win the match, a team must destroy a special object - a fortress belonging to the enemy side, and protect its own fortress from destruction.

Team Spirit

So that's it. For the first time in the history of e-sports, a Russian national team called Team Spirit not only reached the final, but won the tournament (10 years ago, a team with the participation of our e-sportsmen won the tournament, but it was the CIS national team)! Our guys beat PSG.LGD team from China with a score of 3: 2. And now about the reward: the prize pool was $ 40 million, and Team Spirit took $ 18, 2 million of them!

Can you imagine what sometimes hours of playing on the computer can lead to?.. There are five players in Team Spirit, it turns out, each received $ 3.64 million - that is, 259 million rubles!

The Russian esports team has never won a tournament of this level

And today, when the whole world is discussing our five guys (even Vladimir Putin congratulated them on their victory!), We became interested in learning a little more about the guys. And cybersportsmen also have girls - we will also tell you about them.

Yaroslav Miposhka Naydenov

23 years old
Yaroslav Miposhka Naydenov

Yaroslav's esports career began in 2014, when he was 17 years old. Over the past years, the guy earned about $ 3.9 million from the Dota games - however, he earned $ 3.6 million of this amount in the final of the recent tournament, which made him famous throughout the country. Yaroslav himself, by the way, comes from Zlatoust.

Image Image Image Image

Naydenov has a girlfriend - her name is Diana Golovinova, and she is also a gamer. We think what the guys agreed on is not required to explain. Diana supports her boyfriend in everything, accompanies him on international trips and shares all the sorrows with him. And joy, of course!

Miroslav Mira Kolpakov

21 years old
Miroslav Mira Kolpakov

Miroslav is from Western Ukraine, the city of Lutsk. At the age of 12 he started playing Dota - this game was shown to him by “40-year-old men from a computer club”. Nevertheless, the guy became seriously interested in the game only after 17, in his first year of university. Miroslav's parents resisted their son's hobby as best they could: they cut the mouse wire and took away the cables for the PC. Kolpakov did not give up, and only with his joining the professional team Team Spirit did dad and mom let go of the situation.

But, we think, better than Miroslav himself, no one will describe him: "Obviously, the cutest doter is me, Ceb after me." That's it, girls.


But, alas, this guy is busy. At least, his fans think so, and we, alas, did not find any data about this girl, although she appears on Miroslav's microblog quite often.

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Magomed Collapse Khalilov

19 years
Magomed Collapse Khalilov

Magomed joined Team Spirit in December 2020, and immediately such a success! But it is interesting that this could not have happened: Khalilov began playing in 2017, but his parents were sharply against such a hobby, so he had to dodge to follow his dream. The guy studied medicine, but did not finish it: when the first big successes in e-sports went, he took an academic leave and focused on training. As we can see, not in vain. The attitude of loved ones has also changed over time. On what to spend the fabulous money won, the young man does not know.

Marie, Magomed's girlfriend - pictured on the left

Magomed is not alone, he has a girlfriend named Mari, who supports her beloved in everything, helps him to realize himself in the profession.“It is very difficult for me to believe that we are here now. Pubstomp saves us a lot - there are a lot of people here who also get sick. It's better than sitting in a hotel and experiencing it all. How was it supported? Well, those were difficult times, let's say. This is a very big emotional load. And actually physical. And mental. And in general everything in the world,”- Marie shared her emotions with journalists.

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Ilya Yatoro Mulychuk

18 years
Ilya Yatoro Mulychuk

Ilya started playing in 2013. Parents did not approve of the son's choice, but his argument “But I don’t smoke and don’t wander around the entrances” was considered reasonable and did not particularly oppose the hobby. So, Mulychuk skipped the whole ninth grade. He dreamed of becoming a forensic scientist or a journalist, but he ended up going to study as a geologist and never showed up at university. The guy will spend his winnings very extravagantly: "I will buy a house for a cat and, possibly, a manor."

Elya, Ilya's girlfriend - pictured on the right

Once Ilya said that personal life was not for him, and then he met a girl named El and lost his peace. Elya was close to her beloved in Romania and supported him. “Knowing how hard it was for them, I tried to communicate with Ilya as usual. So that it doesn't seem to him that something so exciting is happening. I think it helped him a lot, because you can see how calm they behave,”the girl shared.

Alexander TORONTOTOKYO Hertek

20 years
Alexander TORONTOTOKYO Hertek

Alexander studied at the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics at Moscow State University - one of the most difficult faculties, but dropped out after two years because he chose Dota. During the year Hertek only played and lived at the expense of his parents. “At some point I told them: give me a year, I'll play. And they provided me with this time. Whatever I do, I don't think my parents could tell me, "Live as you want." They will support me anyway, so I had no particular problems with money. Maybe my parents do not support me in absolutely everything, but they will definitely not let me die of hunger,”he said. And now he will repay them in kind and not only will not let them die of hunger, but will make them rich.

Alexander TORONTOTOKYO Hertek

At the same time, when asked what to spend the winnings on, Alexander gave a slightly different answer: “I will buy an apartment for my sister, as I promised. She is 11 years old. We talked with her on FaceTime, and I said: "If we win, I will buy you an apartment in the center of Moscow." Well, isn't that cute?..

The guy doesn't seem to have a girl. At least his social networks are silent about it.

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