"From intern to CEO": Irina Efimova's success story told by herself
"From intern to CEO": Irina Efimova's success story told by herself

10 years ago, Irina Efimova was interviewed for the position of an unpaid intern at the communications agency Monstars - that interview was her first and last. Now she is the CEO of this agency with clients like Rostec, adidas, Samsung, Avito and others; mother of little Lisa, and now also a writer. In her debut book, Irina, in 10 rules accessible to everyone, told how to go such a long way and achieve success without losing herself.

"From intern to CEO": Irina Efimova's success story told by herself

“We often try to find some secret, but there is no secret. If you want to learn a language - learn it every day, if you want to make a lot of money - work, - says Irina. - In April, I just opened the Word file and began to write down what happened to me over 10 years of my career. At first I was worried that I was writing platitudes, and then I met with my friend, who also wrote a book. She told me an important thing: our whole life consists of platitudes, and everyone would be fine if people followed these platitudes."

Why among hundreds, thousands of books on the path to success, should you read From Trainee to CEO? This is an honest - and very personal - story of a girl who achieved great heights in just one decade, without sacrificing her personal life, motherhood, or dreams for the sake of success. How not to miss your chance? How can you learn to look at yourself in perspective for the next five years - and build your life around this plan? Irina Efimova not only gives you advice, but also reinforces each of them with stories that happened to her.

Irina Efimova was born and raised in Moscow. After university, she became a participant in the project of the Monstars agency, which specializes in PR-support of brands and organization of events. When the project was completed, Irina wanted to work at Monstars by all means - and successfully interviewed for the position of an unpaid intern, who did not even have his own workplace to sit. After 10 years of difficulties and risks, difficult and frightening new projects, mistakes and successes, the promotion and birth of her daughter Lisa, one divorce and one (second) wedding, Irina runs a business where she once dreamed of working at least for free.


Her book "From Trainee to CEO" consists of 10 chapters, each of which is devoted to a rule that played an important role in Irina's personal and professional life. “Believe in yourself”, “Believe in people”, “Be human to the end”, “Speak!”, “Don't be lazy!”, “Three Cs - sports, sleep, sex”, “Theory, practice and continuous learning”, “Exceed expectations!”, “Do not give up the opportunity”, “Anything is possible!” - each of us at least once in his life heard some of these advice, but not everyone listened to them seriously.

In the book you will find not only Irina's story, but also stories of other people who started from scratch and achieved a lot - “From Trainee to CEO” includes interviews with other self-made heroes: from colleagues from agencies to TV presenters and her own mother …

“When I just gave birth to a child, I had big problems. Liza was two months old - and just then I was offered to become a junior partner of the agency, and I didn’t want anything at all, just stay at home. Later, I asked the board of directors a question: why exactly did they believe in me, gave such an opportunity? They answered me: "Everyone was given the opportunity, just no one else took advantage of it."

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