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Do not risk! 6 unexpected things that shouldn't be machine washed
Do not risk! 6 unexpected things that shouldn't be machine washed

Despite the fact that now not only clothes are put into washing machines, but also some types of shoes, there are things that should not be in them. For example, items intended only for hand washing. But there are also lesser known things that washing in a typewriter will hurt!

Do not risk! 6 unexpected things that shouldn't be machine washed

1. Foam pillows

Pillows that "remember" the neck bend and head position are machine washable only if indicated on the tag. Otherwise, they will deteriorate and you will have to buy new ones.

How to wash? Firstly, due to the fact that the filler is artificial and hypoallergenic, they stay clean longer than other pillows. Experts recommend that you simply wipe the stains by hand. And if there is a “hand wash” icon, immerse it in a basin or bathtub filled with water and add a hypoallergenic, fragrance-free liquid product. Then the pillow should be gently shaken and sent to dry in a ventilated area.

2. Any clothing with pet hair

Wool can be difficult to remove from clothing, but washing it will only make it worse. It will spread over things in an even layer, get stuck in the drum, or even clog the filter of the machine.

How to wash? Remove wool before placing items in the clipper. A sticky roller works best if not available, a wet rubber glove. If any wool remains, try ironing the item with an iron at the lowest temperature. Then wash as directed on the label.

3. Bras

Regular washing will quickly render them unusable, especially if they are push-up models.

How to wash? Best with your hands, with cold water and a little delicate liquid cleaner. Then gently squeeze. If you still need to machine wash, fasten your bra, put it in a special bag for washing delicate fabrics and select the program with cold water. It is impossible to dry clothes in a dryer or a hairdryer, only in a natural way!

4. Things with embroidery or lace

A typewriter can ruin the jewelry on your clothes. It is especially important not to put clothes with adhered elements in it - they can damage the drum or filter. Lace can snag on buttons or zippers on other items.

How to wash? Manually, with one exception. If it says “dry clean only” on the item, send it to the dry cleaner and ask to cover the protruding elements with a piece of cloth.

5. Very big things

If the blanket can hardly fit into the machine, do not stuff it there! Things need space for the drum to spin properly and stains to wash off. You can spoil both a thing and a typewriter.

How to wash? Find the big car! But it's better to have it dry cleaned.

6. Many things made of corduroy, wool and cashmere

Clothes made from delicate fabrics may not survive washing in a typewriter: spools, clues, and even holes will appear.

How to wash? If the item does not fade, wash it by hand. You can check this like this: wet a small area and press a white cloth against it. If it gets dyed, the only way out is dry cleaning.

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