Read without stopping: 3 best novels by Elizabeth Gilbert
Read without stopping: 3 best novels by Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert is famous for her memoir of a journey through Italy and India to Bali, but there are other excellent books in her bibliography.

Read without stopping: 3 best novels by Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, Pray, Love: One Year in the Life of a Woman Traveling Through Italy, India and Indonesia in Search of EVERYTHING


Book "Eat, Pray, Love: One Year in the Life of a Woman Traveling Through Italy, India and Indonesia in Search of EVERYTHING." was published in 2006 and is a pure memoir. A woman after a difficult divorce, which cost her dearly, needs a reboot and goes on a trip - through Italy and India to Bali. We all envied her, because a year of travel is what money! Well, they admired. And they waited for her to meet the same handsome prince. And she met him, of course, and he whirled her in a dance of love. After all, all this pizza, ashrams and sunrises and sunsets were for what they were - for love. The simplest and probably the sweetest novel by Elizabeth Gilbert, from which, in fact, her writing career began. The book stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for 187 weeks, and Oprah Winfrey devoted two programs to it. And, of course, what can be a great indicator of the success of the novel, if not its adaptation, and even with Julia Roberts in the title role!

The book was written "male answers", and Gilbert herself wrote a sequel, but it was all wrong, because "that" is a story about finding true love through eating pizza and silence in an ashram.

The origin of all things

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Julia Roberts and other stars who had nicknames as children

Nicknames Roberts transformed with her transformation into a beautiful swan. Frog is one of the most harmless nicknames that the future "beauty" was awarded in high school. But as a high school student, Roberts blossomed and received the nickname "Hot Shorts" from the guys whom she drove crazy with her slender legs.

After "Eat and Pray", Gilbert had several passing novels - the continuation of the relationship turned out to be uninteresting, and the revelations about marriage were not even worth starting. So it was time to finish with autobiographies and start something new. After several entertaining stories, Gilbert wrote The Origin of All Species, a story about the daughter of an American businessman who is “overly” into botany. The novel takes place in the 18-19th centuries, and the name was not chosen by chance - this is a line from the works of the German mystic of the 16th-17th centuries. Jacob Boehme. Its meaning is that the thing itself hides its name, which only needs to be deciphered. Of course, here the heroine will have to decipher herself (her name is Alma - the soul), because she, being a bright and original person, constantly tries to fit into social norms, and they catch up with her and force her to look for a husband, then love, then some other stupidity …

Alma grew up in a family of philanthropists of science, surrounded by prominent scientists, famous travelers, and publishers. Having matured, she herself became interested in natural sciences, corresponded with professors, participated in debates, was the author of articles on natural science and generally possessed remarkable intelligence - she has no prototype, this is a collective image of a learned lady of the 19th century who made her way into the male circle. According to publications, she was often mistaken for a man and was very surprised that a lady was capable of such in-depth research. In parallel with botany, the heroine explores her sexuality, so that ferns go side by side with orgasms, after all, both are science. Ironically, she ends up marrying a man who loves her purely platonically, and her real passion is botany.

City of Women


City of Women is a novel about young women in the sparkling, daring theater world of 1940s New York.Everything here is so beautiful and so unpredictable for 19-year-old Vivian, who finally escaped from her boondocks and literally flew into a bohemian life filled with parties and sex. At the same time, Vivian showed a talent for designing costumes, which she does at Lily's aunt's theater. Now 95 years old, Vivian writes letters of remembrance addressed to the daughter of her longtime lover.

Gilbert wanted to write a novel as pleasant as a "glass of champagne", but as usual she succeeded much more. She revisits the stereotypes and social norms that prevent us from living happily. And a woman in Elizabeth's world must be happy, all her books are about this. So her heroine Vivian at the end of her life regrets only this - that she had few lovers! To hell with the hypocrisy, let's smile, dance, cut new dresses and enjoy life, after all, no one really knows if there will be something later.

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