Galina Bezruk: "When you follow the director, you can forget about everything in the world"
Galina Bezruk: "When you follow the director, you can forget about everything in the world"

On November 8, the hit STS "Rodkom" returns to the TV screens, in which one of the main roles was played by Galina Bezruk.

Galina Bezruk: "When you follow the director, you can forget about everything in the world"

At the end of the first season of Rodkom, your Ira Sokolova begins a relationship with the brother of Sergei Shmelev, the main character of the STS series. What will change in her life in the new episodes?

In the second season, it becomes obvious how unsuitable people can spoil each other's lives. But they try to maintain the relationship, as is often the case. It seems to me that Ira Sokolova is a very self-sufficient woman, I don't know why she needs all this (smiles). Perhaps you want male attention, warmth and family. But she has a small business, she is a professional, and in general everything is fine without Vova …

In our country, women often feel like they are somehow not so without a man?

I think the story of my heroine shows that it is not worth living like that. A parasitic creature on a woman's neck is not always the right choice. My Ira will come to such conclusions.


The series became a hit for STS. What do you think is the success of Rodkom?

To be honest, I love this project. I think the whole point is that different models of family relationships are collected in one series. And in each model, the viewer can find something for himself. For example, the relationship between Sokolova and her very decent son. I'm not saying she's dishonest. But it's just that children often take responsibility for infantile parents. Or, on the contrary: when a very, very strict mother, and daughters-sons want to play pranks, because it is impossible to live in strictness all the time. And every such model is very funny and cute. Everything is family-like, so kind and tasteful. I love our Rodkom!

In the series, there are heroes performed by Olga Kabo and Pavel Savinkov. Have you worked together before? Maybe they always admired the beauty and intelligence of Olga Kabo?

Olga is madly in this role! I was not familiar with her, but I was delighted with how she works. With Pavel Savinkov they starred in a dvuhseriyka. But then they did not have time to get close. This is not "Rodkom" for you, where in two or three months you become practically a family (smiles).


You said that Olga is admirable. And about whom else of your colleagues can you say the same?

I love Maria Mironova! I am ready, however, to look at her endlessly. Of course, Lena Podkaminskaya. The way it works: subtle, intelligent. I really like the aristocratic and at the same time vitality, sincerity of Ani Mikhalkova. They are, of course, all different, but each is beautiful in its own way.

In the movies, you have an easily recognizable image of the girl next door. In the theater, on the contrary: corsets, wigs - in general, complex costumes. What do you like more: historical images or close to life?

I'm interested in everything! For example, with pleasure she starred in the TV series "Elizabeth". Cool, awesome experience and first movie corset! Although it was insanely hard - walking in a corset for fourteen hours. And then there was the play "Dangerous Liaisons". Somehow, all of a sudden, historical projects appeared in my life. In Rodkom, my Ira Sokolova wears a simple ponytail, which has replaced the curly-haired women. Which I am glad, because the curls are curly, but they usually give lightness to the image, and my heroine is not a very simple character. But, of course, it's great when you have the opportunity to do different things, play different things. Then you flourish as an artist, new colors appear, the palette expands.


What role do you remember because it required special preparation?

For example, for Francesca from Elisabeth, I worked on a French accent, not a language, but an accent. This was a bit of a nuisance, but it was a very interesting experience. I like it when there is time to prepare, when not being driven. Especially when the heroine may have some kind of physical defect.After all, all this needs to be lived, invented, worked out.

One of your colleagues admitted in an interview that she does not act naked, so that later she would not be ashamed in front of her future children and husband. Do you have such installations?

In principle, I also have such a condition. For example, a scene like in the movie "Text" is too much for me. Again, I have a child who can then see it somewhere. Although I understand that for us, artists, the body is the main instrument. Therefore, if the drama somehow justifies it, then it is possible. And I also understand that when it is not a rental movie or a television series that will be seen by many, but a festival movie, then many creators like to do something like that beautifully and with taste.

Are you generally ready to change dramatically for the role? And what exactly are you not ready to do?

Now actors often have several projects in parallel, so fundamental changes are difficult. But if Fyodor Bondarchuk, Andrey Konchalovsky or Valery Todorovsky offer me a big, big project, for which, for example, you need to shave off my hair, I will simply give up everything and prepare (smiles). When you follow a director or a project, you can forget about everything in the world, as you understand that this is not a conveyor story.

And what was the most unexpected thing you had to do in the frame?

I have an amazing TV series "House for Luck", where everything was not there. I drowned in the river, drove a tractor, rode a country motorcycle, and milked a cow and a goat. In general, a lot of emotions! When you are not afraid, but just take it and do what you need. There weren't even any questions there. So, today we milk a cow, and then into a tractor in heels - no problem (laughs).

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