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Age vs "aged" filter: comparing real pictures of stars and photos of FaceApp
Age vs "aged" filter: comparing real pictures of stars and photos of FaceApp

Is old age a joy? Why not! We decided to compare: is the application so believable that age adds and what role can beauty procedures play in appearance? We show a photo of how stars age in real life and how computer technology is changing them.

In fact, Cosmo was ahead of the aging trend by suggesting what celebrities who removed Bish's lumps would look like. Now let's see how the application works believably, using the example of other stars.

Sandra Bullock

beautifully aging stars

Sandra Bullock has become one of the stars that age beautifully

How does Sandra of eighteen years ago differ from Sandra of today? Yes, perhaps nothing but the brightness of the makeup and the condition of the neck. Here is a great example of a star who never gets old and remains one of the most charming in Hollywood.

FaceApp has clearly overdone it, painting the actress with wrinkles. Therefore, we return to the present moment and admire Sandra's literally inhuman abilities to stop time.

Cate blanchett

beautifully aging stars

The app almost guessed how Cate Blanchett was destined to grow old

If there are beautiful aging stars in the West, the sophisticated and elegant Kate is among them. Her aristocratic appearance suggests that the heroine of the drama "Jasmine" is also confidently and with her head held high, ready to face age.


Julia Roberts and other stars who had nicknames as children

Nicknames Roberts transformed with her transformation into a beautiful swan. Frog is one of the most harmless nicknames that the future "beauty" was awarded in high school. But as a high school student, Roberts blossomed and received the nickname "Hot Shorts" from the guys whom she drove crazy with her slender legs.

But here FaceApp practically did not lie, quite accurately imitating the age in Blanchett's early photo. The only thing that gives rise to suspicion is the nose, the tip of which has become narrower in real life.

Most likely, it's not age, but the plastic surgeon's ability to tweak the wings so as to preserve Blanchett's unique beauty and the proportions of her face.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

beautifully aging stars

Katherine improved her appearance with surgery, which, of course, had an impact on the natural process of her aging.

A similar situation: FaceApp turned out to be close to the truth, but again did not take into account the changes that touched the actress's nose. And again a miss with the tip, this time in the other direction. The app left a narrow nose, disregarding the fact that the organ of smell can grow for the rest of your life.

Stars change with age, as do mere mortals. Some resort to the services of plastic surgeons to slow down time or correct imperfections. Despite the fact that the actress denied rhinoplasty, we can see that her impressive nose is a thing of the past. Also on the list of the heroine "Zorro" blepharoplasty, correction of cheekbones and facial wrinkles.

Julia Roberts

beautifully aging stars

Julia Roberts calmly takes the surprises of the time and ages beautifully

We've noticed that stars who age naturally and don't fear age look different. A smile like a bright beauty does not leave their face. Julia Roberts doesn't want to resort to botox to keep facial expressions for her children and be able to express joy or anger. In her opinion, it is a pity that women should follow the requirements of society and be afraid to see themselves in maturity.

We are sure that if Julia from the picture on the right would have tried on a different make-up, she would have come close to a real actress. After all, mascara, bronzer and lip gloss, together with a fashionable hairstyle, work wonders! Judging by the snapshot from life, there are stars in Hollywood who really don't age.Maybe because instead of a doctor's office, they prefer freedom from prejudice and a happy family life?

Cindy crawford

beautifully aging stars

Supermodel Cindy Crawford remains a supermodel! Of course she is getting old, but noble and beautiful

On the right is a woman of difficult fate. On the left - the same Cindy, who even turns out to age beautifully. The eyes were emphasized by the actual applied arrows, and the volume of the lips was added by fillers and shimmering gloss. Keep it up!

The model admits that she does not perform operations at the request of her husband. Thanks to her, we are pleased to note that there are stars in Hollywood who are aging without plastic. But the celebrity is in close friendship with proper nutrition and cosmetology, so it still looks natural.

Cindy calls her secrets sleep, a healthy lifestyle and drinking water. It's no surprise why some Hollywood stars don't age. They follow simple rules and their own recipe for happiness!

