Mom can! How to start your own business during maternity leave
Mom can! How to start your own business during maternity leave

They say that ideas need to be nurtured, and business is like a child. For our heroines, these are not just words: they opened their own business during the decree.

Mom can! How to start your own business during maternity leave

Veronica Savchenko

Eco-cosmetics store


In January 2015, I gave birth to a son, and my maternal instinct was fully activated. The baby has the most delicate skin, a unique, undamaged organ. I began to carefully study the composition of children's products, abandoned the usual gels and convinced my husband, and after him and my friends, to switch to natural cosmetics. She began to share her knowledge on the blog on Instagram, and a month later she opened an online store of the same name at her own expense.

I spent about 70 thousand on the creation of a website, the same amount on advertising and 100 thousand on the purchase of goods. On the second day after the launch, one client bought all the Estonian organic matter, and this allowed us to order a new batch. We reached self-sufficiency in the second month.

Then my son was less than a year old, and until he was one and a half, I coped. I was in time for everything: shopping, solving family issues, and spent several hours with the child. Later, he gave me a fever, and then I had to hire employees. I can do more myself, but I have learned to stop in time and not be tormented by feelings of guilt.

Business nuances:

  • start-up capital - 300,000 rubles.
  • personal income - from 50,000 rubles. per month
  • employment - 35 hours a week.

Ekaterina Ostrovskaya

Textiles for children


I have three children. When my second child was born in October 2015, I could not find accessories for the crib and changing table: something didn’t fit, but something seemed ugly. Then my mother and I - she is my business partner - came up with a design and ordered a linen sewing master a set: bumpers, bedspread, pillow, mattress cover. It turned out very stylish! Friends asked to do something similar for them, and then word of mouth turned on. We invested our savings and opened a tailor shop.

The money went to the arrangement of the premises, the purchase of fabrics, certification, remuneration of tailors, a photographer, PR specialists, as well as the creation and promotion of the site. The packaging was also expensive, because it is of non-standard sizes. Now we have an online store A&A Baby Glam, our products are sold in TSUM and MiniMe. We ship them abroad, and we also carry out individual orders. I plan my time so that after a busy weekend with my family, I can completely devote myself to work. You have to prioritize. Didn't have time to wash your hair? I'll go in a cap, but I'll do the job!

Where to get time and energy for business on maternity leave?

“Optimize your life by delivering groceries or ready-made meals, gadgets for quick cooking and cleaning,” says Anna Vsekhsvyatskaya, founder of the Time Is Okay Academy of Women's Time Management. - Do not try to work with a crying and demanding baby. Better to spend time with him without distraction and focus on work when he sleeps. Keep his favorite toys close at hand, which can take at least 15 minutes. And remember: the pace of business development is determined by you, and it is not a shame to ask for help. There is no point in pretending to be a superman!"

The main difficulty with a new business is that you don't know what is important and what is secondary. Understanding comes only with experience.

Business nuances:

  • start-up capital - 900,000 rubles.
  • personal income - 200,000 rubles. per month
  • employment - 30 hours a week.

Olga Simakova

Baby photography


I worked as a designer in magazines, and in 2014, after the birth of my second daughter Mlada, I became interested in photography of newborns. My husband supported me: I paid for two master classes and secretly bought me the first professional equipment. He also convinced me to finish the site and work not for "thanks", although for me tears of happiness from mothers are more expensive than money.

I come home to a client with a huge suitcase: I bring with me windings, garters, hats, bodysuits, baskets and fabric backgrounds. It takes 3-4 hours to shoot and a lot of energy! Babies are very sensitive and meteorological, sometimes they have difficulty falling asleep and waking up from every sound. To make older children smile, I launch confetti, soap bubbles and ask my mother to participate. The assistant does the retouching - this frees up evenings for communication with children and husband.

Business nuances:

  • start-up capital - 225,000 rubles.
  • personal income - from 70,000 rubles. per month
  • employment - 20 hours a week.

Anna Nelyudova

Party decor


When the eldest son was one year old, we wanted to celebrate his birthday in a special way. But the decor stores disappointed me. Then I decided that I would open my own. Previously, I was involved in the creation of photo books, and I had a little money, but no experience. The husband and communication with mothers from the social project for pregnant women "The Power of New Life" helped to overcome the fears. Now I know: you don't need to nurture an idea for a long time, you need to start implementation right away - you will see there!

Our SM Party store reached self-sufficiency a year later, but I decided not to withdraw money from the business. Thanks to this, she expanded the range and improved the site, which increased profits. I have no days off: I communicate with clients from home while I work with my daughter. In the evening I pick up my son from the kindergarten, meet my husband from work. In general, I always have plenty of time for my family.

“Business is not a cow that gives milk every day. It's a garden! You need to take care of him for a long time, so that one day he will bear fruit."

Business nuances:

  • start-up capital - 30,000 rubles.
  • personal income - 60,000 rubles. per month
  • employment - 30 hours a week.

Anna Maslennikova

A set of games for the road


We love travel, and as soon as our son was three months old, we decided to return to this hobby. On one of the flights, I took a set of toys for the child's entertainment and thought it was a business idea. We named the project "Korobochka". In the first two months, 150 sets were collected according to individual requests from parents. My husband helped with the investment, he is an entrepreneur. We created the first version of the site on Tilda, and I delivered the orders myself, while my mother or husband were with the child. He spent as much time with his son as I did. And, I think, only in such partnerships can you create something important and valuable for yourself when you become a mother. The project turned out to be successful: children, who can usually be distracted by a tablet, do not break away from books, dolls, stickers for 13 hours in a row, mold from plasticine and enthusiastically collect beads.

Business nuances:

  • start-up capital - 150,000 rubles.
  • personal income - 80,000 rubles. per month
  • employment - 36 hours a week.

Taisiya Kudashkina

Media business


I worked in California for five years, and everyone has a startup there. I created my own site for reviews in 2009, when I gave birth to my second child. She fed her daughter in between meetings with investors. Found capital, and in 2016 was included in the Forbes list of "Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs in Europe".

After a few years, I realized that I wanted to gain knowledge about marketing and at the same time share it with other businessmen. Many have cool projects, but no clients. I rented a studio, equipment and started recording videos with experts. This is how Websarafan Business Summits came about. I created the media platform using my own savings, although today a similar project can be launched for less money: pay 30 thousand rubles for a website on Wordpress and get promoted on social networks. At first everything went very hard, but I knew that if I didn't do it, I wouldn't be happy. Almost 3 years have passed. We have a podcast with over a million plays, 70,000 Facebook groups and 200 events. On weekdays, I go to bed at 10 pm and get up at 5 am, but I spend all evenings and weekends with the children.

“If 2 months have passed and the business is still not making money, this is a bad sign. It means that something is wrong with the idea and we need to find a different approach."

Business nuances:

  • start-up capital - 100,000 rubles.
  • personal income - 400,000 rubles. per month
  • employment - 40 hours a week.

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