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10+ Laws of True Friendship: How to Be a Best Friend
10+ Laws of True Friendship: How to Be a Best Friend

Together you lose weight, go shopping, mourn failed romances. Your best friend is your reliable rear. These 10 rules will help you make your relationship even stronger.

10+ Laws of True Friendship: How to Be a Best Friend

Follow the words

Keep her secrets as yours, never gossip about her, but do not be silent if someone in your presence is persistently trying to sort through her dirty laundry.

Accept its pros and cons

Friendship is a bit like unconditional love. Of course, you have common features, but even the characters of half-twins never coincide one hundred percent. One day she will make a completely different decision than you suggested to her. Don't judge her at this moment. Your relationship is about understanding, not criticism.

Don't try to hush up the conflict

Are you angry or offended at her? Sometimes it seems that it is easier to wait until the passions subside than to discuss the problem. We all try to avoid fights, especially with our best friends - our main support group. And by doing so, we are letting the situation escalate even more. Remember that in front of you is practically your sister, whom you yourself have chosen. She will definitely understand you.

Listen before you speak

When she talks about her troubles, the first thing I want to do is explain to her in detail how and what needs to be corrected. But from time to time we all need just an attentive companion, and not an exemplary citizen of the Land of Soviets. Wait while she herself asks you what you think and how best to act in her situation.

Let her live her life

You did not vow to devote all your free time to each other. And if a boyfriend asked her to spend the weekend with him, and not with you, it does not mean that he is a villain.

Take time for her


In the first grade, you decided to be together all your life, but men, children, work interfere with these plans and do not allow you to run to her at the first call. In order not to distance yourself from one of the most important people in your life, often invite her to have dinner together or invite her over to your place - for the hundredth time revisit Pride and Warning with pizza and wine.

Share your needs

Friendship is a two-way street. And if it seems to you that you are investing in it much more than you receive, say so directly. Don't be aggressive, don't try to turn on an experienced manipulator. Stay sincere!

Be selfless

Do good and throw it into the water. Do not wait and do not demand return services: friends do not always have the opportunity to repay the "debt", and therefore the expectation of this can destroy any relationship.

Rejoice in her successes


Remind yourself that you are not rivals, and be genuinely proud of her accomplishments. Even if you constantly think that her job is more prestigious, her boyfriend is smarter, and her waist is thinner than yours. Can't deal with jealousy? There is no need to "feed" this nasty feeling. Think about what unites you, and not about how she supposedly compares favorably with you.

Compliment her

Praising other people is no less pleasant than listening to flattering words addressed to you. Feel free to say what a wonderful person she is and how grateful you are for everything she has done for you. New Year is a great reason for this.

Bring her back to reality

We all need a good kick from time to time. Support your friend, but if you see that she is acting ugly, talk about it directly.

Don't lie to her

This does not mean that one must honestly answer the question: "Is this dress just lovely?" - when you don't like her outfit. This is a question of bite - you may well say: "The main thing is what you like." But in important matters, be honest - this is the only way to maintain trust for many years.

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