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From a kid to Monroe and back: how an unsuccessful marriage with Eljay changed Ivleev
From a kid to Monroe and back: how an unsuccessful marriage with Eljay changed Ivleev

Well, that's all, the love story of Eljay and Nastya Ivleeva is officially over! We invite you to see what has changed in the blogger's appearance over the years - and whether the divorce affected her.

From a kid to Monroe and back: how an unsuccessful marriage with Eljay changed Ivleev

Fans have always been quite skeptical about the relationship between Nastya Ivleeva and Eljay. Yes, on the one hand, this couple was literally made for each other and looked great together. However, much more questions remained.

Firstly, the wedding of Nastya and Alexey (the rapper's real name) seemed too impetuous - although at that time they had been together for quite some time. Well, it's just that the official marriage did not fit in with their appearance and lifestyle. And secondly, just the same, everyone had questions about their way of life. Ivleeva traveled around the world for months as part of the "Heads and Tails" show, while Aljay, in turn, also did not stop touring the country. Guest marriage, not otherwise.

“We, probably, with him still plunged into family history too early,” the instadiva analyzes today and clarifies that the pandemic finally changed their marriage - and the regime of self-isolation, when the spouses began to spend too much time together.

“I just wanted to get out of our cocoon somewhere. I understood that there is life outside of our home. Who will be inspired and motivated by a cozy home and a well-organized life?"

Well, now Nastya has returned to a lonely life, full of unexpected events. And it seems that she has changed a lot - both internally and externally. After all, they say that parting can always be read by the appearance of a girl! Let's try to analyze whether Ivleeva has really changed in these relations.

Successful success

It is believed that Nastya and Alexey met at about the end of 2017 - just at the time the blogger started working on the Eagle and Tails show. Traveling with a television crew turned Ivleeva into the number one star. Standing invitations to the red carpet and interviews, contracts with major brands and photo shoots in luxurious looks. It is not surprising that at that time the blonde was still considered the most desirable woman in the country! She was even compared to Marilyn Monroe - in whose image, by the way, the blonde loved to appear in front of the camera.

Nastya Ivleeva

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By the way, next to her lover, Nastya instantly reincarnated from a fatal beauty into a faithful combat friend. Tight dresses and Hollywood curls? What is there! Biker jacket, a minimum of make-up and even less hairstyle effort. After all, they say that next to a loved one it is not necessary to constantly direct a marafet. Apparently, the realization of this fact came to Nastya from the very first days - while the other girls are afraid even to appear without makeup.

Nastya Ivleeva, Eljey

By the way, further on, Ivleeva's appearance took on more and more natural frames. The star used cosmetics only during filming for gloss. But she continued to improve her figure, get tattoos and experiment with the hottest beauty trends. For example, do a super bright and long manicure, laminate your eyebrows to make them look twice their size, and highlight cute freckles.

Image Image Image

True, over time, Nastya's approach to the world of beauty has changed a little. Of course, she was still not shy about showing herself to millions of followers without a make-up, being funny and even showing off the weaknesses of her appearance. However, after the wedding with Eljay, the girl finally realized herself as a superstar.

The press called them "Russian Beyoncé and Jay Z" or "our version of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West." So why not shine even brighter?

Concise images and lack of make-up were replaced by … no, no, not luxurious floor-length dresses and perfect styling.Rather, seductive mini-outfits, hair (more often wigs) of all colors of the rainbow, unusual jewelry - and much more that, with a slight suggestion from Nastya, went to the masses and became super-trendy.

Image Image Image Image

First bells

And now a pandemic has arrived. Yes, it was not easy for everyone. And Nastya, too - who suddenly had no filming in other countries, no harmony in the family.

Nastya Ivleeva

Sitting at home, the girl repeatedly experimented with the style - and sometimes even doing coloring and haircuts on her own, in the logical absence of stylists. True, then I corrected everything in the chair of professionals.

Nastya Ivleeva

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And Nastya decided to change not only her image, but herself as a whole. She went on a strict diet and began to play sports even more intensively - and in just a couple of months she found a completely different figure. In those days, the girl was even suspected of breast reduction - but Ivleeva assures that the whole point is only in strong weight loss.

Image Image Image Image

Interestingly, Nastya was losing weight to interest her husband? Or, in this process, you can also consider the echoes of stress due to a complicated situation in love?

Nastya Ivleeva

However, maybe there was no drama in the transformation of Ivleeva. It's just that the star realized that she would soon turn 30, and like many other women, she began to prepare for a new frontier in life. And this change was crowned with a candid shoot for the cover of Playboy. Nastya herself said that she was proud of the resulting photos. And she will consider her beautiful body on them many decades later.

Nastya Ivleeva

Free life?

A sign of the new time: a woman free from previous relationships can be instantly recognized by the appearance of candid photos in the Instagram feed:) Like other star "divorces", Nastya Ivleeva did not break this tradition. And she began to brag about her body on social networks much more often than just a year or two ago.

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However, we cannot accuse Nastya of excessive self-admiration in the “look what you have lost” style. After all, she still easily shows her face without makeup - which is a rarity even for an ordinary 30-year-old woman. And you are always not averse to showing off some particularly interesting image - with bright accents in your hair or make-up. And let Ivleeva be constantly accused of copying the style of Dua Lipa and other foreign stars. Personally, such claims do not bother her at all. As well as what the whole world thinks about her failed marriage, breast size or the path to success, which still seems to have some secrets.


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