Diet by blood type: truth or fiction?
Diet by blood type: truth or fiction?

Do you know your blood type? This is important not only for a hypothetical transfusion or donation, but also in order to determine how you should eat better according to the rules of an appropriate diet.

Diet by blood type: truth or fiction?

This diet was developed by naturopathic Peter O'Adamo. He believed that blood type is an important genetic factor that affects many aspects of health.

So, the owners of the first group are useful:

  • avoid simple carbohydrates and grains (they have the most acid in the stomach, and after such a meal, the stomach may hurt);
  • engage in exercises that are beneficial for the cardiovascular system and muscle corset. For example, running.

Second group:

  • vegetarian diet;
  • clean, fresh organic food;
  • yoga, tai chi and meditation to relieve stress.

Third group:

  • avoid corn, tomatoes, peanuts and sesame seeds, which can contribute to weight gain;
  • eat veal, rabbit meat, green vegetables, eggs;
  • play tennis, ride a bike, walk.

Fourth group:

  • avoiding caffeine and alcohol, especially in stressful situations;
  • eat tofu, seafood, green vegetables;
  • avoiding grilled meats;
  • eat less, but more often;
  • combine calm and intense exercises: jogging plus yoga, cycling plus tai chi.

And this is definitely not harmful?

It's even useful! The diet involves healthy food and almost no restrictions. And yes, since you need to eat all sorts of healthy foods, and in addition to exercise, you can lose weight on such a diet.

The biggest question to the author of the diet is that the relationship between blood type and nutrition has not been established. One and a half thousand people took part in the 2014 study - and the assumptions were not confirmed. However, good habits are not superfluous!

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