10 things a boy's mom needs to know in advance
10 things a boy's mom needs to know in advance

“Well, why did no one warn me about these simple features - it would be easier for me to raise my three sons,” exclaims the author of the American Cosmo Michelle Wheeldon. She recalled the discoveries she encountered while the children were growing up, and told the world about them.

10 things a boy's mom needs to know in advance
  1. The boys' emotions are deeper than they seem. They just hide them. “For the first few years of their lives, it seemed that their whole gamut of emotions boiled down to 'hungry, satisfied, angry, tired.' Then it turned out that they just didn’t want to discuss deeper experiences,”Michelle writes. While daughters and mothers are constantly detailed, thoughtful, sincere, tearful conversations about everything that worries them, the son waits for a long time before agreeing to a rare serious conversation one-on-one.
  2. The main thing is comfort, style to the side. “They don’t care what they wear,” says three times a mom, who has stopped trying to get something fashionable and is just buying wholesale T-shirts, jeans and underwear in the shop's giveaways. "They grab the first thing they find in the closet, and if they do, they sleep in it and go to school." (True, we know from men how important a particular thing, cult among his peers, is to a teenager, and what a huge difference there is between just black sneakers and black sneakers with a red stripe. And the rest of the time - see above).
  3. They do not know how to sit calmly and quietly. Raising boys is not the easiest outdoor sport. Physical activity makes them feel happy - it doesn't matter whether they kick the ball or kick each other, and it is cruel to stop the child from moving.
  4. Get them out of your hugs. At least in public, and if they are already 6. “I’m not offended,” Michelle swears, “if I sat in a sweat-soaked gym for six hours, waiting for those few minutes while my boys take part in the competition, and then they pass by, pretending that I am not more interesting to them than the gum stuck to the podium. A quick glance and a half smile - that's practically all that I was honored. But I know that they do not need to hug me in front of everyone to express their love. "
  5. They are masters at inventing entertainment for themselves. An expensive game can lie in the corner while they build a hut from a table and blankets, arrange a duel on loaves, or compete to see who will jump next from the couch.
  6. And by the way: all life is a competition. Who will run to that fence faster, who has more friends or stickers, who has more powerful biceps and larger legs.
  7. You yourself taught them to be honest. So think three times before asking if you want an honest answer. They will tell you straight if they don't like your dress, and the new hair dye resembles the color of a child's surprise. But the compliment will be sincere. “My elder said that I was beautiful, like Mary Poppins. And the younger somewhere heard the expression "look like a million" and told me when I was going on a date that I looked "7 bucks." From his laughter, I realized that he thought it was a lot of money,”Michelle recalls with a smile.
  8. Boys have a heightened sense of justice. "I think the expression" tit for tat "was invented by a 10-year-old boy," Michelle almost jokes. Nobody wants to give in to their peers in any matter: from "who will finish the cocoa" to "who will sit in the car where." start learning later.
  9. They have a specific sense of humor. Of course, obscene jokes - even those in which there may be a moderate amount of appropriate abuse - also have a right to exist. But not all the same time!
  10. But sons' devotion is forever. Michelle says that she has been raising her tomboy alone since the youngest was a year old and the eldest six. "They repaid me a thousandfold for my love.Let the sons not so willingly talk about their feelings as daughters, but they prove it by deed. The son, without any requests, will clear the path to the house and drag all the bags and boxes from the car to the house or garage. The last piece of the roll will give way, even if he himself licks his lips, and will offer to refuel the car if you are tired and it is raining. He will intercede for you and brag about your cooking. " And this is the main point!

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