10 myths about men you should stop believing in
10 myths about men you should stop believing in

Myths about men are the most mysterious thing in the world. Because we invented them ourselves, believed ourselves and wondered - why are these guys so mysterious? And because all this has nothing to do with reality.

10 myths about men you should stop believing in

Men don't give a damn what they look like

It is completely incomprehensible where the legs of this myth grow from, because those times when the domestic light industry supplied something very gloomy to the market we did not find or did, but we walked under the table on foot. However, even then men managed to be fashionable. Now they sit their tight pants in barbershops, where they have beards styled, regularly visit fitness clubs and closely monitor what color sneakers should be worn this season. And all this they, of course, do only to kill time, yes, yes. There is nothing else to do, it happens.

Men think about sex all the time

Well, okay, let's try. Start thinking about sex now and keep doing it for the next couple of hours. It is highly doubtful that you will like this. At the same time, keep in mind that it is more difficult for a man, due to the peculiarities of his thinking, to do business, thinking about something extraneous. So if they really thought about sex all the time, we would all feel like the heroes of an unkind fantasy novel. Something about an evil virus that infected the delicate brains of the carriers of the Y chromosome - they, poor fellows, are now only able to reproduce, and have lost all other skills. Including the skill of coherent speech.

Men do not cry

It is supposed to be "unmanly." In fact, this is education, of course. If a boy is told from childhood that only girls cry, he will naturally begin to hide his emotions. In fact, the lacrimal glands in men have not disappeared anywhere and function properly. And if you have never seen a crying man in your life, it only means that none of them dared to burst into tears in front of you. An alarming symptom, by the way.

Men don't gossip

As a matter of fact, this is the only thing they do when they find themselves in the circle of their own kind. It's just that they almost never gossip in the company of women, which is why the illusion is created that the secret entrusted to the man will remain secret. However, sometimes this statement is true - but only if the secret is completely dreary.

Men are only interested in your appearance

In fact, both men and women are equally interested in the appearance of a hypothetical partner. That is, we all fall in love with our eyes (and not necessarily with painted beauties and beauties). Just because we are mostly visuals. But this stage is very short, and then the question of compatibility arises. The man is still going to live with you, and not pin you on a pin and hide you under glass to admire when the hunt comes. And if you know a man who is really only interested in looks, stay away from him: he is crazy. In a sense, he is completely devoid of empathy, and this is really scary.

Men love sports

Do not feed them with bread, just let them watch some football, hockey or biathlon championship. In fact, most of them simply become infected with the general excitement during significant competitions - and nothing more. If in doubt, ask around the men you know who a tough guy is, what a throw-in looks like and why a tackle is needed. The answers about the tackle will be especially interesting, we guarantee.

Every man has a "masculine" hobby

Hunting, fishing or endless picking of the half-dead gut of some Zhiguli. And if a man does not have such a hobby, something is wrong with him! He must be suffering a lot! Big boys don't take him to their garage club, yeah. Well, okay, but handicraft is a typical “female” hobby.We bet you can now make a list of at least 30 names of ladies you know who have never held an embroidery frame in their hands. And if they are reminded of the labor lessons at school, they will tell that for all 10 years they dreamed of strangling the teacher with floss threads. Men have the same story, one to one.

Men do not know how to farm

A myth beneficial to men, no doubt. You can put you at the stove and kitchen sink, and go and lie down on the couch yourself, or play "Tanchiki". In fact, the man somehow lived before you and at the same time did not die of hunger, did not wipe his last pants and did not spread a cockroach farm in the apartment. How so, huh?

Men don't fake orgasm

In fact, they just do it a little less often than we do. But they do. Fortunately, they are also living people, not robots, programmed to respond to stimuli in the only possible way. It's scary to imagine what sex would be like if men had an orgasm under any circumstances.

Men are afraid of marriage

In fact, this whole mournful song about the fact that he is not ready yet is just a way to fool your brains. It is convenient for men to live in a civil marriage, because they receive all the benefits of living together, but they do not bear any responsibility. Moreover, as soon as a man meets a woman with whom he intends to live happily ever after, he immediately drags her down the aisle. What men are really afraid of is divorce. According to statistics, in most cases it is women who initiate divorce. It's very easy to understand who needs a marriage more, right?

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