Victoria Shelyagova allowed carnival in the "HOUSE OF PORCELAIN"
Victoria Shelyagova allowed carnival in the "HOUSE OF PORCELAIN"

In the "House of Porcelain" space on Neglinnaya Street, a joint event with Victoria Shelyagova was held, dedicated to the beginning of the Pancake Week.

Victoria Shelyagova allowed carnival in the "HOUSE OF PORCELAIN"

Victoria Shelyagova, as a well-known admirer and ambassador of everything Russian, gathered all her friends in the unique space "House of Porcelain" on Neglinnaya Street to celebrate Maslenitsa. Combining European and American brands with Russian handicrafts in one place, the new boutique has become an ideal location for the event.

At the holiday, the guests began to gather in the afternoon - at the very entrance they were met by a boyar in Russian national costume, who, according to the old tradition, greeted the guests, put on a large bundle of bagels and invited them to enter the spacious lobby, completely dedicated to Russian themes. In this hall are exquisite products of such brands as Gusevsky Crystal Factory, Gzhel, Russian Samotsvety, Dulyovo, Krestetskaya Strochka, Zhostovo and many others.

Yan Yanovsky Zara Artem Krivda Elena Krygina and Maria Kalmykova Victoria Shelyagova and Yan Yanovsky Inga Berman Irina Zarkova Oksana Ilyenkova Victoria Shelyagova, Elena Krygina, Zara Elena Krygina Victoria Shelyagova Constantin Andrikopolus Yulia Akimova

In the far secluded hall, decorated in the primordial Russian style, the guests were treated to a buffet table - they were treated to Russian pancakes with various fillings from the Boyare cafe chain, and, of course, they could not do without samovars: one with strong tea, and the second with even more warming and incredibly aromatic ARARAT-tea - an author's drink with the addition of cognac, fresh thyme, thyme, and berry juice. They did not limit themselves to tea: the guests were among the first to appreciate Anya's new 7-year-old ARARAT, as well as to see the new design of ARARAT cognac bottles.

Guests enjoyed delicious food, folklore live music and spent the winter in the best traditions.

The event was attended by: Victoria Shelyagova with her daughter Varvara, Zara, Irina Zarkova, Yan Yanovsky, Katya Mukhina, Yulia and Alisa Ruban, Yulia Akimova, Igor Mirkurbanov, Anna Khudoyan, Yulia Sharapova, Anastasia Romankevich, Irina Elizarova, Dima and Kristina Vikulin, Konstantin and Olga Andrikopulos, Sveta Rodina, Daniil Berg, Artem Krivda, Karina Oshroeva, Inga Berman, Evgeny Zabolotny, Elena Krygina, Elena Filipchenkova, Julia Muzyka, Olga Myagkikh, Maria Kalmykova and others.

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