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They sleep separately: 10 principles of parenting in the USA
They sleep separately: 10 principles of parenting in the USA

In every country there are traditions in the upbringing of children that will seem amazing to the inhabitants of other countries. For example, here's what American parents do.

They sleep separately: 10 principles of parenting in the USA

1. Children do not drink alcohol with their parents

In the United States, the minimum age for selling alcohol is 21. And in general, it is not customary for them to pour alcoholic beverages to adolescents before this age. In contrast, for example, from Germany, where you can taste beer already at 16.

2. Children are put on "reins"

This happens in Russia as well, but in the United States they do this with many children who have recently learned to walk or do not obey on the street.

3. They give money for the lost teeth

The tradition of receiving gifts (usually in the form of money) from the tooth fairy originated in the United States. You need to put a tooth under the pillow, and in the morning you can find a present in its place.

4. Children sleep separately

In America, there are many adherents of "sleep training", when a baby is laid in a crib and leaves, and he cries and then falls asleep himself. European parents tend to opt for co-sleeping or constant comforting approaches.

5. Serving punishment

This principle American parents learned from the books of William and Martha Sears, and it is gradually taking root in other countries. The child is put in a corner or on a separate chair for a fault, and he must sit there for as many minutes as he is.

6. Children wear diapers for a long time

Sometimes up to three or even four years. In some countries they are used minimally, in some they try to teach them as quickly as possible, because "you have not missed my mark in a year already."

7. Celebrate the sex determination of the child

No, this is not a baby shower shortly before giving birth (this is now also available in Russia). This is a gender-revealing party (after 12 weeks), where all the props are painted pink and blue, contests are held, and then the gender is finally announced.

8. Celebrate Halloween

Children knock on doors to strangers, scare and demand sweets.

9. Toddlers sleep at home

In many countries, children are left to sleep on the balcony or outside, even in low temperatures. In the United States, they will respond to this by calling a social worker, so children almost never sleep on a walk.

10. Children go to bed early

Around 7, and sometimes even 6 pm, so that the parents have free time. In many countries, children are allowed to play until they feel sleepy themselves.

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