Iron ladies cry too: how to combine company management with family life
Iron ladies cry too: how to combine company management with family life

Olga Akatieva is the founder of the Global Group company, specializing in the rental and sale of jets, as well as travel arrangements and concierge escorts, a mother of two children and a spectacular girl who regularly appears in the gossip column. In an interview with Cosmo, she dispelled the myth that iron ladies in business are iron in everything. And they have reasons to doubt themselves and even complex.

Iron ladies cry too: how to combine company management with family life Olga Akatieva

Olga Akatieva Founder of the Global Group

From the outside, my life looks exemplary. The most influential people of our country are clients of my company. I have two children, regular flights around the world, exciting travel … But sometimes I am regularly torn apart by internal contradictions, doubts, questions. So what? You open the Instagram feed, and there are all superwomen: a happy wife and mother of five children, a successful business woman, a socialite, the creator of a fitness program, a guru and a coach, "Miss World" - and all somehow miraculously fits into one person weighing 47 kg. Where are less perfect girls to go?

I, like many women, are often complex. Due to a couple of extra pounds, due to the fact that it is impossible to spend as much time with the children as necessary (and how much is needed ideally? This is almost a rhetorical question). To develop a business, nowadays you need to work for three people, there is a catastrophic lack of time for everything else. And you look at all these ideal, licked Instagramms and you are frustrated: why others can, and I can’t? I'm a bad mother. I'm not successful enough. My abs, butt and oblique abdominal muscles are not sufficiently pumped. I am not well versed in contemporary art. And so on ad infinitum. You can always find a reason to find fault with yourself. It seems to be nonsense, but all these sad thoughts greatly affect the quality of life - you just stop enjoying the usual things and what you have.

Nowadays, you cannot be considered an example to follow if you have the wrong eyebrow shape, there is no man who daily floods you with gorgeous bouquets and a couple of million subscribers on social networks, but there are stretch marks.

I am 30 years old and have my own private jet company. Do I need to explain who uses these services? I often come to meetings and see potential surprise in my eyes: “Girl, what are you doing here? Call your uncle. " Some people ask directly: “Who is your husband? Father? No, well, not herself. Got it? " What can you do - we live in such a society. While 21-year-old Kylie Jenner makes her second billion, we lesser known girls make excuses for our little successes. No, I have learned to take it calmly, I don’t punch myself in the chest and don’t try to dissuade anyone. But the most offensive things can be heard not even from men, but from women - we have no equal in the art of biting and hurting. Honestly, I think the most important sexists are women. Open the comments on the post of any famous and successful girl - it's good if there are no direct curses, but there will definitely be several dozen, or even hundreds of tactless inappropriate remarks, jokes of questions.

Now, in the wake of popularity, a variety of motivational courses and trainings - I'll say right away that I'm pretty skeptical of them. Firstly, it's just another trend, like superfoods, leopard print or stretch. And secondly, I like to go my own way, to get my own experience. The totality of mistakes, misconceptions, some "imperfections" and wrinkle scars make us unique.In their perfection, everyone is the same - like Instagram queens with indistinguishable filler-laced faces and huge lips. I don't see the need to go to a plastic surgeon, like to my own home, or to bother with trends that have a shelf life of a month. I just live at different speeds. I give preference to classical education - now at RANEPA I am improving and deepening my knowledge of state and municipal administration. I try to set priorities correctly in order to keep up with and raise children, and lead a team, and always be in touch with clients, and at the same time remain a young active woman. I only find time for what I'm really interested in. In the end, is there any point in living someone else's life when your own is filled with impressions and events?

Every time it seems that everything is not going well, that I am just a little weak woman who wants to take hands, I look at my children. And, probably, they are my main inspiration, a source of inexhaustible energy and strength. Thanks to my first pregnancy, I once made the decision to take a risk and open my own, not at all female business. As time has shown, it was absolutely the right idea. Because now I have a team of brilliant professionals who are ready to even fly a jet in a storm, or even organize tours to the most inaccessible, closed and exotic places in the world. Clients trust me - their holidays, their business trips, their lives and the lives of family members, after all. What could be more important? Of course, it is not easy to keep everything under control every second - this is an incessant mode of multitasking and full concentration. Different time zones, different requests. But this has its own special thrill - each time pushing your own boundaries, expanding your own capabilities, learning something new about people, countries, different cultures, about life. And of course, I want my children to have the opportunity to expand their horizons in the same way, learn as many languages ​​as possible, endlessly learn something new, and travel.

What's next? Of course, your own business, even a very successful one, is not a ceiling. I hope that the knowledge and skills acquired at the RANEPA will help me to realize myself not only in business, but also in politics. Benefit the country. Yes, I'm imperfect, yes, not a model, not Miss World, and certainly not a coach. But it seems to me much more important to be yourself and live your real life, and not an Instagram illusion.

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