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Before the grave: stellar romances with a tragic end
Before the grave: stellar romances with a tragic end

These couples did not reach the altar and did not create families - their relationship ended tragically. Finding strength after losing a loved one and moving on is hard for all people, regardless of fame …

Before the grave: stellar romances with a tragic end

Scott Eastwood and Jewel Brangman


In 2014, Scott Eastwood, the heir to the actor and director Clint Eastwood, lost his beloved - the girl died in the car due to a faulty airbag. Jewel did not keep her distance and drove into the car from the front. Of course, this would not lead to a car accident, but metal parts flew out of the defective airbag, which literally shot the girl. Jewel was one of 11 drivers who died due to defective pillows, after which cars with pillows from an unscrupulous manufacturer were withdrawn from sale.

It is still difficult for the actor to remember the tragedy. According to Scott, he has lost friends before, but never - someone with whom he was so close.

Jim Carrey and Ekaterin White

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Keanu Reeves and other stars who know how to save

Keanu Reeves often uses public transportation, wears simple clothes, does not buy a house, spends most of his time in hotels, and eats hamburgers from roadside cafes. And he does not have an endless retinue of assistants and guards. The most touching incident from the actor's biography was a day spent in the company of a homeless person. Keanu sat down with the beggar and got into a conversation with him, treating him to a burger and beer. So Reeves once again proved that in his heart he is a sweet guy without star fever.

In September 2015, the actor's girlfriend, 28-year-old Katriona White, a make-up artist with whom Kerry had been dating for several months, committed suicide. The body was found at her home in Los Angeles. Ekaterin did not get in touch for some time, so the friends of the deceased decided to check if everything was in order. The cause of death was an overdose of drugs - pills were found next to White's body. Five days before her death, the girl broke up with Jim Carrey for the second time, and the gap is called one of the reasons for her death. Another version is a quarrel with his mother, as well as the influence of the Church of Scientology. It was revealed that shortly before her death, White was undergoing an intensive course of "objectification" as part of Scientology's special Survival Rundown program. She was forced to join the stream by prolonged depression, and it was because of her difficult condition that the girl reacted so sharply to failures.

For the actor, Katriona's suicide was a shock and a shock - he learned too late about his girlfriend's diagnosis. “She was kind and gentle, too sensitive for this land,” the actor wrote in his condolences. Jim Carrey paid for the funeral in full and carried a coffin during the farewell ceremony.

Meryl Streep and John Cazale


Actor John Cazale, star of The Godfather and The Deer Hunter, became Meryl's first serious man. The novel was not prevented by the difference in age or popularity (the 40-year-old actor was already actively filming, and the 27-year-old artist from Broadway only dreamed of a big screen). Casale helped promote his girlfriend in Hollywood by placing her in the film Julia. The lovers also played together in the drama The Deer Hunter, which earned Streep his first Oscar nomination.

The career of the artist quickly went uphill, and when she decided to go to Australia to shoot the series "The Holocaust", John did not interfere with her, saying nothing about his diagnosis: doctors found the actor with cancer. A few months later, Meryl returned to New York and found the groom in a terrible state: due to illness, he could no longer get out of bed. For the last three months of Casale's life, she did not leave him a single step.

After the death of her beloved man in 1978, Meryl firmly decided to put her personal life first. And with the next chosen one - sculptor Don Gummer - it all happened.The couple raised four children away from camera flashes, in the northern village of America. The couple tries to manage without the help of housekeepers and nannies and shares household chores equally.

Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Syme


Keanu's nomadic lifestyle (the actor prefers to live in hotels) and his isolation from the public made him one of the most mysterious and sad Hollywood actors. The reason lies in the evil rock that haunts the artist all his life.

In 1999, his girlfriend, actress Jennifer Syme, became pregnant, but a week before the birth, the baby's health problems began, and he was born dead. And two years later, Jennifer died in a car accident.

Only a year ago, Reeves allowed himself a new attempt to improve his personal life - he meets with Alexandra Grant.

Petra Nemkova and Simon Utley


The tsunami in South Asia claimed the lives of more than 280 thousand people. Among them was the photographer Simon Utley, with whom the Czech top model Petra Nemkova met two years before traveling to the Thai island of Phuket.

A huge wave covered the island as the pair were already gathering back. Simon drowned in the water, and the girl managed to escape: she miraculously caught hold of a palm tree and held out there for 8 hours until the rescuers arrived. Doctors were not sure if Petra would be able to walk again - the girl's pelvis was fractured in four places, but Nemkova decided to get back on her feet no matter what. Three months later she was cured, and a year later she even took part in the show "Dancing with the Stars".

In memory of her beloved, Petra founded The Happy Hearts Fund, which she managed with her friend. Later, her organization helped victims of disasters in Haiti and the Philippines.

The personal life of the celebrity did not work out. Her short romances with musician James Blunt, actor Sean Penn and director Peter Berg came to nothing. The girl planned a wedding with actor Jamie Belman in 2011, but two months before the celebration broke off the engagement.

Gemma Ward and Heath Ledger

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The press knew little about Heath Ledger's latest novel. The model started talking about the relationship with the actor only in 2011, when she finally came to her senses. The fact is that Ledger's death coincided with her departure from the modeling business. In the early 2000s, Gemma enjoyed incredible success and earned $ 3 million a year, but by 2007 her popularity was waning due to excess weight and fatigue. Ward realized that she could no longer live by the strict laws of the modeling world.

When the whole world turned against her because of her weight gain, Heath was one of the few people who helped the girl cope with the press attacks. Alas, their relationship only lasted a few months. In January 2008, the artist's heart stopped due to a fatal mixture of pain relievers, sleeping pills and tranquilizers.

It took years to restore mental strength. Gemma hid in Australia and starred in films (in the fourth part of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and in "The Great Gatsby"). In 2013, the model gave birth to a daughter from her boyfriend, fashion model David Letts.

Lea Michelle and Corey Monteith


Lea and Corey met on the set of the Glee series and, following their characters, fell in love with each other. At first, the press considered their romance a PR, but soon Lea and Corey became one of the most touching couples in Hollywood.

But besides Michelle, Monteith had another serious affection - heroin. The guy fought a bad habit, constantly undergoing rehabilitation courses. The artist never managed to get rid of his addiction: in the summer of 2013, Corey was found dead in a hotel room.

Michelle accepted the death of her beloved stoically. A month later, she came out at the Teen Choice Awards and thanked her fans for their support. And in 2014, the artist released her debut album Louder, several songs from which she dedicated to Corey.

Teona Dolnikova and Nikita Bychenkov


The star of the musicals "Metro" and "Count Orlov" met with actor Nikita Bychenkov for a little over a year before his sudden death from a heart attack in 2014.

“I know everything, I know that you are near … I know that you see everything. You yourself said that we have a space connection. But I so want to kiss and hug you.It's just that the world has disappeared without you, beloved … It is not for me … "- the actress admitted.

Two years later, Teona began dating Maxim Schegolev, in 2017 she gave birth to her son Luka.

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