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Pelageya, Eva Mendes and other stars who hid pregnancy
Pelageya, Eva Mendes and other stars who hid pregnancy

Many celebrities believe that motherhood is not just a sacrament, but a real secret. Cosmo recalled several famous cases when celebrity mothers hid their position right up to the very birth.

Pelageya, Eva Mendes and other stars who hid pregnancy

Drew Barrymore

Raises two daughters from ex-husband Will Kopelman

The actress lives under the gun of cameras from the cradle (at 11 months, Drew had already starred in commercials). But he tries to keep his own children away from the public. In her first pregnancy, Barrymore hid from the paparazzi almost until the birth. With the second baby, she tried to do the same trick, but she was quickly discovered, and the star confirmed her position.

Anna Kournikova

Gave birth to three children from Enrique Iglesias

The former athlete has been living with musician Enrique Iglesias for almost 20 years, but she says practically nothing about the relationship. In 2017, it became known that the couple had twins - a boy Nicholas and a girl Lucy. And at the beginning of 2020, Anna gave birth to another daughter, Mary. Kournikova, no one has ever seen a pregnant woman, so rumors about a surrogate mother immediately appeared. They were denied by the musician's sister. What a mysterious Kournikova!

Blake Lively

Together with her husband Ryan Reynolds, he is raising three daughters
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Eva Mendes and other stars who gave birth after forty

Eva Mendes has long been ranked as a childfree. The actress, who does not speak to journalists about her personal life at all, did not comment on her romance with her colleague and girls' favorite Ryan Gosling. After a three-year romance, Mendes and Gosling unexpectedly for the couple's fans (hiding her position, the actress did not even leave the house!), A daughter, Esmeralda, was born. Eve at that time was 40 years old. “I couldn't even imagine that it was so difficult to take care of a newborn baby. I thought my wildest nights were over. It turned out that the main tests were ahead,”said Mendes.

The actress and her husband Ryan Reynolds have become famous for the most secretive actors in Hollywood. They got married in an atmosphere of secrecy, for a long time they did not comment on rumors about Blake's first, second, and third pregnancy. And when the children were born, their gender and names were not called for weeks. They know how to intrigue!

Eva Mendes

Raises two daughters from Ryan Gosling

In 2014, the actress was declassified two months before giving birth. The second pregnancy became known two weeks before the birth of her daughter. In either case, there were no comments from Eve and Ryan Gosling. Apparently, if a couple wants to have a third child, we will find out about it when he goes to school.

Polina Gagarina

Gave birth to a daughter from her second husband

On April 26, 2017, the singer confirmed her second pregnancy by posting a photo in a swimsuit on Instagram, and the very next day it became known that Gagarina had given birth! The baby's father was the singer's second husband, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov, with whom she divorced in 2020.


Raises a daughter from Ivan Telegin

The singer's fans started talking about her pregnancy in the summer of 2016. The singer herself did not comment on the rumors, went underground and refused to act in the new season of the "Voice" show, where she was on the jury. The artist's husband (already with the prefix ex-), hockey player Ivan Telegin, broke the silence only after his wife gave birth. At the end of January 2017, Ivan announced that Taisia's daughter was born.

Paulina Andreeva

Raises a son from Fyodor Bondarchuk

When, in the spring of 2021, the actress suddenly published a photo in which she poses deeply pregnant, everyone was in shock. The situation took on an even more unexpected turn when it turned out that Paulina had already given birth to her son Ivan! But just a few months before, Andreeva posed on the red carpet, choosing very tight dresses. And how did no one notice her interesting position?

And men too

Sergey Lazarev


The singer became a father in 2014, but announced this only in 2017. It is still unknown who gave birth to a son, Nikita, from a musician. The same is with the singer's daughter Anya, about whom he told only a year after her birth.

Chris Brown


The rapper revealed that he had a daughter with model Nia Guzman when the girl was 9 months old.

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