Photoshop or reality? Typical bloopers of Instagram stars
Photoshop or reality? Typical bloopers of Instagram stars

The secret of perfect photos on Instagram has long been revealed: these are hundreds of unsuccessful frames for the sake of one normal, professional "Photoshop" and 12 circles of filters on top. However, many celebrities want to make their pictures even better - and completely lose touch with reality. And this is in front of millions of subscribers! We analyze the classic tricks with which no, no, yes, and overdone by instabloggers.

Too white teeth

Perhaps the first thing that catches your eye is a dazzling smile, the whiteness of which some instadives demonstrate without knowing the measure. It seems that these teeth live on their own and even glow in the dark. All jokes aside: do not fall into mass frenzy and do not decide on veneers without consulting dentists. And if you really want to - come off in the photo editor!

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Unnaturally light whites of the eyes

Yes, we know this effect: you brighten the whites of the eyes a little - and the look immediately becomes radiant and radiant. However, in the open spaces of Instagram, an unprepared subscriber can be scared! And followers now need to be protected. And not to intimidate with rays of goodness and too burning gaze.

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Disturbed leg proportions

Long legs are beautiful. No one has anything against a competent angle, the correct posture and high heels. But why tease the geese and lengthen their already beautiful legs? …

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Curvature of space

An unrealistically narrow waist or graceful thin legs - whatever you can do to get closer to your dream … at least a millimeter, at least in the picture. And let the whole world wait! Or, to be more precise, it will float: the background that has "gone" clearly indicates that Photoshop was involved in the creation of the frame.

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Wax face

Baby face, of course, is still in vogue. But in pursuit of a puppet image, celebrities blur the edges of reality. In the literal sense: on the face “smoothed” in the photo editor, the nose literally merges with the cheeks. We do not recommend repeating!


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