"Olya, how was the Maldivian divorce?": The funniest quotes by Ivan Urgant
"Olya, how was the Maldivian divorce?": The funniest quotes by Ivan Urgant

The TV presenter in the evenings pleases the Russians with his sparkling humor in the show "Evening Urgant". We remembered his funniest jokes.

"Olya, how was the Maldivian divorce?": The funniest quotes by Ivan Urgant

Still, Christmas Meetings have changed

The presenter could not ignore the news about a large-scale party in honor of the 30th anniversary of Nastya Ivleeva. One of the highlights of the holiday was the appearance of Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. Ivan said that the Prima Donna in such a company surprised him.

“After all, Christmas Meetings has changed. Christmas itself has slipped a little on the calendar. But this photograph is actually multi-layered. Someone can see that the spring call is about to begin. It can be seen from someone that the summer cottage season is about to begin, the sowing season, and a scarecrow must be installed to drive away the rooks. Someone can see that Alla Borisovna looks great,”said the TV presenter.


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Olya, stop laughing

In the first edition of 2021, Urgant invited Olga Buzova. At this time, many events took place in the artist's life. The singing TV presenter played a wedding ceremony in the Maldives with David Manukyan. At the time of filming the show, the star of "House-2" had already parted ways with him. The TV presenter discussed with the guest the details of the marriage ceremony. Olga enthusiastically talked about the rest at the resort and seemed to have completely forgotten that she had left her ex-lover.


Ivan Urgant and other stars who turned from best friends into sworn enemies

In 2018, Alexander Tsekalo divorced his wife and married for the fourth time, married to an unknown girl Darina Erwin. The producer's friends on "Spotlight Parishilton" did not accept his change in life. Ivan Urgant, Sergei Svetlakov ended their friendship with Tsekalo. “Unfortunately, my colleagues at ProjectorParisHilton joined the ranks of friends and acquaintances who did not accept the changes in my life. And no matter how harsh it may sound, I will not be able to sit at the same table with them. Because this is my love, my life, my family, and for Darina I will fight to the death."

“Olya, stop laughing! Let me remind you that you are divorced. Olya, let's not laugh. This is a serious moment. How did the Maldivian divorce go? " - specified Ivan.

The star tactfully deviated from the topic. The TV personality described her condition with lines from Alla Pugacheva's hit about a strong woman crying at the window.


American Swinger Party and Bari Alibasov

Urgant did not pass by an unusual incident with the producer "Na-na". The TV presenter commented on the news that the musician was hospitalized after an overdose of Viagra. Ivan considered it important to report that a large-scale swinger party took place in the USA on this day. Urgant amusingly juxtaposed these two facts.

“This is the first time a person has participated in an American swinger party at Zoom. In general, the situation is not easy. What if it ends badly? We'll have to bury in an open coffin …”- the TV presenter ironically joked.

Renaming popsicle

In one of the broadcasts, the TV presenter discussed the idea of ​​an American company to rename the popsicle. The ice cream makers decided that this term was consonant with the name of the indigenous people of the North and decided to abandon it because it could offend them. Urgant was skeptical about this initiative. Nevertheless, the host suggested his own version of the name.

“Let's start from the essence. Outside it is black, inside it is white, children love him - Michael Jackson,”Ivan joked.



Erotic skating rink

Ivan discussed on the air the infamous city skating rink, which opened in Novosibirsk in 2019. From a bird's eye view, this place resembled a huge figure with erotic overtones. The TV presenter suggests that there is a secret message hidden in this for famous people.

In this regard, the TV presenter remembered about the stars who were born in Novosibirsk, and spoke about Eljey (Alexey Uzenyuk). Urgant also noted that Nastya Ivleeva (who spoke about male dignity at 15 cm) can often be in the city, since she is married to a musician.

“Nastya Ivleeva would like the skating rink. At least in Novosibirsk, if you sent a person, you know where to look for him. At the rink,”the TV presenter joked.

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