"Publicity is a capacious tool": how girls from the world of high technologies live
"Publicity is a capacious tool": how girls from the world of high technologies live

Entrepreneurial intuition, excitement, high risk and corporate strategy, processes, a pragmatic approach to investments are two scales of the world of new technologies and venture investments working with corporations or corporations. Balancing these bowls - this is how you can describe in a nutshell what Evgenia Ovchinnikova is doing, who leads the program for the implementation of innovative solutions at Raiffeisenbank.

Investors. Where do we find new technologies

“I have not had business cards for many years, to continue communication I use Facebook or instant messengers, so everything is resolved more quickly. I just take out my smartphone and add it if I see the point. Sometimes mail, but the efficiency in it is already lower, of course. Even if you haven't exchanged contacts, it's not scary, in the technological environment it is enough to simply find a person. Publicity in it is a capacious development tool."

The world is changing rapidly, and the drivers of change are the passion to create and, oddly enough, laziness, from which technologies develop. It is not surprising that one of Evgenia's primary tasks is to keep abreast of fresh ideas and business models not only in Russia, all over the world.

Conferences and workshops in the Russian Federation and abroad help broaden the horizons. For example, a Financial Technology Executive Workshop took place in San Francisco. Participants in such events flock from all over the world, exchange experiences, share cool cases, get acquainted with the largest American accelerators and tech giants such as Airbnb, Facebook, which were once also startups of five or six people.

“Investors are people who can afford the luxury of thinking in philosophical categories, tracing the line of development of companies, such very well-calculated futurists. You can recognize them by the level of communication, but they usually look inconspicuous - a turtleneck or a T-shirt, jeans, sneakers, a backpack."

The Finovate conference in London, for example, attracts all of Europe. Over the course of two days, about 70 entrepreneurs make a live demo of their technology products. And on the sidelines, you can meet, chat and exchange contacts. There should be no room for stiffness in the image that is worth choosing for such events. A safe bet - a discreet stylish classic.


Entrepreneur and mentor. What they do with startups at Raiffeisenbank

“In the experimental environment of the dynamic company in which I now work, wide horizons open up before you, of course, if you have the competence, ambition, energy and faith in what you do. You can start doing what you are interested in, you can even not tell anyone about it. If you succeed, they will definitely guide and help you. In synergy with amazing people at Raiffeisenbank, you become attached to him like a muse, for inspiration, for love."

Launching projects with startups and internal teams, Evgenia's team every day checks the viability of technologies and business models that are new to the market. Their task is to do it iteratively and as quickly as possible, to teach this to colleagues. This is where flexibility helps. Flexibility of the company, team, processes.

“I am essentially an entrepreneur - I created a project to research new technologies from scratch, it didn’t exist. Now it is a well-functioning scalable mechanism with a strong team, and I take on new areas and projects, because I love to create a passion. In addition, outside the bank, I help entrepreneurs grow, advise, and help with various tasks from finding people and partners to the economy."

When launching a pilot with another startup, it is difficult to imagine what result this can lead to in the end - in the venture capital business, 10% of successful Expert Advisors in the first year is considered a normal indicator. It is important to be able to see several steps ahead, while taking into account the accumulated experience. Any such experiment is not a failure or a success, but an experience.

One of the pleasant parts of the job is working with students: career mentoring, personal coaching, working with trainees, lectures.

“The generation of students and graduates that I’m watching is inspiring: the guys are distinguished by fearlessness, collaboration, flexibility, which older generations sometimes lack. A common position: I do not know this at all, but it is important, and therefore I will quickly learn and will apply!"

Evgenia immerses herself in technological topics, talks about cases of using the most advanced technologies in the bank and related industries, and considers it important to share her life position and worldview. For meeting with students, an image with fashionable elements is ideal - an elongated jacket with a belt and a long skirt.


“A frequent question after my lectures is how to get into our bank and my team. It inspires both me and the guys."

Female. Consciousness in the fight for the real self

“A few years ago, I believed that taking a lot of self-care, playing sports and focusing on style was taking away precious time every day from other spheres of life, career, and hobbies. At some point, I realized that this was required by my feminine nature, and allowed myself to try. As a result, in all these other areas it became even better, more meaningful, more harmonious. I get high on beautiful makeup, attention, I can get ready for work for two hours, because I can't decide on the image."

Evgenia admits that such changes happened due to the fact that she is attentive to herself, to her integrity. She deliberately detached herself from social norms, worked with fears, psychological trauma from the past and other factors influencing decision-making. As a result, you begin to hear yourself: build meaningful relationships, invest your energy in something from which you feel the return, listen to your body, form your picture of the world, outline boundaries, experiment with them. In the end, you painlessly give up many and many.

Ahead is the season of holidays, which means parties and corporate events. The best way to emphasize femininity will help a bright, but sophisticated and not vulgar evening look.


"There is a lot of noise in the world, and if you approach your life very meaningfully, everything starts to turn out simply and naturally."

Clothing: Miro4u suit, Mare Blazer jacket, SOLO-U dress

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