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18 vs 30: who needs "competition" between women of different ages
18 vs 30: who needs "competition" between women of different ages

Our columnist Ekaterina Popova tells who needed to inspire women 30+ that they need to be no worse than yesterday's schoolgirls, and why these competitions are meaningless.

18 vs 30: who needs "competition" between women of different ages

Recently I came across a demotivator - an ordinary white square with the inscription: "Ladies, do not forget, while you are showing off, ninth-graders are growing up." Nothing new: men constantly hint that we can get a red card for whims, and new players will enter the field - much more accommodating.

Do you want me to pay the bill on the first date? Silly girl, it's easier and cheaper for me to go to a brothel than buying coffee and cookies for every Tinder girl. So either promise there will be sex, or take out your wallet. Do you think that household chores should take a man and a woman the same amount of time? I'll buy a ticket to the Philippines right in front of you and bring my wife from there. And he will cook, and clean, and wash my feet, he will also wipe my hair, and then he will thank me.

But perhaps one of the most popular threats is finding someone younger. Enough to show off, women, because your shift is already growing up - girls with slender bodies, velvety skin, admiring eyes and an elastic vagina that has not yet pushed a single baby through itself.

Men love to have endless conversations that women 30+ cannot compare with young maidens, sucking every physiological detail in detail. No matter how hard you try, they say, after 30 you are no match for eighteen. Often women accept the challenge and begin to prove: we are not worse! We go to fitness and to a beautician, we are savvy in sex, we can support the conversation. Or are you going to discuss Valya Carnival with yesterday's girl?

It is impossible to win in such a dispute. But the good news is that this is not necessary - for reasons that men are often silent about or do not think about.

Firstly, their peers are growing up together with the ninth grade students

An amazing fact that men ignore: boys at the age of 18 do not fall on their heads with a piano, they do not stick their fingers with a spindle to fall asleep for a hundred years, and they do not go after the Pied Pied Piper who knows where. Until the age of 29, the number of men in Russia exceeds the number of women, so there will be many competitors for the attention of young girls.

Now is the time to remember the details that men, whose age is approaching 40, are so fond of discussing. Young men speak the same language with their peers and have common interests. Their knees still do not hurt, their stomachs do not play, and their potency does not fail. They look better even when they don't go to the gym three times a week or sit on a carbohydrate-free diet. Finally, they are constantly next to girls: in institutes, sports clubs and scientific circles.

And that's why I really want to ask the author of the demotivator: silly, what are you going to get interested in a girl 20 years younger than you, who already has enough attention?

Second, experience is no longer a virtue

Maybe before the girls listened with open mouths to the stories of "seasoned" men about their incredible adventures. Nowadays, you will not amaze anyone with a story about a trip to Elbrus: on YouTube, dozens of bloggers show how they climbed Mount Everest, swam with sharks or hunted alligators in Louisiana. A person who has nothing to brag about is more likely to surprise.

The girls do not melt with delight when they learn that their adult interlocutor is writing poetry and has even published two books. An eighteen-year-old student could easily turn out to be a popular fanfiction writer with her own crowd of enthusiastic fans waiting for new lyrics every day.It often happens that a girl has already traveled more countries by the time she graduates from school than a man who is 20 years older than her. And, quite possibly, not just as a tourist, but as a participant in competitions or youth conferences.

You won't get enthusiastic thoughts from a schoolgirl: “I’m crazy, a whole adult living man is talking to me! How big! " The Internet has erased age boundaries: at a meeting of any thematic community, it is dedicated to the Irish Shan-nos, embroidery or global climate change, there will be people from 12 to 72 years old. Even a teenage girl cannot be bought because the elder looks at her as an equal - there are already enough such situations in her life.


Third, the values ​​of the new generation have changed

The media constantly broadcast success stories that have an impact on women in their forties - let alone young people. “Darling near” is no longer the main value for young girls. They are full of ambitions - if not about scientific discoveries, sports records or fame, then at least about prestigious positions or their own business. And reality shows them that this is quite possible.

According to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation for March 2020, a third of small and medium-sized businesses are owned by women, and the share of female businesses in the service sector is almost 60%. “Mel” cites the results of a small survey of high school students in 2020: according to girls, “women's” work does not exclude either power (51% of respondents think so) or innovation (also 51%). Family and relationships have ceased to be the main value, turning into "one of".

Fourth, sex has changed too

The generation of the 90s learned about him from erotic and porn films and stories of friends. It never entered anyone's head to doubt that a normal woman should come from penetration. No orgasm, although the penis has been in your vagina for half an hour? Do not try to admit - so everyone will understand that something is wrong with you.

Now the situation is different. The film and porn industries still insist that sex revolves around the penis. However, a search engine query is enough, and any girl can find out that seven out of ten women enjoy the stimulation of the clitoris, an organ that is still ignored in school textbooks in chapters on human anatomy.

Dozens of articles about female masturbation are published in the gloss. Every year new sex toys appear, after which no one will confuse orgasm with asthma. The books by Emily Nagoski, Naomi Wolf and Mary Roach have been translated into Russian. Girls play the game “Where is the clitoris?” On dating services, asking this question to men, and then ridicule their answers on social networks.

And again, I really want to ask: what are you, the creator of the demotivator, going to surprise in bed? The fact that you keep looking for the clitoris under the knee?

For women in their 30s, there is no point (and it hardly ever was) to prove that they are able to compete with eighteen-year-olds. Men who threaten to "cross over" to those who are younger are like children who stamp their feet and shout: "I'll leave your house if you don't let me watch cartoons!" - and then they begin to collect simple belongings for escape: their favorite robot and a pack of chocolate cookies. Only the grandmother is waiting for them outside the door.

Anonymous users on the web will continue to scare us with the “exodus”. But what they call "show off" is actually an overflowing cup of patience. Neither women over thirty, nor yesterday's schoolgirls want to deal with those whose head is full of mossy stereotypes anymore. It's high time to start your own demotivator: "Go swing into the gym, you fool, and sign up for cunnilingus courses, because there are enough young guys too."

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