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Children who spent many years in captivity by maniacs
Children who spent many years in captivity by maniacs

These scary stories confirm that no one is immune. But you can always reduce the risk of kidnapping: teach your children not to leave with strangers. Also, remember that it is not uncommon for the kidnappers to be acquaintances or family members.

Fusako Sano - 9 years, 2 months


Little Japanese Fusako was only 9 when she was kidnapped in 1990 by 28-year-old Nobuyuki Sato, who lives with his mother. He kept Fusako in a room on the second floor. His house was located just 200 meters from the police station.

For the first few months, Fusako remained tied up. Sato systematically beat the girl and threatened her with a knife. As a "punishment method" the maniac used a stun gun. Sato cut the girl's hair and dressed her in his own clothes. Although the doors to the room were never locked, Fusako never tried to escape: at first she was too scared to run, and then she was simply exhausted.

Nine years later, Sato's mother went to the police with complaints about her son's strange and violent behavior. Fusako was found, and Sato was sentenced to 14 years in prison. The girl never managed to recover from her imprisonment, her mind forever remained the mind of a child.

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight - 10 years and 9 months

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Michelle was the first girl kidnapped by Ariel Castro in 2002. She was 21 years old. After 8 months, Amanda Berry joined the kidnapped, who was captured just a day before her 17th birthday. The last girl, 14-year-old Gina DeJesus Ariel, was captured a year later.

Ariel tricked Michelle into his house when she went to court to hear the custody of her son Joey. Due to the fact that Michelle was already old enough, the police did not throw all their strength into her search. Ariel fed his captive only three days later. All this time he beat her and raped her. Michelle got pregnant five times, but each time there were miscarriages due to constant beatings and hunger.

When Michelle was joined by Amanda Berry, Ariel chained her to Michelle. Berry got pregnant, Michelle Knight helped her friend to have a baby. When Gina DeJesus became the third inmate a year later, the police did not raise the highest level of alarm because there were no eyewitnesses to the abduction.

In April 2013, Berry was able to shout out to her neighbors when Ariel forgot to lock one of the doors. Berry and her 6-year-old daughter were able to punch a hole in the door and escape. Berry called 911 and said, “Save me. My name is Amanda Berry. I was kidnapped 10 years ago. Now I'm here. I am free".


On the same day, Castro was arrested and sentenced to a thousand years in prison, but a month later he was found hanged in a cell.

Jaycee Dugard - 18 years and 2 months


Jaycee Dugard was only 11 when she was kidnapped on her way home from school. It was 1991. The kidnapper named Philip Garrido stunned the girl with a stun gun. He was assisted by his wife Nancy, who decided to take Jaycee "as a gift" to her husband.

The couple took her to their home, took off all her clothes, handcuffed her, wrapped the girl in a blanket and threw her into a cramped, soundproofed room. Jaycee spent a week in handcuffs - the couple fed her and brought her milkshakes. A few days later, Philip dragged Jaycee into the shower and raped her.

Months later, Jaycee was transferred to a slightly larger room and chained to a bed. Philip Garrido was often "high" - one day he went to jail, and his wife Nancy became the girl's jailor.

At the age of 13, Jaycee became pregnant for the first time, only then Garrido began to give her warm food. Three more years later, she gave birth to her second daughter. The kidnappers forced Jaycee to tell the girls that their real mother was Nancy, and she was just their older sister.

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When Jaycee was found 18 years later, she refused to tell what happened to her over the years. Surprisingly, at the same time, Jaycee grew up to be an educated and open girl - like her daughter.In 2011, the Garrido family was found guilty of kidnapping and rape. Philip was sentenced to 431 years in prison, Nancy got off with 34 years. Jaycee made the decision not to go to court.

Elisabeth Fritzl - 24 years old


Austrian electrician Josef Fritzl held his own daughter captive for 24 years. From the age of 11, he beat and raped her. Locking her in the basement when she turned 18, he immediately put the girl on the wanted list, but later lied, announcing to the police that Elizabeth had written to him and said that she now intends to live separately.

During her imprisonment, Elizabeth gave birth to seven children from her father. Three of them never left the basement: daughter Kerstin lived in it for 19 years, son Stefan - 18, son Felix - 5. One child died shortly after birth, deprived of the necessary medical care. Fritzl carried the rest of the children out of the basement in infancy. Somehow he managed to adjust the situation in such a way that those around him believed: the "prodigal daughter" throws up grandchildren to their parents.


In 2008, the eldest daughter Elizabeth Kerstin fell seriously ill. Elizabeth insisted on a medical examination. Kerstin was diagnosed with a severe form of kidney failure, and doctors demanded her medical record. The mother's presence was also necessary. Fritzl presented a letter from his daughter: she allegedly wished to remain in the sect, but the fate of Kerstin does not bother her. But the letter aroused suspicion. Fritzl, under pressure from the police and the press, brought Elizabeth to the hospital and was immediately arrested. When Elizabeth was promised that she would not return to her father, the woman told all about her 24-year imprisonment. Josef Fritzl was sentenced to life imprisonment in a special prison for the mentally ill.

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