This is too much: Russian stars with false eyelashes and obvious extensions
This is too much: Russian stars with false eyelashes and obvious extensions

If earlier everyone sinned with the use of creepy false eyelashes (however, this happens nowadays), now celebrities are smoothly switching to eyelash extensions. The procedure is cool: it saves time and money on ink, but finding good masters who will do everything decently and beautifully is unrealistically difficult. But if you nevertheless decide, then look in our selection with whom you should definitely not take an example.

Olga Buzova


It's amazing how Russian celebrities contradict themselves: they choose a delicate lipstick to look natural, do contouring to restore the same volume of the face, as before using the foundation, or stick fan-shaped false eyelashes, and leave the lower ones intact. For what? Why? Unclear. Olga Buzova is just the perfect example to illustrate the above.

Nelly Ermolaeva

Nelly Ermolaeva has developed her own beauty style: scarlet lips, contouring with a bronzer and everyone's favorite eyelash extensions. True, the latter makes the girl as noticeable as possible so that everyone will probably see that they have clearly done something over the centuries, or “subtly” hints to followers that the same can be done in her salon Ermolaeva Lashes.

Oksana Samoilova

Image Image

Ekaterina Barnabas and other stars who have pets

Comedy Woman star Ekaterina Varnava is the owner of a very interesting appearance. Her dog Birkin, a long-haired dachshund, is also unusual and therefore attractive. The comedian often posts footage with her pet on her Instagram page, and fans began to notice how much the dog resembles its owner. Her color is similar to Katya's hair color, her face is elongated and her nose is especially prominent: it is not miniature, but attracts attention and gives an extraordinary charm. Agree?

Oksana Samoilova clearly tried to do at least something natural in her life, but, alas, something went wrong. From the side, eyelash extensions obviously look unnatural: no girl can have such a cosmic volume and bend. But at least with the length of the business woman did not overdo it - already something.



Usually Nyusha looks very good, but this time the singer's puppet image was ruined by her lush eyelashes to her eyebrows. They made the look heavier and too dark. We are sure that less voluminous options of medium length would suit the girl.

Maria Pogrebnyak


Maria Pogrebnyak has excellent native eyelashes, but she seems to like glueing false eyelashes very much. And it seems to us that the girl loves to add exactly beams to create a stunning (otherwise not to say) volume. We advise the football player's wife to calm down and remember about cilia made of natural fur, which do not look like plastic tow, but, on the contrary, merge with real ones.

Ekaterina Barnabas


Recently, Ekaterina Varnava, we hardly recognize: the actress became even thinner than before, and began to wear colored lenses. On top of that, the girl fell in love with eyelash extensions, which, frankly, make her a doll with an insane look. If the TV presenter chose less curled and voluminous eyelashes, then everything would not be so bad.

Evgeniya Feofilaktova


Evgenia Feofilaktova considered eyelash extensions appropriate on vacation, with which we can argue. For some reason, Russian women have got into the habit of doing a "fan effect" in front of their eyes every time they hear the words "vacation", "beach" and "sea". We believe that collagenation of eyelashes with light toning is enough for the beach: the gaze will be more open, and the eyes will be larger.

Anastasia Kvitko


We don't understand why Anastasia Kvitko needs to glue her eyelashes when her real ones are very good. Perhaps the "Russian Kardashian" has not looked at the role model of her life for a long time, Kim, who stopped wearing false eyelashes and began to look, as paradoxical as it sounds, more natural. Take note, Nastya!

Anastasia Volochkova


Among our celebrities, Anastasia Volochkova was one of the first to become addicted to building. However, the ballerina, it seems, became short of length and volume from extended eyelashes, she decided to remember about false ones. To be honest, it looks very unnatural, and in general this is the last century.

Yulia Volkova


Julia Volkova is a big fan of beauty experiments. If we have eyebrows, then like Brezhnev's, but about the lips, we, perhaps, will not say anything. It's the same with eyelashes. The ex-"tatuka" chose the Hollywood volume and the puppet effect, but she went too far and got the "hairy eyes" effect. Although in fact there are more questions for the master of the star. After all, even Hollywood volume can look bright, but natural.

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