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10 of the best Black Friday gadgets: what to buy on the day of discounts
10 of the best Black Friday gadgets: what to buy on the day of discounts

Soon we are waiting for "Black Friday" - the traditional time of big sales. Its official start in Russia is on November 26 at 00:00, and ends on November 28 at midnight. We decided to prepare a short list of gadgets that are worth buying at this time, choosing those that can truly change the life of every woman.

10 of the best Black Friday gadgets: what to buy on the day of discounts

There are devices that came into use not so long ago, but we can no longer imagine life without them. Here, for example, is the multicooker that millions of families love: abandon the food, press the button and sleep and rest! There is no need to talk about washing machines: how did you do without them before ?! But there are gadgets that have not yet become so popular, and yet they are worth paying attention to!

PocketBook 632 e-reader

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The e-reader is indispensable on vacation

It may seem that if you have a smartphone, spending money on an e-book is unnecessary. But as soon as you get one, you start to think: how did I live without her before? You no longer need to worry about charging: e-books keep it longer than phones, and PocketBook 632 stands out for its autonomy among others, as it runs on a special version of the Linux operating system. The screen does not glare in the sun, and there is a backlight for evenings in the bed. PocketBook 632 supports almost all current formats, and also allows you to download books by e-mail or using cloud services.

Rating on Yandex.Market: 4, 6 points out of 5

What they write in the reviews: "A good screen with a resolution, at which the text looks like in ordinary printing."

Chopper Moulinex DJ9058 Fresh Express Cube

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With a chopper, a bowl of Olivier will be ready in five minutes

Had this device the family coat of arms, the motto would have been written on it: "New Year's salads for 30 guests in half an hour!" Moulinex DJ9058 can not only grate and cut vegetables, but also chop them into cubes. A bowl of Olivier or a bucket of okroshka with this gadget can be obtained in just a few minutes. It is cleaned very simply: you need to remove the graters and rinse them under water - just like ordinary ones.

Rating on Yandex.Market: 4, 4 points out of 5

What they write in the reviews: “Great car. It's easy to cook borscht now. I rub and cut everything on it: cheese, cabbage, potatoes, onions, carrots, zucchini."

Cappuccinatore Kitfort KT-710

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The cappuccino maker will prepare coffee for the whole family

The secret of cappuccino is not only in the perfect combination of coffee and milk, but also in the most delicate foam, which in some cases can take up to a third of a cup. It is because of her that we often rush to our favorite coffee shops in the morning. But you can also make froth at home - there are cappuccinatores for this. One of the most worthy is Kitfort KT-710. He has a huge jug by the standards of such devices - as much as 700 milliliters, which allows you to make coffee for the whole family. There are three modes - heating, hot and cold foaming. And also Kitfort KT-710 can be used for making hot chocolate, cocoa and even mixing sauces.

Rating on Yandex.Market: 4, 8 points out of 5

What they write in the reviews: “A very cool device. I have already tried all the modes: there is a mode of persistent foam, froth for cappuccino and conventional mixing, such as cocoa. I liked the speed of work: strong foam is obtained in three minutes, while the milk is still heating up. I drank coffee, and the foam remained on the walls of the mug, you could collect it with a spoon (a special pleasure). Washes well, nothing sticks."

Dryer AEG T6DBG28S

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A tumble dryer removes dust from your home

Previously, everyone was skeptical about dishwashers: sorry for the place on this whopper! And why is it needed - they always did it with their hands, it is not so difficult to rinse a couple of plates. Now people say the same about drying machines: the unit is hefty, but it does nothing at all - it dries clothes, and after all, an ordinary rope will cope with this.But only those who did not have this device think so.

There are obvious things: it eliminates the need to hang up the laundry and wait for it to dry. This in itself is not bad, but there are additional bonuses. First, there is less dust and lint in the house. Secondly, all things are not only dry, but also soft and fluffy: towels will be like in an expensive hotel, and down jackets will be like they’ve just left the store. Thirdly, if you have pets, then you will forget about the wool that remains on things after washing.

But this is about the advantages of all dryers. But what makes the AEG T6DBG28S different? Its advantages include loading eight kilograms of laundry, anti-crease function, quiet operation and low electricity consumption. The drum of the machine is made using the original Stainless Steel Protex technology, which allows you to gently dry your clothes regardless of the fabric from which they are made.

Rating on Yandex.Market: 4, 4 points out of 5

What they write in the reviews: “It dries well. There are many children, we wash them often, the problem with hanging is gone. I put it in the washer for 30 minutes, then in the dryer for a couple of hours - and the clean, dry clothes are ready! The clothes after the dryer are soft. I dry textile shoes and blankets! Children's jackets, down jackets are generally super! You take it out like new, all whipped, fluffy."

Vacuum vibrator Satisfyer Penguin

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Vacuum vibrator will open up new facets of orgasm

Orgasm has never been so easy! Just a few minutes - and you get pleasure, which you previously had to achieve, warming yourself up with fantasies or erotic films. Satisfyer stimulates the clitoris so that you reach the peak easily and guaranteed, and you can easily experiment: what happens if you masturbate every day for a month. Apart from the standard set - vibration, vacuum stimulation and waterproofness - the Penguin model also has a charming design: perhaps it is the most stylish toy in the series!

Rating on Yandex.Market: 4, 5 points out of 5

What they write in the reviews: “Advantages: brought the girl to orgasm in a minute. Disadvantages: So soon men will not be needed."

Okami U80 Pet Washing Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Robot cleaning vacuum cleaner will tidy up floors and carpets

Wet cleaning is a good thing, but a long one. It is not just a robot vacuum cleaner, but a washing one, that will help to keep the time spent on it to a minimum. Okami U80 Pet is great in this business: it is perfectly oriented in space, equipped with a turbo brush that protects against hair winding, and is able to regulate the intensity of water supply from the tank. It is also very powerful: the engineers managed to achieve 2500 Pa in turbo mode. There will be no problems with carpets!

Rating on Yandex.Market: 4, 7 points out of 5

What they write in the reviews: “An excellent vacuum cleaner, completely independently performs the painstaking work of collecting dust in the apartment. Exclusively cleans carpets. The battery is of sufficient capacity, I cleaned an apartment with an area of ​​85 square meters with one charge. Recommend".

Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality helmet

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A virtual reality helmet will allow you to immerse yourself in the virtual world

Are you a gamer? Have you ever seen a full-size zombie? No? The Oculus Quest 2 VR headset may fix that. This is one of the best all-in-one headsets that don't have to be connected to a computer: games can be downloaded directly to the headset. There are also two joysticks - for the left and right hand. By the way, if you had any problems with training, then Oculus Quest 2 can solve them: there are many games that involve active movement. Sweat better than on a treadmill!

Rating on Yandex.Market: 4, 7 points out of 5

What they write in the reviews: “I bought it recently, but as soon as you put it on, you are in euphoria for the first hour. The emotions that this thing gives are simply indescribable. If you have money, then take it and don't even think."

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