"She ate garlic!": The best and worst kisses of famous actors in movies
"She ate garlic!": The best and worst kisses of famous actors in movies

Love scenes in films almost always look great, but how do the actors themselves feel at this time? It turned out that they are not always happy with their kisses!

Shia LaBeouf + Dakota Johnson


The actor had to answer the question about the best kiss under pressure! More specifically, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show after eating a very hot chili. Shia named the kissing scene with Dakota Johnson's character in The Peanut Falcon.

Zac Efron + Zendaya


The actor made this confession during an interview after the release of The Greatest Showman. By the way, a year later he said the same thing - and generally spoke very warmly of Zendaya. The actress herself confirmed that during the filming an invisible connection arose between them, which created the right atmosphere in love scenes.

Reese Witherspoon + Robert Pattinson


The actress admitted that she really liked the kiss with Pattinson in the film "Water for Elephants": "It was not demanding, but very pleasant!" Robert himself noted that at this time he was slightly ill and constantly sneezed.

Ryan Reynolds + Anna Kendrick

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Kirsten Dunst and other stars who chose extreme places to have sex

The actress's romance with Jake Gyllenhaal was very stormy. According to the Spider-Man star, they made love wherever possible: in the dressing room, in the car and in the bathroom. But most of all, Kirsten remembered the incident on the beach. He and Jake succumbed to the rush of passion on the trunk of the tilting palm tree. The actress admitted that she felt good.

The actor remembered most of all the kiss with Anna in one of the scenes of the film "Voices". Kendrick confirmed, "It was a real flight to the city of love!"

Paula Patton + Tom Cruise


Cruise's girlfriend in Mission Impossible: Protocol Phantom still remembers their kisses with a smile: “He had such a fresh breath! Not just mint, but perfect!"

Emma Watson - Rupert Grint


One of the most touching teenage romances on screen was an unpleasant memory for both Hermione and Ron. Grint recalled that Emma was very worried about the scene with the kiss and sometimes deliberately pestered him at the most unexpected moment.

Morena Baccarin - Ryan Reynolds


The actress hoped that the kiss with Reynolds would be remembered for her whole life, because she considered him the sexiest man on the planet! Dreams crashed into reality, or rather, about Deadpool's suit: kissing him was as unpleasant as a latex condom, Morena said.

Liam Hemsworth - Jennifer Lawrence


Liam still remembers with horror his kisses with Jen in The Hunger Games. But in fact, Lawrence was just making fun of him, eating a fish or a clove of garlic in front of the stage.

Selena Gomez - Cole Sprouse


The singer still can not forget the kiss with Cole on the set of the series "The Life of Zach and Cody." She was so worried that she closed her eyes too early … and missed his mouth!

Josh Hutcherson - Charlie (Charlotte) Ray


Josh became another poor guy whose first kiss in his life happened on the set. He was 11 with about 50 crew members around him, including his parents. How to remember this with a smile!

Tobey Maguire - Kirsten Dunst


The kiss of Spider-Man was remembered by both not in the best light. Firstly, a fine rain fell in their faces, and secondly, Dunst unsuccessfully pulled off the mask from Toby, and he almost fell!

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