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Is a short hair young? 7 stars with long hair who will refute this
Is a short hair young? 7 stars with long hair who will refute this

You've probably heard the myth that a short haircut is young. So, today we want to dispel it, because pixies are not suitable for everyone and sometimes, on the contrary, adds a couple of years (or even more). Look at the example of stars who should not cut off luxurious curls.

Ann Hataway

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Anne Hathaway has very large facial features, so a short hairstyle can increase them even more. Long hair, in our opinion, brings harmony to her image. She looks luxurious and confident with them!

Tyra Banks

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Top model Tyra Banks looks very strange with a short haircut, somehow boyishly naughty. And this image is not associated with a girl at all. Long straight hair is what is very much to the face of a star.

Kate Hudson

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When the Hollywood diva cut her luxurious blond curls, we were shocked (to put it mildly). The girl instantly added five years to herself and made her sharp features even more masculine. Long strands smooth it out and add lightness to Kate's look.


Emma Watson and other stars who are not spoiled by their "imperfections"

For many, Emma Watson is an example to follow: a self-made woman, an actress entered in the Guinness Book of Records. She could definitely be called ideal, if not for the stoop, which kind of reminds us that she is just as simple a person as we are. It even seems to us that there is something in it!

Cara Delevingne

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Cara Delevingne seems to have a split personality: with short hair, the girl resembles a local bully, and with long curls - a luxurious top model and muse of the house of Chanel. We like the second option better (and not only because with long hair, the actress looks like a teenager from an American TV series).

Monica Bellucci

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Many are sure that the square will make the face visually younger. However, the example of Monica Bellucci demonstrates that there can be exceptions to the rules. The haircut of the Italian diva looks stylish, but the anti-age function is performed with great success by long hair.

Zoe Kravitz

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Zoe is a fan of beauty experiments: with what hair we just haven't seen her. Among all her hairstyles, the pixie definitely looks more mature. And as we know, an actress's face change is a great way to demonstrate that she's grown in her career. The roles have become more serious - and the image too. But the length is definitely more to her face!

Emma Watson

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Still, long curls give the image of Emma Watson a certain infantilism. And with a short haircut, in our opinion, the girl looks more mature and serious.

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