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Who is on horseback and who is at the bottom: how Nastya Ivleeva and Eljey live after a divorce
Who is on horseback and who is at the bottom: how Nastya Ivleeva and Eljey live after a divorce

A couple of months have passed since Nastya Ivleeva and Aljay announced their divorce. Not so long ago, the ex-spouses divided the property, and on the Web they draw conclusions - who benefited from the divorce.

Who is on horseback and who is at the bottom: how Nastya Ivleeva and Eljey live after a divorce

In August 2021, it became known that the union of Nastya Ivleeva and Eljey had broken up. The couple spoke about their separation in a joint interview, after which they went to court. Not so long ago, Nastya and Aleksey (real name of Eljay. - Ed.) Shared what they had acquired together and wished each other good luck.

Today, the Internet does not stop comparing ex-spouses, their mood, emotional state and success. This is understandable: for some, divorce can become a starting point, while for others, on the contrary, it can take away all the strength and desire to do something. And what about Nastya and Aljay?

There is no smoke without fire

To begin with, rumors about the divorce of the star couple appeared in early 2021. In May, Aljay was detained for drunk driving, they said that the spouses were living separately, and even at the MUZ-TV Awards few believed in their couple, although they tried to pretend that everything was cool.


Persona stars


Persona stars

In June, the first release of Ivleeva's new Youtube show "Bloggers and Roads" was released. Fans noted that Nastya in this project looks unusually sad and drooping. There is no energy that her vlogs usually abound with, but there is a lot of alcohol.

Ivleeva galich

The second bell was that Ivleeva suddenly made up with Galich. The girls quarreled just at the moment when both of them had a better personal life, and Ida, among other things, was expecting a child. Now that both were free, it was time to make up. Finally, the friends established communication after the YouTube show Galich, where Ivleeva explained in detail why at some point she moved away. However, not a word about divorce.

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Aljay turned out to be much more talkative: he hinted at parting with his wife in a new track. On July 8, the rapper came out with the lines “Baby, you are sexy, you are on my chips and Pepsi. But we got bored, no longer interested. Well, that's it, we're done, I'm not your h *** anymore. And you are so pretty that I f ***** how offended. Again, again lonely without you … ".

Aljay Fedyuk

Oh, by the way, Aljay also remembered about old friends during this period and … made up with Feduk.

After divorce

In August, Nastya and Aljay officially confirmed the separation. Ivleeva admitted: “I still love him very much. He will always be my dear person. But this is more like the love of a sister and brother. " Aljay said that his relationship with his wife was built on honesty, and they will always remain friends.

Nastya Ivleeva latest news

After parting in Ivleeva's life, things clearly went uphill: she starred in the Louis Vuitton x BURO campaign, prepared for the second season of the Bloggers and Roads show, starred in a movie, traveled, launched the Royal Cobras drag show … And that's far not the whole list.

Aljay at the same time released a track "She Loves You" with Slava Marlowe and The Limbo, where he again dedicated the lines to his ex-wife. "Don't piss me off, don't follow me, don't call your friends, I'm not yours, you hear, I'm not yours anymore", "Understand, I'm not your pawn anymore." It seemed that Alexei could not let go of the situation.


True, sad entries also slipped into Ivleeva's stories. Both ex-spouses were very upset about the divorce.

In early September, Nastya gave a long interview to Ksenia Anatolyevna, and left many questions about parting with Eljey unanswered. It was clear that this wound had not yet healed. By the way, when, in the context of a conversation about money, Ksenia dropped the phrase "When a man is a loser …", hinting at Alexei, Ivleeva sharply objected and asked the TV presenter to apologize.

What happened next

At the end of September, Ivleeva's long-awaited drag show "Royal Cobras" was released - a completely new format for Russian YouTube.Nastya personally takes part in each issue, and viewers note that she looks great. Aljay released the track Urus, but it did not become super popular, and nothing new (in a creative way, of course) has yet been heard about the rapper. While Nastya is on the verge of 19 million followers on Instagram, the coverage in her ex-spouse's account is falling - so that he had to hide the likes.

Not so long ago, Ivleeva and Eljey settled the last moment that connected them - they divided the property. Nastya was left with a mansion in New Riga worth 150 million rubles, and Lesha got his own two cars, a Hummer H2 and a BMW i8. The blogger also kept her three cars - Lamborghini Aventador, Chevrolet Camaro and Mercedes G-class. Internet users sarcastically note: "She took everything from him - well, at least she returned his surname."


And, for example, under this photo of Eljay on an unusual bicycle, there are many jokes from the series "when Ivleeva took everything."

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On October 2, Aljay performed at a Feduk concert. The fans noted that the rapper did not look his best: he lost a lot of weight, dropped his beard, looked emaciated, which was emphasized by the bruises under his eyes. "How old he is," "Some shabby and swollen," the followers wrote. And a few days ago, videos appeared on the Web in which Alexei appears in a strange form - arranges "wild" dances in the middle of the parking lot, and then friends try to put him in the car.

lj lj

In a word, Nastya was able to channel her melancholy into rapid development, while Aljay is looking for herself in the conditions of her newly acquired freedom. On the Internet, they are worried about the guy, but we just wish him to quickly channel his anger, disappointment and other negative feelings into a professional direction.

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