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How to learn to speak beautifully in order to express thoughts figuratively and clearly
How to learn to speak beautifully in order to express thoughts figuratively and clearly

Beautiful and competent speech is the most important touch to the portrait of a successful person and something without which it is difficult to imagine a specialist confidently moving up the career ladder. The ability to speak beautifully and express one's thoughts is a universal skill. It will come in handy not only at work, but also give you confidence in everyday life. Eloquent people find it much easier to solve any problems. We will show you how to learn it.

How to learn to speak beautifully in order to express thoughts figuratively and clearly

First of all, you need to eliminate a few mistakes that are most common in speech. To do this, record your public speech or just a meeting with colleagues on a dictaphone. Then analyze your speech on these points to understand what needs to be worked on. And speak beautifully and confidently.

  • Parasite words. This is found in the speech of most people and not only interferes with perception, but also makes what is said "weak", creating a feeling of self-doubt of the speaker. Specific words or interjections can be parasites, for example: "nuuuu", "ummm", etc. How to learn to speak correctly and beautifully? Get rid of parasites!
  • Too fast speech. Often the pace gets very high with excitement. The phrases turn out to be crumpled and do not make any impression on the listener. How to learn to speak beautifully and correctly? Consciously try to control the speed of your performances, make small pauses where it is necessary by the meaning.
  • Illegal gestures and strange facial expressions. To see yourself from the outside, a voice recorder will not be enough. The performance can also be recorded on video. And at home, in a relaxed atmosphere, you will be able to see how your facial expressions and gestures correspond to what was said. We learn to speak beautifully: we get rid of awkward movements and strange facial expressions.
  • Bad diction. How to learn to speak beautifully - exercises in this case will definitely help Tongue twisters and classes with a speech therapist, even in especially advanced cases, can improve diction.

How to develop speech and learn to speak beautifully

When preparing a public speech or a working meeting with a client, think in advance about what you want to say, sketch out a rough plan and phrases that seem to you to be successful. Prepared speech - beautiful speech, how to learn to speak beautifully - prepare! In no case should you read from a piece of paper. If you feel that your notes are indispensable, prepare small flashcards with key words - this is a method often used by American students and not only.

How to learn to speak beautifully and competently? If you have doubts about the correctness of some accents and, in general, of speech constructions, check them with the help of an online dictionary. You should definitely clarify the meaning of words that you are not sure of using

A good public speaking doesn't have to be boring or too long. How beautiful is it to speak? To keep the audience's attention, ask the audience a couple of interesting questions (for example, "Who has tried this already?") And ask the participants to raise their hands. A handout that contains information on the topic can be a good addition to the presentation.

Exercises to help you start speaking beautifully

The development of speech and the ability to speak beautifully is relevant not only for children of primary school age. Most adults would also benefit from addressing this issue.

  1. Find inspiring examples of how to speak beautifully and competently. To do this, you can listen to online lectures, for example, TED. There you will definitely find speakers you like. Analyze their performance and take note of any good moves.
  2. Read more.The richer your vocabulary, the brighter your speech will become! The ability to speak beautifully is a technique that grows in level with experience. When preparing for public speaking, do not forget to use a dictionary of synonyms to get rid of repetitions in the text.
  3. Compose short stories. How to learn to express thoughts beautifully, to speak correctly? Choose five arbitrary words and try to compose a small coherent text with their help. This is great for training your logic and imagination!
  4. Record your future performance on a dictaphone. If you decide: “I want to speak beautifully,” speech techniques should definitely include constant training. start with a specific text and try to perfect it. Then make it a good habit. This way you can correct possible shortcomings in advance.

How to improve speech: life hacks

  • Install useful applications on your phone. There is, for example, the "Russian Explanatory Dictionary", which will help clarify the meanings of words. There are applications that you can use to learn words with problem stress. Vocabulary development will help you speak and express your thoughts beautifully.
  • Play word games with your friends. Yes, yes, the ones where you need to explain words with gestures, drawing or without words of the same root. They will help develop the skill not only to think quickly, but also to clearly convey thoughts, and also expand the vocabulary. These are all ways to learn how to speak beautifully.
  • Agree with colleagues or relatives about the punishment system for words-parasites. Said "well, this is, in short" - get a penalty point. For a certain number of points, you do something useful, for example, wash the dishes. By the way, loved ones can participate with you and also learn to speak beautifully and correctly.
  • Don't ignore diaphragm breathing exercises, but also look at apps that teach meditation. With the correct work of breathing, you begin to speak beautifully - the voice becomes deep and calm, and the speech becomes smooth.

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