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“It Works!”: Aniston, Jackman & Other Interval Feeding Aid
“It Works!”: Aniston, Jackman & Other Interval Feeding Aid

Intermittent fasting is a popular weight loss method followed not only by mere mortals, but also by celebrities. Most often, it is understood as the principle 16: 8 (8 hours a day you can eat, 16 - you can't) or 5: 2 (five days of regular meals and two - with a calorie restriction of up to 500 per day). These are the celebrities who have done interval experiments on themselves.

Jennifer Aniston


Yes, she also practices interval feeding! In October 2019, the actress told the Radio Times about this: “I eat 16: 8, so I don't eat anything in the morning. I see a big difference in the state of health if I don't eat for 16 hours in a row. " Instead of breakfast, the actress drinks coffee or a green smoothie.

Chris Pratt


On December 10, an actor from Jurassic Park explained how he eats: “I tried intermittent fasting. I don't eat until noon, I try to do cardio in the morning, I drink coffee. Try it, it’s a great thing, and I’ve lost a little weight already.” He noted that he added oat milk to coffee.

Halle Berry

Image Image

Kourtney Kardashian and other stars who have lost a lot of weight during their careers

To lose weight, Courtney resorted to a trendy keto diet. Kardashian decided that eating a high-fat diet suits her best, as it provides a lot of energy for the whole day. The star admitted that the joint dinners turned out to be the most difficult for her.

The actress has turned back the clock, and intermittent eating along with keto is one of the reasons she looks great. But she changed the rules a little: after getting up, she drinks coffee with butter or coconut oil. Before morning workout - vegetable juice or "smoothie, which is low in calories and can be considered part of the fasting window." Coconut oil, says the actress, "nourishes the brain, and the morning starts with a positive."



For a musician, this is not just a fashionable diet, it is a way of life: “I don’t eat for at least 12 hours, usually 16. Most often I do without dinner”. Considering that he has his own restaurant, this takes a lot of courage! “Yes, I come to dinner with friends and I don’t eat,” says Moby proudly.

Kourtney Kardashian


The reality TV star in January 2018 said that she had tried intermittent fasting for several months and will definitely repeat it again: “For me, this means not eating for 14-16 hours after dinner. For example, I don't eat after 7 pm and eat breakfast only after my morning workout, at 11 o'clock. " And once a week, Courtney goes on hunger strike for a whole day!

Jenna Jameson


After the birth of her third child, the adult film star switched to a keto diet and then added intermittent meals to it: "It's not easy, but I can tell you it works!"

Hugh Jackman


The actor said that interval eating helps him lose weight in order to act in active scenes: "I feel better and sleep much better!"

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