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Hates his brother and wants to die at 23: shocking facts about Dan Milokhin
Hates his brother and wants to die at 23: shocking facts about Dan Milokhin

Now the life of a young tattooed brunette is followed by millions of subscribers on TikTok and Instagram. The guy even became the winner of the "Discovery of the Year - 2020" nomination by GQ. We decided to carefully study the biography of the young talent and have collected unusual facts about Dan Milokhin for you.

Hates his brother and wants to die at 23: shocking facts about Dan Milokhin

Danya Milokhin, who has rapidly gained popularity, continues to amaze. The boy, who appeared out of nowhere, has already recorded his first album, starred in clips with celebrities, for example, with Nikolai Baskov, shocking the audience and is not going to stop.

Difficult teenager

Danya Milokhin was born on December 6, 2001 in Orenburg. The boy's parents divorced when he was three years old. The father drank himself to death, and the mother was not able to raise the children on her own and sent them to an orphanage. Conditions in the orphanage were tough, Dana had to strictly follow the rules. When Milokhin and his brother were adopted at the age of 13, the blogger finally got out of hand. He had everything he needed for a comfortable life, but Tiktoker clearly lacked adrenaline.

Danya Milokhin

Milokhin regularly ran away from home, stole from shops, drank alcohol and smoked. At the age of 16, the guy became addicted to drugs and soon began to live separately, because the guardians did not share Dani's plans to conquer the Internet. The troubled teenager lived with a tattoo artist friend who used him to perfect his sketches. As soon as Danya turned 18, he received 200 thousand from the state as an orphan, bought a good smartphone and a ticket to Moscow with them.


Morgenstern and other stars who are not shy about their feelings in public

Morgenstern and Dilara Zinatullina know how to create beautiful content. They regularly publish joint videos on Instagram and Tik-Tok. The offensive of 2021, the couple celebrated in Dubai together with Eldar Dzharakhov, Dania Milokhin and other Russian stars. It seems that after a temporary separation, the feelings of Dilara and Alisher flashed with renewed vigor. The girl accompanies the rapper at concerts and on trips, and also spends a lot of time at his KAIF restaurant.

Danya Milokhin

Relationship with brother

Dani has a brother, Ilya, who is a year older than Tiktoker. However, the relationship between the guys was always strained. When the Tyulenevs businessmen decided to adopt the Milokhins, Danya, who hated the orphanage, was extremely happy. But Ilya was then professionally involved in football and hockey, made progress in table tennis, managed to become a CCM in chess and did not want to give up what he had begun. Dana barely managed to persuade her brother to move.

Further, the problems in the relationship between Dani and Ilya became more serious. The fact is that the brothers are completely different: the docile Ilya always led a healthy lifestyle and regularly went in for sports, while his younger brother from the age of 13 smoked, drank and even broke the law. The only thing the guys have in common is that they both dropped out of college: Ilya because of sports, and Danya simply because of lack of interest.

Danya Milokhin

Now Ilya, just like his popular brother, is developing his page on TikTok, but he has not yet succeeded in achieving serious success in this field. The guys don't communicate at this time. In an interview, Ilya said that he would like to make peace with his younger brother, but Danya believes that the relative just wants to become famous at his expense.

The path to millions of subscribers

Back in 2016, Danya Milokhin started an Instagram page to share the details of his life with friends. The guy quickly collected 2,000 subscribers. In 2019, on the recommendation of friends, the teenager installed TikTok and started uploading funny videos there. The genuine sincerity and pretty appearance of Tiktoker hooked on subscribers.

At first, Milokhin received a lot of hate addressed to him, but his ability to react to criticism with humor aroused sympathy among Internet users.

Danya Milokhin

Danya gained particular popularity during the quarantine: he recorded the viral song "I'm at home" about self-isolation. Tens of thousands of users filmed their videos for this track. In March 2020, the guy became part of the Dream Team House, an analogue of the American project. The idea turned out to be viral: many bloggers also began to create their own homes, in which promising novice influencers united.

Danya Milokhin

Now Danya Milokhin is one of the ten most popular tiktokers in the country and has a large number of large advertising contracts.

Personal life

Largely due to his pretty appearance, Danya became the beauty of millions of young fans. However, the blogger tries not to talk about what is happening in his personal life. Milokhin loves to provoke the audience: once a young man hinted at his homosexuality. Together with his friend Nikita Nikulin (Mimimizhka), he published several controversial videos. However, later it turned out that the guys just wanted to hyip.

Danya Milokhin

In an interview, Danya once mentioned that he was in a relationship with a girl with the mysterious name Emily. However, the couple broke up due to the popularity that suddenly fell on the young man. The blogger's chosen one was jealous of her lover to numerous fans. In the winter of 2020, Danya Milokhin let slip that he was caring for a girl. At the same time, photos and videos of the tiktoker Yulia Gavrilina began to appear on his social media accounts. Rumors about their romance attracted millions of new subscribers, but the guys did not rush to make official statements.

Danya Milokhin

In June Yulia turned eighteen years old, at the same time Dani's song "You are with me" was released. The couple's fans decided that Milokhin dedicated the track to Gavrilina. Only in September last year, the guys confirmed that they were dating by posting a short video. What is happening in the relationship of bloggers now is unknown: they have not published joint photos and videos for a long time.

Plans for the future

Now the guy is ready for absolutely anything to keep the hype wave. Danya Milokhin dreams of becoming the most popular tiktoker not only in Russia, but also in the world. And while everything is going according to plan: advertising integrations, nominations for prestigious awards, constant interviews on TV and YouTube shows, as well as musical collaborations with famous artists.

Danya Milokhin

Danya is convinced that each person has their own purpose. For example, it is important for him to be in demand. He never doubted that he could achieve success. It turns out that fame and hype play such an important role in his life that, having lost them, Milokhin will be ready to take extreme measures. “I will die at 23 - I'm sure. Either from an overdose, or I want it myself,”the guy said in a recent interview with Eldar Dzharakhov.

Danya Milokhin

In the meantime, the 19-year-old Tiktoker is making plans to conquer the musical Olympus. Danya said that he really wants to record a joint track with Morgenstern. Even if Alisher disagrees, but says that the idea is cool, Milokhin will be happy. He admires the creativity of an older comrade and believes that their fit will break the music charts. Dani also plans to record a vanilla song with Yegor Creed to the delight of sentimental subscribers.

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