The Whole Truth About Count Dracula: Cosmo Takes A RAV4 Journey Again
The Whole Truth About Count Dracula: Cosmo Takes A RAV4 Journey Again

We will tell you the whole truth about vampires and Count Dracula. This time we go to Romania - the mysterious land of mystical vampires. And we went on a completely new, no less mystical Toyota RAV4.

The Whole Truth About Count Dracula: Cosmo Takes A RAV4 Journey Again

The history of this legendary model goes back to the distant 1990s. But now we have a completely new, but still recognizable fifth generation Toyota RAV4. It is strange that I speak masculine about him. Indeed, in Russia it is an exclusively female car, as is commonly believed.

As soon as I got behind the wheel of this, I'm not afraid to say, an SUV, I realized that at home I was surrounded by care, love, and most importantly, safety. I have not been so comfortable in any modern car for a long time. High-quality interior materials, comfortable seat, nothing superfluous, everything is simple and clear.


In the world of high technologies, we have long been accustomed to a huge number of buttons, switches and other attributes, and in RAV4 the laconic design of the internal equipment impressed me with its simplicity and aesthetics. Honestly, I was deliberately looking for some kind of trick, setting up mirrors, seats and everything you need to move. But everything turned out to be very simple, and the hands themselves made the correct movements, I did not even think about what to twist and where to press.

We get under way. I got the maximum configuration: 2.5 liters, an eight-speed automatic transmission.


We start from Bucharest. A strange feeling from this city: familiar Soviet buildings and rare abandoned buildings in the European style. Like Europe, but everything is Soviet, everything is native.

Roundabouts and a lot of long traffic lights. Cork. And as I always say, the right leg is equally numb, both on "mechanics" and on "automatic". But the RAV4 has a magic Auto Hold button to keep your foot off the brake pedal.

We are heading to Brasov. Ahead of us is an interesting journey through mountain landscapes, gypsy villages. And of course, we will visit the legendary Dracula's castle.

I heard a lot about Romania, most of all I was interested in stories about Dracula, vampires and other evil spirits.


Well, we are leaving the city on the highway. The roads, it should be noted, are good here, as in all of Europe. Suddenly, my wonderful car begins to emit unfamiliar sounds, similar to warnings, and the icons lit up on the board: the crossover recognizes road signs and warns me about exceeding the speed limit. I was captivated by the local species: the plain between the mountain ranges is an indescribable beauty! All this is good visibility for the new RAV4: large wide mirrors, narrow struts that allow you to enjoy the beauty without being distracted from the road.

But if you are suddenly distracted, the car will surely remind you of the traffic rules and, if you turn on the lane hold mode, will return you to the road if you break the lane markings where they are. Finally we turned to the mountain range - to the Carpathians. How beautiful they are!


But then the navigator takes us off the track, and we find ourselves in the mountains, on dirt roads with bumps and holes. Now let's try our handsome man in off-road conditions. Steep climbs, deep ditches, nothing to him. The car proved to be one hundred percent.

Be sure, if you want a thrill, feel free to turn off the track and head towards adventure. The RAV4 won't let you down!

The suspension responds smoothly, and the Multi-Terrain Select off-roading system helps you get out of any ditch with ease and ease.


The most interesting thing is that the car is so obedient that you feel like a professional driver, in complete safety, while you can feel the full drive from off-road driving.Having overcome all obstacles on the road, we again return to the track, this time to the mountain serpentine.

It started to get dark, and then the RAV4 surprised me.

Automatic high beam switch off is a very useful feature. I often travel at night to the Tver region, and this regime is simply necessary. The car itself recognizes the light from oncoming headlights or lighting in the village and switches the high beam to the low beam. It is very convenient!

Especially in this beautiful country, where there are no roadsides on mountain roads, people walk in dark clothes (you will not see them right away with low beam). But the most unpleasant thing in the dark is the huge number of moving horse-drawn carts, especially in the gypsy villages. Yes, yes, you heard right, the carts are horse-drawn carts! There are a lot of them here, and at night, when driving along a mountain serpentine, it is very difficult to notice them. Naturally, there are no reflectors on the carts.


Approaching Brasov, on our way in the dark mountains, we also met a huge number of huge bats. A chill ran down my spine as we enter Dracula's territory.

Finally, we got to the hotel, where we arrived for the night, and the next morning we had an excursion to the legendary castle.

I really wanted to know the mysterious story of Count Dracula. While we were waiting for the guide, I walked a little around the castle. And I saw a lot of torture devices. In the Middle Ages, this was a common thing - people were tortured, their heads were cut off, they were impaled. I fantasized who it could be that famous vampire. Probably, it was a lonely count who killed his wife for treason, then lured lonely women to him and mocked them. This is where this vampire legend came from.

But it turned out not quite so. The guide told us how everything really happened. Count Dracula really existed, or rather his prototype - Vlad the Impaler. But in fact, the lord of the vampires is a literary character who was invented by Bram Stoker back in 1897. The writer has never been to Transylvania, but made this land the abode of dark forces.

During the two full days that I spent with the RAV4, I got a lot of different impressions. This car really made me happy. All updates are worthy of modernity and the lifestyle of young people! The car is suitable both for city trips and for family vacations or extreme travel.


A spacious trunk, a lot of useful space inside the cabin with convenient shelves and drawers, very comfortable seats and a multimedia system with steering wheel controls. There is everything for long journeys and comfortable driving! Even wireless charging! And at the same time, there is nothing superfluous, not a single function that you do not use. Everything for safety, comfort and drive!

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