"Men are afraid of me, and women hate me." Girl gets hated for being attractive
"Men are afraid of me, and women hate me." Girl gets hated for being attractive

Veronika Rajek, a Slovak-born instagram model from Vienna, has faced harassment on the web because of her … beauty. The girl is accused of excessive love for photoshop, plastic and other tricks that make her appear more beautiful, but Rajek assures that everything is natural. The girl even did a breast scan to prove the absence of implants.

"Men are afraid of me, and women hate me." Girl gets hated for being attractive

The former finalist of the Miss Slovakia 2016 contest claims that beautiful people have a harder life than unattractive ones, at least because they are accused of all deadly sins. Veronica proves by her example that envy is a terrible thing. For example, a girl's profile is often deleted due to subscribers' complaints about “fake” content, she receives angry messages from women every day. The model is reproached for being too beautiful to be real. But this does not prevent women from being jealous of Veronica, and men from making her vulgar proposals, reports the Daily Mirror.

Veronica is lucky to become the owner of a beautiful natural breast But many doubt that the bust of a girl is such by nature

The model is constantly being bullied for the fact that she allegedly resorted to plastic surgery, but the girl adamantly refutes the rumors. “People don't even believe that I exist and that my appearance is really the way it is. The most annoying thing is when you are being bullied by women. This is pure discrimination because everyone wants to look good. Only it is forgiven to someone, but not to me. I even call myself an alien, because people do not believe that I am real,”says Veronica.

Veronica even took pictures of her breasts and published them The girl wanted to show that her breasts are natural. But they didn’t believe her equal

The girl claims that subscribers bombard her with messages in which they are ashamed and accused of using filters to improve her appearance. “I have over a million followers on the official page and a bunch of fan accounts. This suggests that people like to look at me, but at the same time most of them write nasty things in direct. Looks, likes and writes. Brad, isn't it? All the time they demand from me proof of naturalness and photos without processing. To dispel the rumors, I even had a breast scan last month. I posted CT scans in stories to show that my breasts are natural, but they still didn't believe me,”the instadiva shared.

To convince her followers that the Instagram photos show only “natural gifts”, Veronica does not hesitate to reveal her beauty secrets. In order to have a beautiful bust shape, the model trains from adolescence and constantly pumps the pectoral muscles that lift the glands. Rayek also carefully monitors himself, does not drink alcohol and does not go to parties. And the girl visits the gym five times a week and goes to massage.

Model says the secret to her fitness is that she leads a healthy lifestyle The girl has no bad habits, she sleeps a lot, goes to massage and trains 5 times a week

“Beauty is expensive not only financially, but also morally. I have few friends and most of the people tell me bad things, but I continue to keep myself in shape. So if you feel beautiful, then you are. Love yourself for who you are. If you want - do plastic and do not hide it, if you do not want - pump over natural beauty. The main thing is to take care of yourself, because you are unique! " - declares the model.

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