33 misfortunes: what to do if small troubles happen to you all the time?
33 misfortunes: what to do if small troubles happen to you all the time?

Most often, in ordinary life, the understanding of whether you are lucky or unlucky depends only on the angle of view.

33 misfortunes: what to do if small troubles happen to you all the time?

Always out of sorts

You may not believe it, you may simply not pay attention, but there are indeed people in the world who are more unhappy than others. Those who are unlucky or lucky, but in the other direction, those for whom everything does not work out or does not work out at all - in a word, special human individuals who have a completely different consequence from the same premises. Which are called a man-accident or 33 misfortunes.

There are people who attract trouble by their very way of thinking. They are not lucky, not because they are unlucky. They just get what they expect. For example, when you come to rest in a southern hotel, there will always be a couple who are already offended in advance by everything in the world. From the doorway they declare that the meeting was terrible, the bus is stuffy, the guide is a real bandit, that the Russians are probably treated badly here, they are accommodated in shabby rooms with a view of the construction site, and in the restaurant they put them by the toilet that there are crooks everywhere, and so on. … And for some reason - as luck would have it! - they are the ones who get the room with the current taps and the non-working air conditioner, they chronically forget to change towels, their wallet and video camera are stolen from the safe.

Or here's another example. Whatever case arises related to papers, government agencies and official bodies (change rights, enroll a child in kindergarten, put a denture, issue the right of inheritance or register in an insane asylum), there is always a person who is already outraged to the depth souls. Who says that people are not respected here, that they will have to stand in queues for weeks, that one went here and demanded 1,500 euros from her, that rudeness is everywhere, that everyone here is bribe-takers. And for some reason, they are the ones who constantly come across closed doors, grumpy cloakroom attendants and intractable inspectors, they are sternly told: "Come on Tuesday!" And it is in front of them that the ticket office closes for the sanitary hour.

While people who are cheerful, polite and friendly towards the world, without any effort on their part, usually get the best rooms in hotels and the most convenient places in the cinema, you come across harmless officials, kind police officers, skillful doctors, honest neighbors who return what they lost on the stairs a diamond necklace, and glorious drivers who willingly help to change the wheel and completely free of charge reach out on a cable to a car repair.

If you are unhappy unlucky

  • then, most likely, you do not realize it;
  • and if you realized this, it is a victory;
  • try to get rid of negative expectations syndrome;
  • do not start a new business, having prepared in advance for bloodshed;
  • do not make predictions, neither good nor bad (deceived pleasant expectations can disappoint even more than confirmed bad ones), just try to "dont warri, bi happy";
  • learn to communicate with people, paraphrasing Gleb Zheglov, feel sincere sympathy for them;
  • and, no matter how trite it sounds, smile - and the world will smile at you!

I'm in trouble again

There are those for whom getting into trouble is part of their lifestyle. It is inherent in their very nature.

And although from the side of the history of their troubles and misfortunes they sound like a saga about the amazing injustice of the universe, there is nothing surprising in this injustice in fact. Those who are unlucky are so unlucky, they tell about Lech: he was walking from a children's matinee on Saturday at noon - he got hit on the head. I went to the dacha by train, sober, with seedlings - they took me to the police, it is not known why they imprisoned me for three days. I was driving down the street, exceeded the speed limit by 20 kilometers - my driver's license was taken away.I came to visit a friend for her birthday - they knocked out two teeth, and not with anything, but with an iron pepper grinder! And still, thank God, they oppress him, and offend him, and fail him at the exams, and dismiss him, and fine him … And why? Because that's the kind of character. Troubled.

No, Lech didn't just walk from the children's matinee. It is not clear how he managed to get drunk on cognac at a children's matinee, walked, as they say, "got drunk", got into a fight and got hit on the head. He didn’t just ride a train with seedlings. He was traveling in a train with seedlings and refused to show the ticket to the controller on the grounds that he did not say hello. The conflict turned into a scuffle, the seedlings figured in it as a weapon of attack. At the next station, the police appeared and took Leha. And finally, he got a pepper grinder in the teeth for trying to defend the honor of the birthday girl, who was scolded by her, the birthday girl, by her boyfriend, who, in Leha's opinion, was talking too tenderly and enthusiastically with a stranger. It was the beautiful lady, whose offender Lech tried to throw out the window, and threw a metal spice mill at him in her hearts.


Glory and other stars who became parents early

Nastya Slanevskaya became a star by accident. In 2002, director Sergei Kalvarsky noticed a girl at karaoke. So Anastasia turned into a singer Slava. At the age of 17, Anastasia Slanevskaya became pregnant. The father of Alexandra's daughter, Konstantin Morozov, was engaged in business, but he and Slava had different views on life. Soon after the birth of Sasha in 1999, the couple broke up, but Slava did everything possible so that her child did not need anything. Now Anastasia already has two children: the eldest Alexandra and the youngest Antonina, who was born in 2011 from businessman Anatoly Danilitsky. Young Sasha already has a serious relationship, but Slava is not afraid that her daughter will repeat her fate. The singer is sure that she will be a great grandmother.

If you're a bad luck guy:

  • you most likely know this;
  • but you don't know how to get rid of it …
  • … because every time you get in trouble, you feel like you're just:

- drink one glass;

- you will sit for another half hour;

- talk to a nice person;

- express your opinion and so on;

Make a clear list of what you shouldn't do, jot it down like your bank card PIN and refresh your memory all the time! You:

- don't you drink?

- don't you talk to strangers?

- don't you interfere?

- don't you use public transport in the evenings? So don't do it! With no exceptions!

  • ask your friends (if they, of course, agree) to help you;
  • finally, find yourself an authoritative husband of strict rules or an adamant harsh wife-controller, it is advisable to educate and instruct those obsessed with mania on the right path, so that he or she will take you in tight-knit gauntlets, line you up and not get tired, despite your fierce resistance, to keep you from getting into bindings. After all, they say it is true: a good wife is worth good karma (Buddhist proverb).

Everything at once

Paradoxically, “people - 33 misfortunes” are usually not unhappy at all, but charming, full of charm, cheerful and talented people. And their troubles, which themselves, of course, pretty annoy them, seem very charming to those around them. Communication with them cheers up, if only because, listening to stories about their adventures, every ordinary person feels like a true happy. It seems that these people are chosen to confirm the theory of probability - in order to blame someone else for the ridiculous coincidences laid down. At the same time, such people are deliberately chosen who can cope with all this without losing optimism, neutralize the flow of troubles. In general, it turns out that they are taking the rap for us.

If you are totally unlucky

  • then we have nothing to advise you!
  • remember that the rear end of the tram is 1 meter out when turning;
  • seven feet under the keel;
  • and pray that it will carry!

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