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Not a lot: what tricks do stars with thin and thin hair go to?
Not a lot: what tricks do stars with thin and thin hair go to?

It is difficult to find fault with the appearance of these beauties: they are luxurious, brilliant and always know how to present themselves in the most favorable light. We sincerely admire their chiseled figures, skillful makeup and neat hairstyles. However, all these women have one drawback that they skillfully hide - thin and thin hair.

Not a lot: what tricks do stars with thin and thin hair go to?

Mother Nature did not endow these stars with luxurious hair. Therefore, they themselves and their stylists have to go to tricks and tricks so that no one ever suspects that something is wrong with the hair of these beauties.

We asked an expert to talk about what styles and colors help celebrities create the effect of volume on thin and thin hair.

Olga Shevchenko

Olga Shevchenko Leading stylist-technologist Joico

Cameron Diaz

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The owner of fine hair Cameron Diaz uses a simple technique to go out: styling with casual curls, texturizing sprays for density and a lighter tone - so the hair looks natural and more voluminous.

Uma Thurman

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Cameron Diaz and other stars who love to be naked

Cameron Diaz appeared as Eve in the comedy Home Video: Adults Only. In Charlie's Angels, Cameron performed a striptease in lace panties to the delight of numerous fans. In the comedy "The Other Woman," Diaz showed off her fit in a tiny bikini. In her underwear, she was captured in the movie "Everybody's Crazy About Mary." She was completely naked in the movie "The Counselor". According to the results of the study, Cameron spent the most time on the screen in a semi-nude form among Hollywood actresses - about 25 minutes.

Uma Thurman has naturally fine blonde hair. For formal looks, she chooses Hollywood glamor curls created with styling lipsticks and soft volumizing creams. They perfectly emphasize her sophisticated image.

Natalie Portman

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To visually increase the volume of hair, Natalie Portman does multi-tone color with light highlights and simple yet elegant styling. Such styling is done with a hair dryer, root volume mousses and brushing.

Keira Knightley

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Keira Knightley adds volume to her fine hair with graduated haircuts. Different hair lengths allow for dynamic, flying and voluminous styling using non-aerosol varnishes and texturizing pastes.

Cate blanchett

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Cate Blanchett prefers to add volume to her fine hair directly at the roots using thickening products and a little comb. These uncomplicated tricks will add splendor to any hairstyle.

Renata Litvinova

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Renata Litvinova was not mistaken, choosing a light color for her thin blond hair, which visually gives it volume. And since she prefers shorter cuts, it is much easier for her to create volume on fine hair with the help of gels and varnishes.

Elena Temnikova

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Elena Temnikova is not a big fan of volumetric styling. But it is worth noting that they suit her very much. Elena prefers "beach" styling, when the curls look as if you have recently come out of the sea and the wind has dried your hair on its own. Such styling is done using a diffuser and salt texturizing sprays.

Ingeborga Dapkunaite

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Ingeborga Dapkunaite prefers medium hair length, but not below the shoulders. Skillful hands of a hairdresser add solar strands to Ingeborga's natural blonde hair, which visually increases hair volume. Graduated haircut with bangs, laid in a simple style with a hairdryer, comb and light lotions for volume, makes the image perky and light.

Christina Orbakaite

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Kristina Orbakaite knows how to present her hair in a winning light. The singer prefers Hollywood curls, which visually increase the volume. Classic highlights with a lot of light strands play with this styling in one command.This is done with large diameter round tongs and medium hold modeling varnishes.

Anastasia Volochkova

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Previously, Anastasia's hairstyles were often criticized: the ballerina gathered her hair in tight buns and tails that looked very modest and sad. But recently we have seen a change in the image for the better - thanks to the elegant and sophisticated styling done with a hairdryer, brushing and soft thickening styling products.

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