What star beauties Muceniece, Asmus and others looked like in their first films
What star beauties Muceniece, Asmus and others looked like in their first films

Now these talented actresses are known and loved by the whole country. But in order to achieve popularity, they had to play many roles. And in some of them they look completely unrecognizable.

What star beauties Muceniece, Asmus and others looked like in their first films

Anna Khilkevich

The actress became famous thanks to the role of the frivolous beauty Masha Belova in the TV series "Univer. New hostel ". Prior to that, she appeared in "Barvikha" and the humorous program "Give youth!" For the first time on the screens, Anna appeared in the TV series "I Conceived an Escape" in 2004, where she played in an episode.

I must say that it is not easy to recognize the artist in her first role. Now she has become a blonde and prefers a brighter, more expressive makeup. Khilkevich is happily married to businessman Arthur Volkov. Together with him, she brings up two daughters - Ariana and Maria.

Anna Khilkevich

Agata Mutsenietse

The ex-wife of Pavel Priluchny, together with him, played one of the key roles in the series "Closed School". She received her first acting experience even before she became a student at VGIK. Agatha took part in the filming of the detective series "Trace", and a little later appeared in the comedy "Stroybatya".

Today Muceniece is not only a popular actress, but also a TV presenter. In the company of Dmitry Nagiyev, she hosts the music program “Voice. Children”, as well as their own YouTube show“Honest Divorce”. Agatha brings up two children from Pavel Priluchny - the son of Timothy and the daughter of Mia.

Agatha in the series

Natalia Rudova

Natalia gained wide popularity in the TV series "Tatiana's Day", where she played with Anna Snatkina. But these shootings were not her debut. Previously, she appeared in a small episode of the series "Prima Donna", as well as in the film "Who is the Boss in the House?"

The charming blonde auditioned for various roles and stubbornly wanted to conquer the cinema. On account of Rudova more than 40 movie roles. In addition, she successfully develops her social networks and takes part in fashion shootings as a model.

Natalia Rudova

Christine Asmus

Former lover Garik Kharlamov played the role of trusting and kind Vary Chernous in the TV series Interns. The girl immediately won the love of the audience. It is noteworthy that it was these filming that became Christina's debut. Before that, she tried herself only on the stage of the Youth Theater.

After the successful launch of the series, Asmus was bombarded with offers. But he approaches the choice of the roles of the film star very responsibly. She combines work in cinema with a career at the Yermolova Theater. In a marriage with a humorist, Asmus had a daughter, Anastasia. After the divorce of her parents, she stayed with the artist.

Christina Asmus

Ravshana Kurkova

The charming brunette became famous at the age of 29 thanks to the role of high school student Angela in the TV series "Barvikha". But Ravshana began acting in films at the age of 12. Then she got an episode in the movie "The Secret of the Ferns". Participation in the filming process impressed the schoolgirl so much that she decided to connect her life with cinema.

Now Kurkova is not only a popular actress, acting in films and videos, but also a popular model. Ravshana has contracts with brands such as Calzedonia and Intimissimi. She can also be seen on the covers of glossy magazines.

Ravshana Kurkov

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