The world's first surviving twins-sevens grew up (photo)
The world's first surviving twins-sevens grew up (photo)

These four boys and three girls are considered medical miracles. They are all twins, and they all managed to save their lives. Scientists have named the twins with the mysterious word "septulet". See photos in our material.

The world's first surviving twins-sevens grew up (photo)

On November 19, 1997, Bobby McCogee and her husband Kenny from Iowa made headlines. The spouses became the first parents known to science, who gave birth to seven children at once, each of whom survived.

The kids were named and. At birth, babies weighed from 1, 13 to 1, 54 kilograms.

Brandon served in the army, the other six went to college. They have an older sister, 19-year-old Mikaela, who is married and lives nearby. In 2017, seven children became aunts and uncles when Mikayla gave birth to a son after getting married in 2015. Natalie was the first of seven children to get married in May 2019. Brandon also got married in August 2019.

"It will be a pretty dramatic change in life," admits their mom Bobby. Still: the house in which eight children grew up will be empty at once.


How did it happen that Bobby and Kenny became parents with many children? After the birth of Michaela, they could not have a second child, and they went for in vitro fertilization. Seven embryos took root, and since the couple is quite religious, they decided to keep them all.

Of course, they tried to dissuade them from this risky venture - but everything went relatively well, the kids managed to get out. True, two of them - Nathan and Alexis - were born with cerebral palsy, and they had to be operated on so that the children could walk.

Nathan was forced to learn to walk day after day without assistance, Alexis still uses a walker. True, this year she was the second captain of the school cheerleader team.

The unusual family was actively helped by charitable organizations: they were presented with a house with seven bedrooms, the children were given the opportunity to eat for free and go on vacation. When they were born, several universities offered them free tuition as they grow up. The family once met with President George W. Bush.


“I was always afraid that looking at our work, the guys would think that this is enough for a beautiful life,” Kenny told the Des Moines Register. - I gradually explained to them what the truth of life was. I couldn't afford to buy such a house with my salary. If you want to get something, you have to work hard for it."

Kenny Sr. works for a metal coating company. Bobby is a teacher-defectologist and, in addition to raising eight children, teaches children with special needs. Like her husband, she always tried to instill in children a love of work.

Alexis is going to study as a teacher, Natalie - as a teacher of elementary grades, Kenny Jr. - as a builder. Nathan and Joel will be programmers. Kelsey sings in the state choir and dreams of a musical career.

“We see ourselves as best friends, not just brothers and sisters,” says Alexis.

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