How to get a million Instagram followers?
How to get a million Instagram followers?

Margo Bylinina, an expert in the topic of personal branding, the owner of the International Self-Branding Academy, a guest speaker at the London School of PR, one of the most read bloggers on Instagram, told Cosmo how to get the coveted number of subscribers.

How to get a million Instagram followers?

Why do you need a million?

This is a basic question to ask before taking action. For what?

70% of account and project owners that I come across want "quick": quick success, quick money, quick recognition. Snatch as soon as possible, and there - even a deluge! At the same time, only 1% of them are ready to answer the question "why" outright.

Imagine you have a million followers:

Do you want popularity?

Then what exactly does popularity mean to you, specifically, and what do you intend to do with it? Not a single famous person has yet become such, with the goal of only "being popular."

Do you want money?

Then how much? And through what projects? For example, more than 30% of our students earn from half a million rubles and more, while having from 20 to 100 thousand subscribers. It is a fact!

I am leading to the fact that you need a strategy and understanding - where and why you are going, what goals you are pursuing. “And in the morning she woke up famous” is a fairy tale. And the truth is, there were many mornings before this morning while Cinderella plowed for her success.

Are you in the mood for a long game? Not in the sense of long, tedious and ineffective, but in the sense of being responsible for a long time with your head for what you are doing, personally?

If so, read on.

Do what makes you happy

The secret of the popularity of famous people is that they did what they really liked for a long time and persistently. Not for the popularity myth, not for increasing the number of subscribers, but because they are good at it and wanted to get better and better. In improving themselves, they became real stars, and this attracts and attracts a huge number of people.

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Think and answer the questions: What are you good at? What do you really like? What would you like to improve on?

Decide who your target audience is

This point is often overlooked. It seems that what we offer may be of interest to everyone. And the longer you think this way, the less chances you have of winning your very audience.

Who is it all for? Who are these people who read you? Do they need what you offer and what you are?

Describe in detail the portrait of the target audience - age, interests, income, geography. In my courses, I give an in-depth scheme of working with the target audience, because we literally need to know them by sight. Thanks to this, you will be able to build competent communication with the audience and attract more subscribers.

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For example, the topic of a personal brand is not so broad that millions are interested in it, for the simple reason that the audience is special, yearning for scale, development, more income and is ready to really plow for this - and there are not so many such people.

And, let's say, a viner's audience, especially if you are talented, is capable of reaching several million. The basic instinct for tracking such a page is to get a quick dose of entertainment and mood. If you feel an acting talent in yourself - go for it, you have a chance to quickly grow a large audience.

Build a personal brand

If you track down the really engaged popular accounts, you will notice that they are built on the principle of personal branding. What is it, let's figure it out.

Many people still mistakenly believe that their personal brand is their face in the account, as well as stories about their personal, which, of course, does not throw you into the territory of your own brand.

I suggest looking at it from this angle:

What I need to see in your account to say YES, you are on your way to a personal brand:

A personal brand is not personal and intimate. This is not about turning your soul inside out or inviting everyone to your bed, unless, of course, you are from the show "House 2" - then this is your concept.

A personal brand is an image brought out to the public, on stage, under television cameras. What's on your stage? What will you show?

Your personal brand is your message to the world. Who you are? How are you different? Why should I remember you? On Instagram, this message is placed in the "About me" field - in just 150 characters you need to have time to present yourself vividly, clearly and clearly. In 90% of the accounts that I analyze, the message is indistinct - either it was copied from someone, or slogans, stamps and other nonsense were put there.

Conclusion: find out WHO YOU are and WHAT YOU are and tell the world

It is not enough to create a message, you need to confirm it. Where are you an expert? And how can you prove it? Your words that you are the very best are not enough for me. Build the kind of communication and content that I believe in you. And this is already a strategy. Unique style. External image, visual range of the account, communication style, texts. Are you one hundred and twenty-fifth, sending "rays of good" or can you apply a strong word? Neither one nor the other? And what? You know? If not, you are floundering in the gray slurry of Instagram.

Create a story that will be followed like an interesting series. Build such communication and conduct a dialogue with the audience so that subscribers feel involved in your story, and maybe participants in your series.

Don't forget about promotion

In order for as many people as possible to know about your account, you need to undertake a whole range of promotional activities. This can be mutual posts, and advertising from bloggers, and the organization of activities like marathons and useful games, and advertising in stories, and targeting. It is necessary to build an advertising campaign based on your goals and, of course, budget.

What amounts to focus on when planning a budget? On average, a "drive" of a subscriber costs from 5 to 20 rubles, sometimes - 3-4 rubles with a competent organization of the campaign.

And I implore you, do not use "dead souls" - you need live, engaged followers who really support you, not soap bubbles.

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Go beyond Instagram

Instagram in recent years has become a separate planet, where new stars and projects are born and millions of rubles are earned. It seems that life is only there:)

But do not forget that your audience is also in other places, so I recommend using offline events, participating in various activities and conferences, and also trying to become an interesting person for the media. It is advisable to combine online and offline activities in every possible way, this will only enhance the effect.

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