10 phrases that a smart woman will never say
10 phrases that a smart woman will never say

And if you also never say them - congratulations! And if it does happen, try not to say that again.

10 phrases that a smart woman will never say

You were too good for him

And he was a goat, of course. It is customary to console girlfriends who have just gone through a breakup with such phrases. But in reality you tell her: “What a fool you are, you should have spent so much time on a person who is not worthy of you. Where were your eyes? " Agree, this is so-so consolation. More like an attempt to humiliate.

You look great for your age

Sometimes it’s better to lie, honestly: you don’t care, but the person is pleased. And so, at first glance, a neutral phrase turns into a condescending consolation: you’re still wow, old lady!

I try, but I can't

It sounds very, very nice if you are 10 years old. Then, you know, it's somehow already undignified: either change your tactics, or admit the goal is unattainable and forget about it. But don't beg for emotional strokes for not getting anywhere.

I achieved everything myself

The heroic draft horse image is more unpopular this time. And two - everything that you have achieved, you have achieved not in an abstract picture of the world, but in real life. And in it you are surrounded by real people who, in one way or another, helped you achieve what you dreamed of. And it is ugly to devalue their help.

This is unfair

And unicorns don't roam around. Strange, isn't it?

Maybe I'll say something stupid now, but …

Come on, humiliate yourself! Of course, you will say nonsense, what else can you say with such and such an introduction? Or are you just going to give your opinion? Then why, let me ask you, do you warn others in advance that your opinion cannot be smart?

I told you

Well, yes, well, yes, you are the smartest here, and everyone around you is fools who disobeyed you. And here you are! We’re ready to bet anything that you don’t poke your kitten into the puddle he just poured, because it’s cruel. But, you know, poking people with their noses at their mistakes is also not really a good deed.

Oh, I had that too

This phrase is perfectly acceptable if a friend tells you about how the store refuses to accept back shoes that fell apart on the second day. Naturally, it would be very correct for you to share your experience. But only when it comes to shoes. Don't say that if she's talking about a personal problem. She wants to talk about her problem, and not listen about yours, everything is simple.

Well, why are you inventing a problem out of the blue

The only thing that prevents you from giving the correct answer to this phrase is politeness. In general, the correct answer sounds something like this: "Why on earth do you think you are a standard measure of other people's problems?" And really, with what?

Do you love me?

Alas, but if you have to ask about this, then the answer is: "No". Sorry.

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