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Intimate surgery: popular operations and why they are needed
Intimate surgery: popular operations and why they are needed

Cosmetic surgery in the intimate sphere is not recommended by international associations of gynecologists (and to a large extent - by prudence). But women still literally go under the knife. What exactly and why are they doing? Let's consider three popular operations and answer questions with the help of specialists.

Intimate surgery: popular operations and why they are needed

1. Plastic surgery of the labia

Removing some of the lip tissue from the lips or lips to make them smaller

Some women find that their labia gets larger over time. For some, they really interfere with sports and sex, in some cases this is generally impossible - then surgery, of course, will help. It lasts 1-2 hours, then the patient remains under observation for another couple of hours. Usually, the operation is performed under local anesthesia, but some ask for medication sleep - a light general anesthesia, after which you wake up pretty quickly.

2. Vaginoplasty

Reducing the diameter of the vaginal canal, most often done by women after natural childbirth

Childbirth stretches the internal tissues, because of which “there” it becomes wide and the woman receives less pleasant sensations (however, not always). During the procedure, the tissue is pulled together with tiny sutures, and the canal diameter becomes smaller. The duration and types of anesthesia are the same as in the first operation. If you do both at once, you get vaginal rejuvenation, it is also known as restoring virginity, although in fact, of course, it is not.

3. Reducing the "hood" of the clitoris

Removing excess tissue for a heightened sensation

Some women ask that some of the tissue be removed so that the clitoris becomes more open and their sexual sensations are fuller. The procedure takes only half an hour and is usually performed under shallow anesthesia: the woman is asleep, but can react to pain.

What, why and why

Can everyone do these operations?

Yes, any adult woman, if her health allows her. Medical centers often refuse services to adolescents who are looking at new "beauty standards" and want to meet. The vast majority of clients of intimate surgeons are mothers.

What are the risks?

After the first two operations, bleeding, the appearance of pus in the tissues, a decrease in intimate sensitivity and infection are possible. For clitoral surgery, only infection. You need to choose a clinic and a specialist carefully, then there will be no questions.

Is it difficult to recover?

Sometimes you have to take sick leave for 2-3 days. Within 2-3 months, it is recommended not to engage in heavy physical labor and sports, and have sex - at least one and a half.

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