We paint in a brunette
We paint in a brunette

Brunettes are a special caste. What is driving these mysterious beasts? What unpredictable plans are swarming in their heads?

We paint in a brunette

Brunettes are a special caste. What is driving these mysterious beasts? What unpredictable plans are swarming in their heads? The stylists told us why girls dye their hair dark, how their character and attitude to life change, as well as what forms of haircuts, styles in clothes and tones in makeup most favorably emphasize their new image.

The decision to dye a brunette comes to a woman for a reason. Behind him is often a desire to radically change: to become more charismatic, significant, to declare oneself. Often, this is the manifestation of the need to be tougher and more independent, to get a promotion. There is a very strong stereotype in society: a dark-haired beauty is a girl with character, she will not be such a docile kitty like a young lady with blond hair. Men with brunettes behave more cautiously, more attentively and not as relaxed as with golden-haired ladies. Often a dark hair color acts as a stop-signal for them: only the most daring representatives of humanity will approach a brunette. Therefore, if your plans do not include mass screening of fans, it is better to choose a different hair color.

“If you already have a chosen one, you should know in advance his reaction to your possible transition to a dark color. From experience I know that often the attitude of the stronger sex to such changes is negative,”says stylist Kirill Kulikov.

All of the above, of course, does not apply to natural brunettes. When a dark color is a gift from nature, its owner can be naturally sweet, attractive and open to communication.

Time for a change

“Parting with a loved one, deep emotional experiences, a desire to radically change their lifestyle - this is often what drives girls who want to turn into brunettes,” says Vitaly Sarkisov, top stylist of the “Place in the Sun” salon. - When a client asks to repaint her dark, I ask many times if she is sure. Sometimes I even advise you to reflect on a week. " The fact is that brunettes, having changed their hair color, begin to get used to the image: they become more closed, often even belligerent, begin to formulate their thoughts and desires more rigidly. There is a slight touch of feminism in everything."

Young mothers are often repainted in brunettes. Namely, those of them who made a career before the birth of a baby and now subconsciously want to return a sense of their own worth in something other than a family.

Keeping pace with nature

More often than others, girls under 30 are painted in brunettes. Firstly, they are not afraid of the prospect of looking a little older (as you know, dark hair gives this effect). And secondly, the less gray hair on the head, the more appropriate a dark color. The growing gray roots do not look the best, there is a feeling of a balding head. The same problem is relevant for natural blondes who decide to become dark-haired. Therefore, stylists recommend that they tint the roots more often.

By the way, if you paint at home, do not apply the same product to the roots and ends at once. The paint at the roots has a much stronger effect: the process accelerates the heat of the head. If you leave it for a long time, natural pigment will come out of the hair and the roots will be yellowish. However, there are many subtleties here. If you have already dyed your hair in some color and this shade is lighter than your natural one, you still need to apply the dye to the roots first. If it is darker, apply the product, on the contrary, first at the ends (you can also apply it along the entire length at once). When you re-paint, it is enough to act only on the roots, and then add water, foam the product on the hair and rinse off after 5-10 minutes.

The main thing is not to use cheap paints. In general, only a competent specialist can personally choose the ideal staining scheme for you.

What's the tone?

An important point is the choice of shade. “Radically black color rarely suits anyone: perhaps only young girls with clear facial features, bright eyebrows, full lips. For the rest, all kinds of chocolate tones are more suitable. They are now at the peak of their popularity,”says stylist Yevgeny Trefilov.

In the spring, the soul, as you know, requires a holiday. Bright purple strands will look great on "chocolate" hair - this is one of the latest trends. And also all kinds of perm. It will soften and refresh your look a bit to match the riot of nature.

“In the spring, lighter shades will be appropriate, something like milk chocolate, dark brown-haired,” says Kirill Kulikov. "Burning dark colors are more suitable for winter."

Pay attention to the chocolate shades. In the spring they are at their peak of popularity. Add bright purple strands and your look will be unforgettable!

How long?

More precisely, where? Different lengths of dark hair help you get different looks. There are classic options, for example, a black bob with bangs - it has not gone out of fashion since the 20s of the last century! As well as the equally well-known page haircut.

In general, short dark hair is a separate topic. Like black, the minimum length helps the girl express something to society like: “I am not the same as before. I am independent and can afford everything that a man allows himself. " Micro length combined with black or chocolate shades enhances the effect. Women's psychology is a mysterious thing. When we meet a new love, most again have a desire to grow their hair and paint in lighter colors.

Favorable framing

Dark hair color requires a bright make-up. Well-defined eyes, bright lips are what you need. It is better to choose graceful accessories for hair, it is possible to make it antique. But bright ones are also suitable - red, blue, including those from the Art Deco category.

Many brunettes adore business style in clothes and make-up, this is also more than appropriate. Black hair goes well with a strict wardrobe, but not very dark colors - so as not to blend in with clothes. “Girls, so to speak, of all-Russian nationality have hair of all shades of light brown, brown-haired, etc. Therefore, as soon as a bright brunette appears somewhere, she attracts everyone's attention. Moreover, now this is not a very common hair color ", - notes Evgeny Trefilov.

Subtleties of care

Do not think that only lightening is a serious test for hair. The transition from light to dark also does not go unnoticed. In addition to the traditional color-supporting care - tinted shampoos, balms and conditioners for your hair type and color, you need additional care - nourishing masks for deep recovery.

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