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Luxury of the East: Turkish Series for Those Who Like The Magnificent Century
Luxury of the East: Turkish Series for Those Who Like The Magnificent Century

The series "The Magnificent Century" almost immediately gained worldwide popularity and still continues to gain a record number of views. For fans of this genre, we have prepared a selection of the 7 most successful projects of Turkish cinema.

Rights to the Throne: Abdulhamid


The series "Rights to the Throne: Abdulhamid" tells about the last 13 years of the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II. Some called him the Bloody Ruler, others - the Great Sultan, but this ambiguous attitude of the public did not prevent him from being active in political activity and heading the state. The series also talks about the sultan's coming to power, namely, the decision to overthrow his own brother from the throne.

Despite the fact that the film crew was accused of a huge number of historical inaccuracies, the sheer scale of the project, as well as the number of actors involved, cannot be underestimated.

Mehmed: Conqueror of the World


The series "Mehmed: Conqueror of the World" describes the life of a great and brave Sultan. Events unfold in the 15th century, when 19-year-old Mehmed became the ruler of the Ottoman Empire. Due to his young age, he had to face criticism not only from enemies, but also from friends. However, after a couple of years he was able to conquer Constantinople and go down in history as a decisive and wise ruler.


Valeria and other stars who have the status of mothers with many children

Singer Valeria is a mother of three adult children who were born in a marriage with producer Alexander Shulgin. But the heirs practically do not communicate with their abuser father. The singer's sons - Artemy and Arseny - got married one after the other. The elder's wedding took place in Switzerland; only the closest relatives of the couple were present at it. The youngest celebrated the grand event on a grand scale - all secular Moscow was invited to the celebration (except for his father Alexander Shulgin). Valeria's daughter is building a personal brand under the pseudonym SHENA.

Resurrected Ertugrul


"Resurrected Erturul" has been nicknamed by some as the Turkish version of Game of Thrones. The series is about the formation of the Ottoman Empire in the XIII century, as well as about its creator Ertugrul. In addition to numerous victories and great conquests, the ruler had to face defeats and difficult decisions.

The main role in the series was played by Engin Altan. The actor twice refused to participate in the project, as he did not believe in its success and great response from the audience. However, the high rating and nominations for prestigious awards proved the opposite.

Foundation: Osman


The series "Founding: Osman" was a sequel to "Risen Ertugrul" and was released in the year the previous project was completed. Now the central character is Ertugrul's son, Osman I Gazi. The sultan was no less valiant than his father, and was able to significantly expand the borders of the empire, capturing part of Byzantium. The role of the ruler went to Burak Ozchivit, who gained world fame thanks to the TV series "Kinglet - a songbird" and "Magnificent century". The series could not do without a love line that won the hearts of many viewers.

Magnificent century. Empire Kyosem


Premiere of the series “The Magnificent Century. The Kyosem Empire took place in 2015, and some considered it even more interesting and dramatic than The Magnificent Age itself. The series tells about the life of the wife of Sultan Ahmet I Kosem, who became one of the most influential women in the history of the Ottoman Empire.

Thanks to careful and long preparation, the film crew managed to convey the atmosphere of the 17th century and recreate the scenery and costumes that reliably show that time. Each episode lasts about 2 hours, but since the plot is interesting, time will fly by.

The Sultan of My Heart


The Russian-Turkish series "The Sultan of My Heart" tells the love story of the Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II and Anna, a French teacher, and also the daughter of an official from the Russian Embassy.

Anna decides to move to Istanbul to teach the children of the Sultan. Despite many difficulties and intrigues on the part of the inhabitants of the harem, the girl continues to work in the palace and after a while begins to have feelings for Mahmud.

The Great Detective Filint


The series tells about the detective Filint Mustafa, who lived during the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century. The main character is engaged in solving dangerous crimes and cannot imagine life without his work. There is also a love line in the plot: Filinta meets the girl Lara, who wins his heart.

The premiere of "The Great Detective Filint" took place on December 23, 2014, and then it became one of the most expensive Turkish TV series. Among the fans of the project were Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his wife Emine. They even came to the set.

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