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The genius of disguise: 8 ways to hide the "orange peel" and remove cellulite
The genius of disguise: 8 ways to hide the "orange peel" and remove cellulite

Shorts, skirts, dresses - minimalistic summer outfits reveal not only seductive forms, but also much less cute cellulite. We have found the simplest ways to eliminate and mask it.

Deep processes

1. A little sport

I'm sorry, but miracles do not happen. Even if you do not have a lot of time and it seems to you that training is no longer able to change anything, know that not all is lost. Squats, lunges, leg curls and jogging are still your minimum daily routine. And we assure you that it will soon bear fruit!

2. Brush + anti-cellulite products


The brush is a proven home remedy for hateful dimples. Apply an anti-cellulite agent to the problem areas, and so that it works for sure, rub it in two ways - with a brush or with a fist: just squeeze the brush into a fist and make circular movements with it from the bottom up. Peeling is also in the anti-orange peel support group. After cleansing the skin, the creams penetrate deeper, which means they work better. Don't forget about the scrub: you can make it yourself - mix the coffee grounds with olive oil. By the way, do not rush to wash off the composition after the procedure: leave the mixture on the body and wrap the problem areas with cling film for 15 minutes. This will give an excellent fixing effect.

3. Adjust your diet

Eliminate carbonated water from the diet and include green tea in the daily menu, it contains substances that stimulate metabolic processes. Acceleration of lymph flow provokes the breakdown of fats - you will certainly see the result in the "rearview mirror".

4. Hardware cosmetology

At all stages of cellulite, hardware procedures will be useful, For example: "Endosphere" - it works on the principle of vibration and compression, affecting deep fat deposits. In addition, the device "squeezes out" excess fluid from the muscles, so that the result will appear very soon, after the second procedure. We wrote in more detail about other hardware methods of fighting cellulite here.

Outdoor work

5. Add a tan


Did you know that in dark-skinned women, cellulite is practically invisible? If you are not one of them, it does not matter: self-tanning lotion is the best concealer. First, treat the legs and buttocks with a lighter shade, and then apply a more intense color to the sponge and, with a light movement of your hand, “blot” the most problem areas.

6. Inspect the wardrobe

If you don't want to worry about imperfections all day (or evening), give up tight white clothes that can accentuate all the bumps. One less problem!

7. Be smart

Another option is to resort to a distraction: dresses with decorative elements (for example, with frills) in the chest area will prevent the male gaze from dropping lower - where the "orange peel" dwells. In case of an arch date, you can wear 8 Den summer tights for a safety net - almost invisible, they nevertheless visually even out the skin.

8. Products with a shining finish

If in the summer you are shivering at the thought of a skinny nylon, try a spray with the effect of invisible pantyhose or body oil marked "Dry". It is lighter in texture, so it gives the skin a satin rather than greasy glow.

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