Alexandra Pavlova: "If you don't like it, go away"
Alexandra Pavlova: "If you don't like it, go away"

Alexandra Pavlova is a Destiny expert, student and sole successor, co-founder of the Kali Shankar Academy, which produces Destiny experts. Alexandra lived in India with her Master, who made her his successor. Initiated into one of the oldest Vedic orders in India. For the first time, together with their Teacher, they declared that Astrology does not predict the future and is only needed to understand one's individual Path.

Alexandra Pavlova: "If you don't like it, go away"

Often modern psychologists advise women to solve their relationship problems by getting out of them. And burn everything with a blue flame. But, if you think about it, there are various reasons why a partner or you yourself are not satisfied with something in a relationship.

Perhaps you are the kind of woman for whom a man does not want to work and does not want to put in more effort. Imagine that you have 100 rubles in your pocket and you want to have a good lunch. You go into an expensive restaurant, where even a glass of water is too expensive for you. They don't want to serve you for that kind of money. In fact, you are not loved for who you are. Do not accept you. On the advice of would-be psychologists, simply refuse to visit such institutions.

But you don't like the cheap cafe either. According to the logic of the advice “if you don't like it, go away”, you need to stay hungry.

Before you turn around and leave your partner, you need to look at yourself. After all, next to you is the man whom you deserve. Each of us attracts a partner into his life based on the level of qualities that he possesses. Moreover, any "man of dreams" instantly turns into an abuser next to a woman who does not reach him. And he will behave worse than any waiter in a restaurant that you cannot afford. Surely many have seen examples in life when the same man behaves very differently with different women. He treats one like a queen, and the other like a pig.

You are realized, successful, beautiful. Accordingly, you have the same man. Realized, successful, beautiful. It is clear that you will not like a lot: the same successful women are looking at him and every second person sticks like Velcro, which your man “cannot afford”. He is cruel because he needs to control his business and he needs energy. He is cunning, you never know what is on his mind, since he has already survived in the face of great competition.

He has a lot of other interests besides you. Instead of a romantic weekend, he goes to the golf club to solve work matters, or, as a strong-willed person, he can go to the mountains and sit there alone and enjoy the silence. He needs increased comfort and not always the servant can do it. Because he wants some things only from his woman. And he wants it at the appropriate royal level. Being a queen is hard work. And no queen will leave her king, because she does not like the inevitable attributes of royal life.

It turns out that the thesis "if you don't like it, go away" is far from the truth!

And you need to work first of all on yourself, and not blame your partner for his imperfection.

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