Claudia Schiffer

beautifully aging stars

Schiffer has changed with age, but not beyond recognition. The competent use of anti-aging technologies, a healthy lifestyle and the absence of sharp fluctuations in weight helped the model to age beautifully

Injections are still a wonderful thing if you apply the method wisely and dosed - as Claudia does. The model managed to maintain the natural shape of the lips while avoiding tissue thinning. A separate compliment to the current shape of the eyebrows, because compliance with the trends also gives a "rejuvenating" effect.

It is noteworthy that the models of that era are able to keep their beauty almost flawless. They honed their skills all their lives, when from their youth they took care of the skin, played sports and were fond of proper nutrition. And now they are reaping the benefits. They know perfectly well how celebrities age and are not afraid of it. For example, the popular supermodels of the 90s do not overdo it with plastic and are sensible about the achievements of the beauty industry.

Sharon Stone

beautifully aging stars

The app turned out to be more pessimistic than reality - the aging Sharon Stone is not ashamed of her wrinkles, but she also does not emphasize them with makeup.

Fortunately, some aging Hollywood stars are reluctant to immortalize themselves a la "I'm always 25". They believe that it is possible to slow down time with exercise, skin care, quality and proper food. These can be safely attributed to Sharon Stone, who rejects the proposals of surgeons about serious intervention in her face.

Sharon continues to be a sex symbol in her category and does not change herself: short hair, fresh makeup and, most importantly, the look of a confident woman. This is us about the real photo on the left.

Well, as for the processing - FaceApp clearly did not take into account the competent replenishment of the lost volumes with fillers, botox and contouring, turning Sharon into a sweet grandmother with bright lipstick.

Sophia Loren

beautifully aging stars

Non-standard appearance allowed Sophia Loren to age naturally, without losing her attractiveness

Age is the least worried about the Italian diva with a unique appearance, who has achieved incredible heights in cinema. The rest of the aging Hollywood stars can boldly envy the energy and vitality of Sophia Loren, who considers the mind, not the body, to be her main capital.

Stars that have changed beyond recognition

The filter ignored the huge amount of time that Sophie's real-life shots were taken with. And if you compare the 60-year-old actress after the filter and the 84-year-old actress without retouching, it becomes clear that Lauren looks almost 20 years younger. Her secret is that she looks at herself through the eyes of her children and sees the most beautiful woman in the world.

Janice Dickinson

beautifully aging stars

Predictable: Janice's computer-simulated old age is very different from reality. Naturally, she did not have a chance to grow old

Janice the Witch has gone through so many plastic surgeries that FaceApp must have had an identification error.But the application honestly "aged" the model, leaving in memory of her youth the shape of her eyebrows, which makes an already unrecognizable image strange. In her appearance, it is difficult to catch something from the very model from the TV screens.

By the way, Billy Bob Thornton is the same age as Janice. Judging by the star's appearance, we can note that handsome aging men also exist. The French claim that over the years, representatives of the strong half of humanity turn into cognac. The famous squint of the eyes, noble gray hair and the image of a man who never gives up. The French are right about Billy!


aging stars photos

Cher improved herself noticeably, which, of course, affected that. how did her aging go?

The singer carefully monitors herself and does not miss the opportunity to apply another anti-aging technique. Drug injections, facelift, competent make-up - Cher does not look for her age and bypasses her "competitor" from the application. A truly beautiful aging star!


beautifully aging stars

Madonna's appearance is a real testing ground. Yes, naturally the star does not threaten to grow old, but it is aging beautifully

This is how Madonna could have looked if she had not conquered the musical Olympus, but worked in a grocery store for five years in a row. No kidding: the star took advantage of all the possibilities of the beauty industry available to us today. In her 60s, she looks great - and who cares, how a great woman managed to achieve such a result. Bravo Mad, don't stop!

From flaunting chest to black widow outfit: iconic images of Madonna throughout history

Not only on the Hollywood Olympus are famous artists whose age does not bother them. There are also Russian stars who do not age and whose beauty does not fade, despite the years. Irina Bezrukova looks fresh and young. She regularly uses the services of a beautician, but denies plastic surgery.

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