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This is a fake: 6 cases when instead of stars their counterparts came out and burned
This is a fake: 6 cases when instead of stars their counterparts came out and burned

Many celebrities have such a busy schedule that they start dreaming of cloning themselves. Some stars resort to tricks and send doubles instead of themselves to important events. Collected cases of fans exposed cheating.



In February 2019, a real scandal erupted on the Web. Timati's fans suspected that a double appeared in Krasnodar at the opening of the burger shop.

Fans noticed that the man who showed up at the event had fewer tattoos than the Black Star leader and was much shorter. The rapper's subscribers took photos of the impostor on Instagram and noted them on the real Timati. The "black star" himself did not comment on the situation in any way.

Egor Creed



In 2016, after Yegor Creed's concert in Ulyanovsk, a wave of discussions arose on the Web. It seemed to the audience that the artist was replaced with a double, who simply opened his mouth to the soundtrack and had nothing to do with the performer of the hit "Samaya Samaya".

The main argument in favor of the fact that there was a completely different person on the stage was the fact that the performing guy, unlike Creed, did not have a tattoo on the back of his right hand.


Dmitry Nagiyev and other stars who hide the faces of their children for many years

Dmitry Nagiyev is a closed personality of the domestic show business. Even the exact number of his children is not known for certain. Two can be called officially confirmed: the eldest son Kirill, who not only does not hide from journalists, but also followed in his father's footsteps - he became an actor, and the long-hidden nine-year-old daughter Mira. In 2020, Nagiyev admitted paternity and shared that he himself chose the name for the girl. Her mother is Anna Spektor, a longtime fan of the showman, with whom she has known for over 15 years. According to rumors, Mira lives with her mother not far from Moscow, in the village of Knyazhye Ozero, in a two-story cottage bought by Nagiyev.

Dmitry Nagiyev


Dmitry Nagiyev has long been aware that he has a double who often pretends to be him at various events.

The name of the young man is Ivan Gant. He is a former KVN player and previously played in the Major League. Now the guy is building an acting career and deliberately emphasizes the similarity with the famous TV presenter. He is regularly approached to get an autograph or take a photo. Gant's army of fans is also impressive: more than 400 thousand people have subscribed to his Instagram page.

Adriano Celentano


In 2009, Adriano Celentano's doppelganger performed at a concert in Yerevan on the occasion of the 2791th anniversary of the capital of Armenia. The truth was not revealed immediately. After the celebration, fans of the legendary Italian suspected that he could hardly sing a song in Armenian without an accent. Someone remembered that the star of "The Taming of the Shrew" has aerophobia, and he rarely travels the world.

The journalists turned to the representatives of the real Adriano for comments. They replied that the artist did not perform in Armenia. The city administration had to make excuses. It turned out that Celentano was replaced by a man who supposedly has the right to use the name of the famous actor as a creative pseudonym.

Sergey Zhukov


In 2018, more and more news began to appear on the Web that Sergei Zhukov was being replaced at concerts by a double. Rumors arose after the soloist of "Hands Up" began to have serious health problems. The artist went under the surgeon's knife three times to remove the hernia. After rehabilitation, he lost a lot of weight and stopped looking like himself in pictures on social networks.

The singer reacted to the fan's speculations with humor. "While you are more and more actively discussing who is there in the photo in the previous post, I am sharing with you another photo of this stranger with my wife!" - he signed a picture with his wife Regina Burd.

Valery Leontiev


In 2013, Valery Leontyev was suspected of deception. The artist's fans were outraged by the fact that his performance on the children's "New Wave" was recorded in advance, the night before the festival, in the strictest secrecy. At the same time, he performed with a phonogram and was not indicated in the official program of the event.

Fans suggested that due to the busy tour schedule, the musician simply did not have time to appear at Igor Krutoy's evening, and instead of him, a double was shown on the air.

Representatives of Leontyev denied the information. And Valery himself even made a few jokes on this topic during his next concert. “Probably the whole evening they were guessing - the real me or the double. And How? Real?" - he said.

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