Go ahead: how to develop your leadership skills
Go ahead: how to develop your leadership skills

If you have always felt that you are able to be a leader - it's time to act, because now all the doors are open!

Go ahead: how to develop your leadership skills

How do you think the perception of the image of a woman entrepreneur in the business community has changed in recent years?

He is constantly transforming! Finally, you can see how he moves away from the categorical and black-and-white image of a business woman who achieves success in spite of everything or pursues a career at the expense of her personal life. Now it is rather about the versatility of women's life: it is realized in business, career and family, has interesting leisure time, develops itself and raises awareness. By the way, a modern business woman has one or more children!

Also, the female entrepreneur began to pay attention to her personality and style. Strict masculine costumes have been replaced by more personalized outfits. For this, interesting services have appeared, for example, a personal stylist: in 3 hours they select a capsule wardrobe for you, digitize it in the application, and every morning you can combine images directly on your smartphone. In 2020, women leaders are about harmony and balance, no distortions!

What was this image like before?

We now go more in cooperation with men than in rivalry. This is greatly facilitated by the general culture, cinema, theater and the media - everything says that a woman can take leading roles and be somewhere higher than men. However, there are people who do not want to be ruled by a woman. They still have a pattern in their heads that we are very fickle and do not know how to keep our emotions under control. I think this opinion is outdated: there are many psychological trainings and courses to maintain awareness and develop emotional intelligence. They help women master techniques for balancing themselves in the moment.

Who is she, a woman leader?

First of all, the one who understands exactly what she wants and where she is going - this applies to both career and family and personal growth. She gives: works, improves the world around her, participates in charitable and social projects, team communities. She easily manages to keep all aspects in the focus of her attention! And, of course, she has a strong charisma, thanks to which it is interesting to follow her.


Can Anyone Become a Leader?

Everything is possible! If you want to try yourself in a new field, to become a leader or manager, then you definitely have it in your character. When a person has no inclinations, often he simply will not go in this direction. True leadership is a talent and a natural gift that can be amplified. I know a lot of women who don't want to be entrepreneurs: they enjoy doing home and family. It's just that not everyone needs it, the roles should be different.

What advice can you give to girls who want to be managers?

The main thing is to get support. When we plan to move up the career ladder, the focus of attention will definitely be in that area for a while, so it is important that family members help and take on a little more authority. This should be discussed honestly.

Do you feel that you have the potential to grow in the company? Go to your boss, or whoever you consider to be a breakout leader, and talk about your desires and abilities. Many companies even have dedicated mentoring programs

Plus, I advise you to take tests to determine your abilities. For example, the Gallup Institute's Talent Test or Talent Q provides insight into natural talents, attitudes and abilities. It's always worth seeing an honest picture of yourself, especially when you're at the start. You can also contact a psychologist or career consultant - experts will definitely help you determine the direction of movement.

What skills and competencies does a woman need to be successful in the business space?

Any leader needs to know the basics of governance, engagement, and motivation. After all, he does his job well, involving other people in it. Therefore, a person must be able to build collective communication, understand strategic systems thinking and be able to manage a team - this is characteristic of both men and women.

If we talk only about women, then in the “Woman Leader” program, which takes place in the “Senezh” Management Workshop of the presidential platform “Russia - the Land of Opportunities”, we propose to focus on our natural, initially built-in qualities - the so-called “soft power”. It allows you to do everything with pleasure, listen to your intuition, understand that we can feel people well and infect them with faith in success. Building on this, we are focusing on practical exercises, not just theory!


Tell us about the main goals and objectives of the "Woman Leader" program?

We are doing the program together with the Council of the Eurasian Women's Forum. Our main task is to create a community of successful women who believe in themselves, their projects, support each other and want to implement more and more socially significant initiatives.

We really want the participants to find out everything as truthfully as possible about themselves, their strengths and sides, with the help of which they can build their own brand

We will tell you how to assemble a team, how to build communication within it, how to form a community, what social projects are and how to implement them. And we are sure to talk about where you can find funding and support for them.

Now 140 women from different regions of Russia participate in the program: we already have 140 personal initiatives and goals. They formed teams and presented 25 projects - I hope they all finish. Among them there are completely different areas: education, health, sports and even rural development. The success of these projects is also in the goals and objectives of our program! Three modules have already been completed and one more to come.

How difficult was it to adapt to the new realities with such a large-scale program?

It seems to me that strong feminine qualities are flexibility and resilience to change. It wasn't easy going online at first, but we quickly adapted. But all the same I will not say that online education can 100% replace offline. Meeting in person and spending time in the same classroom creates a special atmosphere that is difficult to create online. In addition, it requires more involvement and attention from teachers and students. But we are confident in ourselves and in the strengths of our charges!

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